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  • Date Posted: Aug 11, 2015
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Zhejiang is China’s second smallest province and one of the most densely populated. Hangzhou is the largest city and serves as the provincial capital. Zhejiang is largely covered by mountains, which means that only a fifth can be used for cultivation. The climate is subtropical governed largely by the monsoon winds.

World War II caused great damage to the tea industry in Zhejiang where many plantations were abandoned. During the 1950s restored the tea industry systematically using official development programs. Cultivation and production methods improved, new areas were planted and Zhejiang is now China’s leading tea producer.

Famous teas

Trade nameChinese nameCategoryAvailabilityNote
An Ji Bai Cha安吉白茶GreenVery common
An Ji Bai Pian安吉白片GreenCommon
Bi Yu Chun碧玉春GreenRare
Chang Shan Yin Hao常山 银毫GreenUncommon
Chang Xing Zi Sun长兴紫笋GreenCommonAlso called 长兴紫笋茶 (2). Acording to Teaspring, this is the same as Gu Zhu Zi Sun.
Cheng Tian Xue Long承天雪 龙GreenUncommon
Chu Zhou Lian Xin处州莲芯GreenRare
Chun Lai Zao春来早GreenRare
Da Fo Long Jing大佛 龙井GreenVery common
Dong Bai Chun Ya东白春芽GreenUncommon
Dong Keng Cha东坑茶GreenRare
Fang Shan Cha方山茶GreenRare
Fang Yan Lu Hao方岩 绿毫GreenUncommon
Feng Hua Qu Hao奉化曲毫GreenUncommon
Fu Le Yun Hao福 乐云毫GreenRare
Geng Xiang Cui Jian更香翠尖GreenUncommon
Geng Xiang Wu Lu更香 雾绿GreenUncommon
Gu Yu Chun谷雨春GreenUncommon
Gui Yan Wu Jian桂岩 雾尖GreenUncommon
He Mu Du Cheng Xiang Lu河姆渡丞相 绿GreenUncommon
Hua Ding Yun Wu Cha华顶云雾茶GreenUncommon
Hui Ming Cha惠明茶GreenCommon
Jian Cha煎茶GreenUnknownHard to identify. There is aparently a tea from Yunnan with the same name. Also manufactured in Anhui Zhejiang Fujian and Jiangsu.
Jian De Bao Cha建德苞茶GreenUncommon
Jiang Shan Lu Mu Dan江山 绿牡丹GreenCommon
Jin Jiang Hui Ming金 奖惠明GreenUncommonAlso called Jin Jiang Hui Ming Cha (3).
Jin Zhong Cha金 钟茶GreenUncommon
Jing Shan Cha径山茶GreenUncommonKnown by many names.
Jiu Feng Cui Xue九峰翠雪GreenUncommon
Jiu Keng Mao Jian鸠坑毛尖GreenUncommon
Jiu Qu Hong Mei九曲 红梅BlackCommon
Kai Hua Long Ding开化 龙顶GreenCommon
Lan Xi Mao Feng兰溪毛峰GreenUncommon
Lan Xi Yin Lu兰溪银露GreenUncommon
Lian Cheng Wu Feng莲城雾峰GreenUncommon
Lin Hai Pan Hao临海蟠毫GreenCommon
Long Pu Xian Hao龙浦仙毫GreenRare
Long Quan Bai Tian E龙泉白天鹅GreenRare
Long Shan Yin Jian龙山银尖GreenRare
Long You Feng Jian龙游凤尖GreenRare
Mei Cha眉茶GreenVery commonAlso produced in Jiangxi and Anhui.
Mo Gan Huang Ya莫干黄芽GreenCommonClassifies as yellow.
Mo Gan Jian Ya莫干 剑芽GreenUncommonProduced in Deqing and other places.
Niang Niang Shan Cha娘娘山茶GreenUncommon
Pan An Yun Feng磐安云峰GreenUncommon
Pu Bu Xian Ming瀑布仙茗GreenUncommon
Pu Jiang Chun Hao浦江春毫GreenUncommon
Pu Tuo Fo Cha普陀佛茶GreenUncommon
Qi Xing Chun Ya七星春芽GreenExtremly rare
Qian Dao Yu Ye千 岛玉叶GreenUncommon
Qing Xi Yu Ya清溪玉芽GreenUncommon
Quan Gang Hui Bai泉 冈晖白GreenExtremly rareUncertain classification.
San Bei Xiang Cha三杯香茶GreenCommonSold as San Bei Xiang.
San Men Long Hao三 门龙毫GreenRare
Shuang Jing Yu Qian双径雨前GreenRare
Shuang Long Yin Zhen双 龙银针GreenUncommon
Si Ming Long Jian四明 龙尖GreenUncommon
Song Yang Yin Hou松阳 银猴GreenUncommonProbably the same tea as Yin Hou Cha 银猴茶 .
Song Yang Yu Feng松阳玉峰GreenUncommon
Tai Bai Ding Ya太白 顶芽GreenUncommon
Tai Shun Huang Tang泰 顺黄汤GreenUncommonClassified as yellow.
Tian Mu Qing Ding天目青 顶GreenCommon
Tian Tai Yun Wu Cha天台云 雾茶GreenUncommon
Tian Zun Gong Ya天尊 贡芽GreenUncommon
Wang Fu Yin Hao望府 银毫GreenUncommon
Wang Hai Cha望海茶GreenUncommon
Wang Hai Yun Jian望海云尖GreenRare
Wen Xi Yu Lu Cha汶溪玉 绿茶GreenExtremly rare
Wu Gang Cha吴 刚茶GreenRare
Wu Ling Cha武岭茶GreenUncommon
Wu Niu Zao乌牛早GreenCommon
Wu Yang Chun Yu武阳春雨GreenUncommon
Wu Yun Qu Hao五云曲毫GreenUncommon
Wu Zhou Ju Yan婺州 举岩GreenUncommon
Xi Hu Long Jing西湖 龙井GreenVery common
Xi Shi Yin Ya西施 银芽GreenUncommon
Xian Du Qu Hao仙都曲毫GreenUncommon
Xian Du Sun Feng仙都笋峰GreenRare
Xian Gong Xue Hao仙 宫雪毫GreenUncommon
Xian Ju Bi Lu仙居碧 绿GreenUncommon
Xiang Gu Lia Bai Hao香菇寮白毫GreenUncommon
Xiang Shan Yin Ya象山 银芽GreenRare
Xin Chang Xun Ya新昌雪芽GreenUncommon
Xue Shui Yun Lu雪水云 绿GreenCommon
Yan Dang Mao Feng雁 荡毛峰GreenUncommon
Yang Yan Gou Qing羊岩勾青GreenCommon
Yin Hou Cha银猴茶GreenUncommonProbabaly the same tea as Song Yang Yin Hou 松阳 银猴 .
Yong Jia Wu Niu Zhao永嘉 乌牛早GreenUncommon
Yu Yuan Cui Hao禹园翠毫GreenExtremly rare
Yun Lu Mao Jian Cha云 绿茅尖茶GreenExtremly rare
Yun Shi San Qing Cha云石三清茶GreenUncommon
Zhu Cha珠茶GreenVery commonOften known as Gunpowder.
Zhu Ji Lu Jian诸暨绿剑GreenUncommon
Zhu Ji Shi Jian诸暨石笕GreenUncommon


NameFoundedEmployeesProductionWeb page
Green Land Natural & Scientific Products Co., Ltd.2006Exciting
Hangzhou Fine Tea Co., Ltd.200250-100Divided
Hangzhou Jufengyuan Teas Co., Ltd.1985 (2007)Normal
Hangzhou Rixin Tea Co., Ltd.20045-10Normal
Hangzhou Yinquan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.2001100-500Normal
Hangzhou Yuhang Xingting Tea Co., Ltd.2000100-500Divided
Jiande Tian Yu Tea Co., Ltd.200450-100Exciting
Mingge Tea Goods Co., Ltd.1998100-500Normal
Ningbo ABI Tea Co., Ltd.200250-100Normal
Ningbo Wang Hai Tea Development Co., Ltd.2000100-500Exciting
Orient Tea & Commodities Co., Ltd.200110-50Normal
Shaoxing County Yulong Tea Industry Co., Ltd.200650-100Normal
Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., Ltd1993100-500Normal
Shengzhou City Dapeng Tea Co., Ltd.2004100-500Normal
Shengzhou City Zhenan Tea Co., Ltd.1999100-500Exciting
Shengzhou Ruixing Tea Industry Co., Ltd.2002100-500Normal
TeaSources(HangZhou) I/E Co.,LTD100-500Divided
Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co.,ltd199250-100Exciting
Zhejiang Camel Transworld Organic Food Co., Ltd.1998100-500Divided
Zhejiang Changyu Tea Products Co., Ltd.199610-50Normal
Zhejiang Chunan Qiandao Lake Tea-Blending Factory10-50Normal
Zhejiang Chunli Tea Co., Ltd.2003Exciting
Zhejiang Qiandaoyinzhen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.1992100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd.2000>1000
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd.2000100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Group Co.Ltd.1950100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd.195050-100Divided
Zhejiang Wuyi Tea Industry Co., Ltd.1999100-500Exciting
Zhejiang Yuansheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.197810-50Divided
Lin”an Dayang Tea Industry Co., Ltd.1999500-1000Exciting



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