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Tian Mu mountain 天目山

Tian Mu mountain 天目山

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 11, 2015
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  • Address: Kina, 浙江省杭州市临安市天目山镇天目山乡

Tian mu Mountain or Tianmushan is a mountain in Lin’an County 临安市 85 kilometers west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, in eastern China. It is made up of two peaks: West Tianmu (1,506 meters) and East Tianmu (1,480 meters). Tianmu Mountain National Nature Reserve lies on the northwest portion of the mountain. It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The mountain has a lush sub-tropical climate with an annual temperature of 17.3 °C. Tianmu is known for giant Japanese cedars, waterfalls, Tianmu tea, peaks surrounded by clouds, bamboo shoots, temples and nunneries, and odd-shaped rocks.

Source: Wikipedia

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