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Uda Pussellawa

Uda Pussellawa

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 25, 2015
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  • Address: Uda Pussellawa, Sri Lanka

Wedged between the Kandy and Uva districts on the eastern slopes of the hill country, Uda Pussellawa is a small, thinly-populated district almost entirely dedicated to tea cultivation. It boasts no large towns, and part of its uncultivated area is occupied by the Hakgala Strict Natural Reserve, which rises up the peak of the same name to a height of around 2000 m. The Uda Pussellawa region includes the sub-districts of Maturata, Ragala and Halgranoya.
Due to its location, Uda Pussellawa enjoys climatic conditions very different from those of the western plantation regions. As with neighbouring Uva, the district receives the bulk of its weather from the northeast monsoon system, which waters the eastern slopes of the hill country between November and January. The climate is mostly wet and misty, with the Hakgala region receiving rain on an average of 211 days every year. However, the district also enjoys some ‘blow-over’ from the southwest monsoon between June and September. Having deposited their rains on the western slopes of the hill country, these monsoon winds turn desertly dry by the time they cross the central watershed.
Uda Pussellawa estates thus enjoy not one but two ‘quality seasons’, the western as well as the eastern. This is especially the case with teas from the upper part of the district, bordering Nuwara Eliya (which lies immediately to the west), though elevations in Uda Pussellawa are somewhat lower than they are in Nuwara Eliya, ranging from 950m to 1,600m (3,000-5,000ft).

The tea of Uda Pussellawa is sometimes compared in character with that of Nuwara Eliya, though it appears somewhat darker in the cup, with a pinkish hue and a hint of greater strength. The eastern quality season from June to September produces the best teas of the year, closely followed by the western season during the first quarter. The dry, cold conditions during this latter period add a hint of rose to the bouquet of a tea known for its medium body and subtle character. Periods of heavy rainfall, on the other hand, tend to produce a tea that is darker in the cup and stronger-flavoured. Uda Pussellawa produces a variety of leaf sizes and styles.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AlmaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaAlma Group Kadapola
BlairlomondUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdupussellawa Road
Delmar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaDelmar Tea Factory Halgranoya
EsdaleUda PussellawaNuwara Eliya
Gonapitiya GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaGonapitiya Estate
GordonUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdapussellawa
Maha UvaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMahauva Estate
MooloyaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMooloya Estate174 Hewaheta
Ragalla GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaRagalla Group Halgranoya
Weldemar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaWaldemar Group Nuwara Eliya

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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  1. Born here. lived here half of my life. A former planter.Son of planter.And,also a grandson of a pioneer planter in Via.Glad to see your pic. Thanks

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