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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Siliguri, India

Siliguri is a city located in the Darjeeling district and Jalpaiguri district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Siliguri is located on the banks of the Mahananda River and the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a principal commercial, tourism, transportation, and educational center of North Bengal. It is the second largest city in Northeast India after Guwahati and the second largest in West Bengal after Kolkata. The city has become an important trade centre of West Bengal. It is famous for its four ‘T’s: tea, transport, tourism and timber.

The city of Siliguri started from the bank of Mahananda to Saktigarh, a small town which is now in southern part of the city. When the British East India Company introduced Railway to Northeast India, it enhanced the importance of the region.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Ananna Tea EstateArun Paul & Co.1.624DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Annada Tea EstateSri Dayal Chandra Paul6.4716.01DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Atal Tea EstateAtal Tea Co. (1943) Ltd.327.8568.01DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Azamabad Tea EstateAzamabad Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd116.48161.04DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bagdogra Tea EstateTerai Tea Company Limited264.86281.82DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Belgachi Tea EstateBelgachi Tea Co.Ltd446.11919.7DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bengdubi Tea EstateBengdubi Tea Co.17.1620.47DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bhisti Tea EstateArun Paul & Co.4.24.6DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bhojnarain Tea EstateBhojnarain Tea Co. Ltd228.98341.95DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bijlimoni Tea EstateNew Tea Co. Ltd.207.84267.09DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bijoynagar Tea EstateBijoynagar Tea Co Ltd235.51349.38DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Chandmani Tea EstateChandmani Tea Estate182.47293.89DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Dagapur Tea EstateSublime Agro Limited37.16397DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Fulbari Patan Tea EstateFulbari Patan Tea Estate110.46312.17DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Fulbari Tea EstateI T P Limited273.95386DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Gayaganga Tea EstateMintri Tea Co .(P) Ltd.415.74605.23DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Girish Chandra Tea EstateA.C.Paul Agricultural Co. (P) Ltd13.4279.44DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Gulma Tea EstateMohurgong & Gulma Tea Estate187.14264.29DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Gungaram Tea EstateDuncan Industries Ltd651.2928.06DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Hansqua Tea EstateR.D. Tea Ltd.468.57581.58DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Jayantika Tea EstateJayantika Tea Co.Ltd.670.02730.43DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Joyjayanti Tea EstateArun Paul & Co.4.264.26DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
K.K.Sanyal Tea EstateKamal Kumar Sanyal05.61DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kabita Ghosh Tea EstateSmt.Kabita Ghosh01.15DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kamala Tea EstateKamala Tea Co. Ltd.489.53758.74DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kamalpur Tea EstateKamalpur Tea Co.62.8964.81DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kiron Chandra Tea EstateNew Darjeeling Union Tea Co. Ltd238.57332DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Lohagarh Tea EstateEast Indian Produce Ltd223.15329.56DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Mahananda Tea EstateNani Gopal Paul3.853.85DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Manjha Tea EstateCoronation Tea Co. Ltd169.76251.13DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Marapur Tea EstateDeonar Tea Plantations (Pvt) Ltd151.75151.75DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Matidhar Tea EstateNew Tea Co. Ltd.562.98771.22DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Matigara Tea EstateHurdeodass Co. (P) Ltd115166DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Merry View Tea EstateTezpore Tea Company Limited308.39477.93DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Minate Tea EstateAloke Ghosh04.22DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Mohurgong Tea EstateMohurgong & Gulma Tea Estate439.76855.79DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Muraligachh Tea EstateEx-Servicemen Farm House (Pvt) Ltd020.1DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
N.K.Sanyal Tea EstateN.K. Sanyal2.252.25DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Nani Bala Biswas Tea EstateNani Bala Biswas01.16DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
New Chumta Tea EstateRoopacherra Tea Co.Ltd.299.38398.55DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Nischintapur Tea EstateNischintapur Tea Co. Ltd255.46255.46DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Nuxalbari Tea EstateNuxalbari Tea Company (Pvt) Ltd.353.12458.78DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Ord Terai Tea EstateDuars Union Tea Co. Ltd.439.78578.78DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Pahargoomiah Tea EstatePahargoomiah Tea Association Ltd.566.4994.48DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Panighata Tea EstateThe New Terai Asso. Ltd408.35617.86DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Panighatta Tea EstateNew Terai Association Ltd440.53617.86DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Paritosh Ghosh Tea EstateParitosh Ghosh22.21DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Progoti Tea EstateArun Paul & Co.4.4811.08DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Putinbari Tea EstatePutinbaree Tea Association Ltd.135.8215.55DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Rabindra Nath Biswas Tea EstateRabindra Nath Biswas2.222.63DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Ramendra Nath Biswas Tea EstateRamendra Nath Biswas11.16DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Rathindra Nath Biswas Tea EstateRathindra Nath Biswas22.63DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Renuka Tea EstateSudhir Ghosh & Sukdev Ghosh5.315.31DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Roy Orchard Tea EstateRoy Orchard Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd.5.255.39DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
S.K.Sanyal Tea EstateShri Shyamal Kr, Sanyal1.122.77DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sachindra Chandra Tea EstateKharibari Tea Co Ltd176.69377.25DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sangatram Tea EstateKanailal Kundu & Jogesh Ch. Kundu6.886.88DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sannyasithan Tea EstateSannyasithan Tea Co, Pvt. Ltd.126.03207.97DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Satish Chandra Tea EstateSouthern Terai Tea Co. (P) Ltd176.69377.25DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sayedabad Tea EstateSayedabad Tea Co. Ltd368604.87DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Singhiajhora Tea EstateSinghiajhora Tea Co. (P) Ltd120.83150.03DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sital Chandra Tea EstateSankar Lal Das02.866DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sourav Tea EstateSmt.Dipali Seal2.175.38DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Subodh Chandra Ghoshn Tea EstateSubodh Chandra Ghosh02.7DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sujay Kumar Ghosh Tea EstateSujay Kumar Ghosh03DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sukna Tea EstateSukna Tea & Industries Ltd.303.16333.2DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Taipoo Tea EstateGillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd.295.14393.79DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Thanjhora Tea EstateJalpaiguri Duars Tea Co. Ltd342.86465.81DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Tirrihannah Tea EstateTirrihannah Co.Ltd.,404.24711.2DarjeelingSiliguriTerai

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