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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 25, 2015
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  • Address: Uva, Sri Lanka

Uva is Sri Lanka’s remotest province. Though not far from Kandy or Nuwara Eliya as the crow flies, access to its provincial capital, Badulla, is only possible over steep, winding mountain roads. To get there from Colombo, one has to drive inland, then skirt nearly the entire southern half of the island’s central massif before turning north and ascending into the hills. Access from Sri Lanka’s other major urban centres, most of which lie on the coast, is equally difficult.


Still Sri Lanka’s second-least-populous province, Uva today has a modest economy largely dependent on plantation crops: tea in the hills and, on the plains, sugar. Apart from this, most agriculture is of the subsistence variety, and there is little industry. The province is divided into two administrative sectors, Badulla and Moneragala: the latter is southerly, and flat where it is not covered in low, wooded hills; the former lies on the southeastern slopes of the central massif and constitutes the tea-growing region of Uva. In ancient times, these hills were as thinly populated as they are today; however, Badulla was intermittently the capital of fugitive princes and satraps of the king of Kandy during the troubled centuries of Sri Lanka’s mediaeval period.

It was with tea grown and manufactured on his Uva estates that Sir Thomas Lipton first persuaded Americans to take up the tea-drinking habit. The mellow, smooth taste of Uva tea, once known, is easily distinguished from that of any other.

The Uva region produces a leaf that is more blackened by withering than that of any other district. The range of teas produced is wide, with a full range of whole and small-leaf grades as well as CTC varieties. During the July-September eastern quality season, the dessicated monsoon wind or kacchan disrupts normal photosynthesis in the tea plant, while the hot days and cold nights bring about chemical changes that improve the ‘nose’ and flavour. The manufacturing process must be adapted to take full advantage of these changes, becoming on the whole slightly briefer. It results in tea of a pungent, slightly mentholated character, radically different from that produced at any other time of year. Estates in the Uva region also produce a substantial amount of green tea from Assamese stock. These teas are produced mainly in the region of Idalgashinna.

Tea factories
NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AdawatteUvaBadullaLunugala Badulla
AislabyUvaBadullaAislaby Estate Bandarawela
AllagollaUva, KandyBadulla, KandyUdapussellawa
AmbagasdowaUvaBadullaWelimada Group Welimada
AmbrosiaUvaBadullaNo 1 Moragalle Road Welimada
AmpittiakandeUvaBadullaAmpitikanda Estate Poonagalla Spo
Argra OuvahDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgra Ouvah Estate Agarapathana
AttampettiaUvaBadullaHali Ella Bandarawela
Awonlea HillUvaBadullaBadulla
Balagalla EllaUvaBadullaLiyangahawela Haputalebandarawela
Balangoda (Maratenna)UvaRatnapura
BattawwatteUvaBadullaBattawatta Group Madulsima
BeauvaisUvaBadullaIdulgashinna Welimada Bandarawela
BraughingUvaBadullaMoragolla Welimada Badulla
CeciltonUvaRatnapuraCicilton Estate Pinnawala
CocogallaUvaBadullaKokagala Estate Badulla
CraigUvaBadulla320/1 Union Place Colombo 2
Dammeria “B” EstateUvaBadulla
DebeddeUvaBadullaUry Estate Passara
Demodara Tea Processing CentreUvaBadullaHapugastenna Plantation Plc 95/A Nambapana Ingiriya
DickwellaUvaBadullaHali Ella
El TebUvaBadullaEl Teb Passara
Finlay Green TeasUvaBadullaHaldumullabadulla
GaloolaUvaBadullaGalloola Estate Madulsima
GawarakelleUvaBadullaGowerakelle Estate Demodara
Glen Alpin GroupUvaBadullaGlen Alpin Estate Badulla
GlenanoreUvaBadullaGlenanore Estate Haputale Badulla
GonakelleUvaBadullaGonakelle Estate Passara
GonamotavaUvaBadullaGonamotawa Estate Haputale
Green FieldUvaBadullaThotulagalla Estate Haputale
HalpewattaUvaBadullaUva Halpewatte Estate Halpe Demodara
HapugahawatteUvaBadullaHapugahawatta Estate
HaputaleUvaBadulla63A Haputalebadulla
HindagallaUvaBadullaHindagalla Group Ella Namunukula
HopeUvaKandyHope Estate Hewaheta
IdulagashenaUvaBadullaIdalgashena Bandarawela
KahagallaUvaBadullaKahagalla Estate Haputale
KandahenaUvaBadullaUdakada Pelmadulla Ratnapura
KinellanUvaBadullaKinellan Tea Estate Ella
KirkleesUvaBadullaUda Pussallawa
Lucky LandUvaBadullaLakyland Estate Udapussellawa
Maha UvaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMahauva Estate
MahadowaUvaBadullaMahadowa Group Madulsima
MatuwagallaUvaRatnapuraLellopitiya Ratnapura
MeddakandeUvaRatnapuraMaddakanda Estate Balangoda
NayabeddeUvaBadullaNyabedde Estate Nayabedda Bandarawela
New Burgh Green TeaUvaBadullaElla Badulla
Non PareilUvaRatnapuraNon Pareil Estate Belihuloya
OodoowerreUvaBadullaOodoowerre Estate Demodara
OuvahkellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaOuvahkellie Estate Agarapathana
PassaraUvaBadullaMeedumpitiya Passara
Passara - Tea ShakthiUvaBadullaTalabowatte Passara
PettiyagallaUvaRatnapuraPettiyagalla Estate Ratnapura
Pita RatmalieUvaBadullaPitartamalle Estate Haputale
PoonagallaUvaBadullaPoonagalla Spo
RoeberryUvaBadullaRoeberry Group Pitamaruwa Madulsima
Rookatenne GroupUvaBadullaRookatenna Group Hali Ela Badulla
Sarnia GroupUvaBadullaSarnia Estate
SerendibUvaBadullaQueentown Group Hali Ella
ShawlandsUvaBadullaShowlands Tea Factory Lunugala
SouthamUvaBadullaDemodara Estate Hali Ela Bandarawela
Spring Valley GroupUvaBadullaBadulla
St. JamesUvaBadulla
Tea Shakthi - KeppetipolaUvaBadullaNugatalawawelimada
TelbeddeUvaBadullaTelbedda Badulla
Upper BalangodaUvaRatnapuraUpper Balangoda Estate Balangoda
Uva Haputele ValleyUvaBadullaHoradoruwa Haputale
Uva HighlandsUvaBadullaUva Hilands Estate Bandarawela
Uva KetawellaUvaBadullaDickwella Estate Hali-Ela
WalbodaUvaRatnapuraWalpita Mgt Company Poddala

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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