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This is a very nice book about ta trade between China and Russia. It is a little difficult to read and requires a lot from the reader so you should not be in a hurry when you read it. The book came in 2003 and can be hard to come by but there are a few shops that still sell it.

Martha Avery who wrote the book has lived in both China and Mongolia, which is evident when she has a good knowledge of the area she describes and also have access to a lot of unusual facts sources. The book also contains a lot of exciting Russian images from the late 1800s and a few rare maps that describe the caravan route between China and Russia. Martha Avery also has a manuscript of a second book that describes tea’s long road through Russia, but I suspect that this will never be published.

Paperback: 230x170mm
ISBN: 7-5085-0649-9

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