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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Tezpur, India

Tezpur (Assamese: তেজপুৰ) is a city and the administrative headquarters and municipal board of Sonitpur district in the state of Assam in northeastern India. Tezpur is an ancient city on the banks of the river Brahmaputra and is the largest of the north bank towns with a population exceeding 100000. The economy of Tezpur is dependent on its Tea Gardens. There are many tea gardens surrounding the town of Tezpur. The surrounding tea gardens and agriculture contribute to the local economy. Presently Tezpur is a commercial, administrative and educational centre. It also houses a major base of the Indian Army and Airforce (Salonibari). The population is largely heterogeneous. Assamese, Bengali, Nepali, Bihari, Marwari communities form the majority. People from various tribes such as the tea-tribes (brought in by the colonial planters as indentured labourers from the Chhotanagpur plateau region), Bodos, Mishings etc. have also made it their home.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Addabarie Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited701.61172.75DarrangTezpurDarrang
Arun Tea EstateGillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd.330.33442.97DarrangTezpurDarrang
Bamgaon Tea EstateSonabheel Tea Ltd.232.09369.55DarrangTezpurDarrang
Bargang Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited961.311448.75DarrangTezpurDarrang
Behali Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited493.5852.13DarrangTezpurDarrang
Belseri Tea EstateBelseri Tea Co. (India) Ltd340.75790.66DarrangTezpurDarrang
Bholaguri Tea EstateBaghbari Tea Co.Pvt. Ltd.104.24248.44DarrangTezpurDarrang
Borchola Tea EstatePanbari Tea Co. Ltd160.14202.09DarrangTezpurDarrang
Borjuli Tea EstateEmpire & Singlo Tea Limited558.05910.56DarrangTezpurDarrang
Bormahjan Tea EstateBormah Jan Tea Company (1936) Ltd.481.95693.84DarrangTezpurDarrang
Boroi Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited372.74640.63DarrangTezpurDarrang
Chardwar Tea EstateP.C. Bhanj Deo406.3912.4DarrangTezpurDarrang
Deckiajuli Tea EstateParry Agro Industries Ltd.657.21989.55DarrangTezpurDarrang
Dekorai Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited874.551415.09DarrangTezpurDarrang
Dhendai Tea EstateGillapukri Tea & Seed Co. Ltd380.21580.21DarrangTezpurDarrang
Dherai Tea EstateKothari Plantations & Industries Ltd167.36215.36DarrangTezpurDarrang
Dhulapadung Tea EstateEmpire & Singlo Tea Limited682.31146.28DarrangTezpurDarrang
Dhullie Tea EstateAssambrook Ltd.748.781088.96DarrangTezpurDarrang
Durrung Tea EstateSpbp Tea (India) Ltd.320.19571.72DarrangTezpurDarrang
Ghoirallie Tea EstateEmpire & Singlo Tea Limited612.12930.6DarrangTezpurDarrang
Gingia Tea EstateM.K. Shah Exports Ltd.420.05557.24DarrangTezpurDarrang
Gohpur Tea EstateGohpur Tea Co. Ltd236.53719.45DarrangTezpurDarrang
Halem Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited596.89821.25DarrangTezpurDarrang
Harchurah Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited390.24706.78DarrangTezpurDarrang
Hirajuli Tea EstateHirajuli Tea Company Ltd.356.01540.54DarrangTezpurDarrang
Hoograjuli Tea EstateHoograjuli (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd346.05718.9DarrangTezpurDarrang
Kacharigaon Tea EstateManabarrie Tea Co. Ltd.427.24716.32DarrangTezpurDarrang
Kettela Tea EstateFarmex Tea Co. (P) Limited315.97590.01DarrangTezpurDarrang
Majulighur Tea EstateM.K. Shah Exports Ltd.517.62908.78DarrangTezpurDarrang
Mijicajan Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited6011073.27DarrangTezpurDarrang
Monabarie Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited1143.61415.86DarrangTezpurDarrang
Nahorani Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.694.21115.26DarrangTezpurDarrang
Narayanpur Tea EstateLuxmi Tea Co. Ltd423.79730.98DarrangTezpurDarrang
New Purupbari Tea EstateKyang Tea Seed Co. Ltd172.7465.13DarrangTezpurDarrang
Nilpur Tea EstateNilpur Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd168.47168.47DarrangTezpurDarrang
Nirmala Tea EstateNew Manas Tea Estate (P) Ltd222298.19DarrangTezpurDarrang
Noorbari Tea EstateNoorbari Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd136257.68DarrangTezpurDarrang
Nya-Gogra Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited656.831121.04DarrangTezpurDarrang
Pabhoi Tea EstateNarsingpore Tea Co. (P) Ltd399.68697.36DarrangTezpurDarrang
Panbari Tea EstatePanbari Tea Co. Ltd420.48547.34DarrangTezpurDarrang
Patel Tea EstateAssam Agricultural Corp. Development Farm118.02118.02DarrangTezpurDarrang
Pertabghur Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited902.421449.6DarrangTezpurDarrang
Phulbari Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited725.721307.04DarrangTezpurDarrang
Rupajuli Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited351.13593.91DarrangTezpurDarrang
Sapoi Tea EstateSapoi Tea Co. Ltd657.591049.23DarrangTezpurDarrang
Sessa Tea EstateEmpire & Singlo Tea Limited653.591018.39DarrangTezpurDarrang
Shakomato Tea EstateDarshanlal Jagdishparshad Pvt. Ltd.514.72971.85DarrangTezpurDarrang
Shyamguri Tea EstateI T P Limited429.32758.31DarrangTezpurDarrang
Singri Tea EstateHoograjuli (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd365.12851.85DarrangTezpurDarrang
Sogra Tea EstateJanab Mm Jahir Ahmed & Others95300DarrangTezpurDarrang
Sonajuli Tea EstateHanuman Tea Co. Ltd555.24928DarrangTezpurDarrang
Tarajulie Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited483.4492.46DarrangTezpurDarrang
Tezalputty Tea EstateMr. Rumena Rahman291.37291.37DarrangTezpurDarrang
Tezpore / Gogra Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited527.21779.06DarrangTezpurDarrang
Tinkharia Tea EstateAssambrook Ltd.671.462384.66DarrangTezpurDarrang
Topea Tea EstateTonganagaon Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.25.2925.29DarrangTezpurDarrang
Topia Tea EstateTonganagaon Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.131200DarrangTezpurDarrang
Tulip Tea EstateTulip Tea Co. Ltd.286.81354.03DarrangTezpurDarrang

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