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Wu Li Qing 雾里青

Wu Li Qing 雾里青

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 16, 2015
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Wu Li Qing is grown around Jiuhua Mountain and Shitai County (2). The tea consists of 1,2-2 centimeters long, fat pointed buds that gives a fruity and elegant tea. This tea was some years ago completely unknown outside China, and there is very little written about it. The reason for its newfound popularity is, among other things, that analysis of the cargo of the sunken East Indiaman Gothenburg shows that largely consisted of Wu Li Qing. In 2006 half a kilo Wu Li Qing was sold at a record price.



Wu Li Qing said to contain an unusual amount of minerals and vitamins, and also teaches combat cancer, something that you should take a very large pinch salt (1).

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(2) Baike

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