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Tea Tasting Handbook 品茶图鉴

Tea Tasting Handbook 品茶图鉴

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Tea_Tasting_Handbook2This Chinese book about tea was released in 2008 and is basically a list of 214 more or less famous Chinese teas. It is very similar Zhongguo Chapu which means that each tea has a short description, a rough map showing where it is produced and the pictures of how the dry and wet leaves looks along with a picture of the finished brew. Additionally, there are a couple of short chapters on how tea is produced and are classified along with a review of the various tea ceremonies.

A little bit funny is that there are surprisingly few common teas in the two books. The book’s strength is that it shows the enormous variation among China teas and clear pictures can be used as a reference when buying and identifies unusual teas. The disadvantage is that the descriptions are quite brief and also do not appear are not any pictures of how the teas are grown or produced.

For more information on Tea Tasting Handbooks can be read on Arinas ambitious project, Green Leaves Red Berries . The book can be a little difficult to come by, but it can be ordered from the excellent store Sinolitteratur .

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