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Tea producers in China

In recent years the number of companies producing tea in China has increased enormously and is now said to be more than 50 000. In addition there is a huge amount of small farmers that still produce tea for household or selling to nearby businesses and factories. Most of the tea producers are quite small but there are huge companies with thousands of employees with access to a variety of production plants.

China produces about a third of all the tea in the world, 1.24 million tons in 2008 (China Daily, February 2010), and although most of it is consumed in China exports to nearly 300 000 tonnes, making China one of the largest export cords in the world. Primarily, it is Morocco, Japan, EU, US and Russia who buy the tea. Most of this tea is of fairly low quality and are sold on average for two US dollars a kilo which is obviously not to be compared with the famous teas from China that costs hundreds of times more.

The best teas are usually produced by small farmers, monks and small cooperatives but also the larger companies can produce excellent tea. Just because a tea is made at the factory does not mean that it must be machine-manufactured, even if it often is. Larger companies may invest more resources in product development and have the opportunity to certify their teas as organic. It is very hard to buy tea made from small farmers in China if you don´t live nearby and have a personal connection. Many of the more notable new teas are produced and marketed by some major company. Other teas becomes famous because a group of tea producers unite around a brand. An example of this is “Anji white tea” that has become very popular in recent years.

Ideally, you would like to buy your tea directly from the producers, where you knew exactly how and where the tea was grown. Unfortunately this is not possible today and what is worse, very few tea shops want to tell you where they get their tea. I have nevertheless created a list of some of the more famous tea producers in China and with a little luck, this increases transparency and makes it easier to get a hold of many of the teas that are not currently exported. The list is by no means complete, but based on the companies registered on Alibaba. Another good source is Made-In-China. I’ve mainly included those companies that have a functioning website, preferably in English, and mainly produces tea of ​​good quality. Companies that only produce tea bags or standard products in small amounts are excluded. Companies that do not have their own production and pure pu-erh factories are also excluded.

The information in the table should be taken with a grain of salt. The transcribed English names are not always consistent, how old companies are not always true, the older companies are often reorganized and the number of employees varies because tea production is seasonal. I have also tried to describe the companies range from what they describe on their websites. “Exciting” means they the company produce a famous and unique tea sort, “Divided” means that they manufacture other products than pure tea, for example, soft drink or sex toys. It could also mean that they manufacture forged tea, which is usually means a famous tea sort from some other province. “Normal” means that you only produce common local teas.

NameProvinceFoundedEmployeesProductionWeb page
Anhui Greenland Tea Co., Ltd.Anhui2006 (1998?)100-500 (10-50?)Normal
Anhui Guorun Tea Industrial Co., Ltd. Anhui198950-100Exciting
Anhui Hongyun Tea CompanyAnhui1997100-500Normal
Anhui Qishan Liu”an Guapian Co., Ltd.Anhui2007100-500Exciting
Anhui Tea Import / Export Co., LtdAnhui195250-100Divided
Anhui Yiming Tea Co., Ltd.Anhui10-50Exciting
Friendii Industry Co, Ltd.Anhui2009100-500Divided
Huangshan City Fulv Organic Tea Co., Ltd.Anhui200650-100Normal
Huang Shan Xieyuda Tea Co. Ltd.Anhui2006Exciting
Schucheng Anhui te Anhui Co, LtdAnhui1993Exciting
Shitai Rixin Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Anhui2006100-500Normal
Anhui Zhonghui Tea Industry Professional CooperativeAnhui2007100-500Normal
Beijing Jufu Tea Co., Ltd.Beijing200950-100Divided
Mystaisan Alp-Tea Co.,LtdBeijing2005100-500Exciting
China Chongqing Tongfa Tea Co., Ttd.Chongqing500-1000Exciting
Chongqing Tea Co., Ltd.ChongqingExciting
Chonhqing Weiye Tea Co., LtdChongqing50-100
Anxi County Huaxing Wood FactoryFujian200410-50Divided
Anxi Jiandou Xiangyao Tea FazendaFujian200810-50Normal
Chanyou (Fujian) Trade Co. LtdFujian200850-100Divided
Damin Foodstuff (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.Fujian1995100-500Divided
Fu”an Allv Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian2007100-500Normal
Fu”an Yixiang Tea FactoryFujian2004100-500Exciting
Fujian Anxi Eight Horses Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian1993500-1000Exciting
Fujian Fuan Chenghu Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian199850-100Exciting
Fujian Longyan Tianma Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian199850-100Divided
Fujian Mingshan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Fujian199950-100Normal
Fujian Ningde Chixi Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian199950-100Exciting
Fujian Pinpinxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Fujian2004100-500Exciting
Fujian Province Guangfu Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian2008100-500Divided
Fujian Wuyi Mountain Chicheng Co., Ltd.Fujian200150-100Divided
Good Tea (Fujian) Co., Ltd.Fujian2010Exciting
Goodtea (Fujian) Co., Ltd.Fujian2010Normal
Nan”an Xinfengyuan Tea FazendaFujian200750-100Normal
Ningde Tianbao Co., Ltd.Fujian199650-100Divided
Ningde Yangfeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.Fujian200550-100Divided
Xiamen Best Tea Trading Co., Ltd.Fujian2002100-500Normal
Xiamen Best Tea Trading Co., Ltd.Fujian2002100-500Divided
Xiamen FML Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.Fujian200550-100Normal
Xiamen Tea Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.Fujian1999100-500Normal
Yian TeFujian20065-10Exciting
Zhangpu Baojian Seasoning Co., Ltd.Fujian199210-50Divided
Zhonghe Tea of Jiandou AnxiFujian200810-50Normal
FU JIAN NEW TAN YANG TEA (GROUP) CO., LTDFujian1996100-500Exciting
Fujian Yurongxiang Tea Co., Ltd.Fujian2006100-500Exciting
Beijing Duoqi Tea Sales CenterFujian199810-50Exciting
Fujian Anxi Yingchang Tea FactoryFujian1996 (1992)100-500Normal
Green Fountain Tea Company LimitedGuangdong2001Normal
Guangzhou Langbo Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.Guangzhou200410-50Divided
Henan Chenlong Tea Ltd.Henan1993100-500Normal
Henan Province Xinyang Lus” Tea Co., Ltd.Henan2001100-500Normal
Hubei Caihua Tea Industry Co. Ltd.HubeiExciting
Hubei Deng Cun Group Co, Ltd.HubeiExciting
Hubei Yihong Tea Co., Ltd.Hubei1998100-500Normal
Suizhou Suifeng Tea Co., Ltd.Hubei2006500-1000Divided
Changsha Herun Tea Technology Company Ltd.Hunan198850-100Exciting
Hunan Junsha Yinzhen Tea Co.,LtdHunanExciting
Hunan Provincial Sanny (Tea) Imp. Exp. Corp. LtdHunan195050-100Divided
Hunan Tea General Corp Of China/ Hunan Tea Company Limited of
Hunan Tea Research InstituteHunan1936100-500Exciting
Yiyang Gold Buddha Tea Co. LtdHunan200110-50Divided
Jiangsu Xinpin Tea Co., Ltd.Jiangsu200150-100Divided
Reshine Trading Co., Ltd.Jiangsu200950-100Divided
Jiangxi Ming Long GroupJiangxiExciting
Jiujiang Songbai Tea Co., Ltd.Jiangxi199850-100Exciting
Sky Eagle Tea EnterpriseJiangxi200410-50Normal
Spring Tea Ltd.Jiangxi1970500-1000Normal
Sunwills International Co., LtdJiangxi200050-100Normal
Shaanxi Wuzi Green Tea Co., Ltd.Shaanxi1998500-1000Exciting
Shanghai Qing Quan Tea Co.,LtdShanghai1998100-500Normal
Chengdu Tianpu Tea Industrial Co., Ltd.Sichuan200810-50Exciting
Sichuan Linhu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Sichuan2008100-500Exciting
Sichuan Mengding Mountain Well-Cherished Tea Co., Ltd.Sichuan2007Normal
Sichuan Mingshan Tea-Industry Co., Ltd.Sichuan2000100-500Exciting
Sichuan Natural Paradise Tea Co., Ltd.SichuanExciting
Sichuan Shengshan-Xiancha Tea Co., Ltd.Sichuan200510-50Exciting
Sichuan Xufu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Sichuan100-500Exciting
Sichuan Yibin Tea GroupSichuan100-500
Sichuan Zaobaijian Tea Industry Co.Sichuan 700Exciting
Ya”an Xin Yuan Tea Co., Ltd.Sichuan200610-50Exciting
Yibin Foreign Trade Jinye Tea Co., Ltd.Sichuan1998100-500Exciting
Yibin Manyuanchun Famous Tea Co., Ltd.Sichuan200210-50Exciting
China Tea (Yunnan) Co., Ltd.Yunnan200750-100Normal
Kunming Mingxiang Tea Co.,Ltd.YunnanExciting
Kunming Nanxiang Tea Co., Ltd.Yunnan200150-100Normal
Nanjian County Phenix Tea Co., Ltd.Yunnan2006100-500Normal
Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., LtdYunnan1939Exciting
Yunnan Haiwan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Yunnan2002100-500Normal
Yunnan Pu”er Tea (Group) Co., Ltd.Yunnan2005>1000Exciting
Green Land Natural & Scientific Products Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2006Exciting
Hangzhou Fine Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang200250-100Divided
Hangzhou Jufengyuan Teas Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1985 (2007)Normal
Hangzhou Rixin Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang20045-10Normal
Hangzhou Yinquan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2001100-500Normal
Hangzhou Yuhang Xingting Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2000100-500Divided
Jiande Tian Yu Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang200450-100Exciting
Mingge Tea Goods Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1998100-500Normal
Ningbo ABI Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang200250-100Normal
Ningbo Wang Hai Tea Development Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2000100-500Exciting
Orient Tea & Commodities Co., Ltd.Zhejiang200110-50Normal
Shaoxing County Yulong Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Zhejiang200650-100Normal
Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., LtdZhejiang1993100-500Normal
Shengzhou City Dapeng Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2004100-500Normal
Shengzhou City Zhenan Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1999100-500Exciting
Shengzhou Ruixing Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2002100-500Normal
TeaSources(HangZhou) I/E Co.,LTDZhejiang100-500Divided
Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co.,ltdZhejiang199250-100Exciting
Zhejiang Camel Transworld Organic Food Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1998100-500Divided
Zhejiang Changyu Tea Products Co., Ltd.Zhejiang199610-50Normal
Zhejiang Chunan Qiandao Lake Tea-Blending FactoryZhejiang10-50Normal
Zhejiang Chunli Tea Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2003Exciting
Zhejiang Qiandaoyinzhen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1992100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2000>1000
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd.Zhejiang2000100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Group Co.Ltd.Zhejiang1950100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd.Zhejiang195050-100Divided
Zhejiang Wuyi Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1999100-500Exciting
Zhejiang Yuansheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Zhejiang197810-50Divided
Lin”an Dayang Tea Industry Co., Ltd.Zhejiang1999500-1000Exciting