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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Peermade, India

Peermade is a hill station in the state of Kerala, India. It lies 915 metres above sea level in the Western Ghats some 85 kilometres east of Kottayam on the way to Thekkady through the nearby city of Kanjirappally. The landscape of Peermade includes spectacular waterfalls, open grass lands and pine forests. It was once the summer retreat of the Maharajas of Travancore. Tamil people make up the majority of Peermade’s population.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the largest wildlife reserves in India, is 43 kilometres away. It has herds of elephants and other wildlife as well as lakes. The name is sometimes related to the Sufi saint, Peer Mohammed, as “hill of the Peer” (പീരുമേട്).

The area is extremely fertile and until recently featured lush plantations of coffee, tea, cardamon, and coconut. With a long history of spice growing, the focus is now on the production of organic black pepper, white pepper, ginger and turmeric.


Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Akkara Kalam Tea EstateShri T.H. Mohammed Ali8.628.62IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Amaravathy Tea EstateShri N. Krishna Iyer95.495.4IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Arnakal Tea EstateMidland Rubber & Produce Co. Ltd.534.761014.39IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Arudayar Tea EstateShri G. Nadarat20.6620.66IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Ashley Tea EstateUdayagiri Rubber Co. Ltd.161.07248.78IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Bonami Tea EstateM.M.J. Plantations267.39398.47IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Carady Goody Tea EstateHighland Produce Co. Ltd.262.68549.29IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Cheenathalaar Tea EstatePeermade Tea Co. Ltd.,640.571110.68IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Chidambaram Tea EstateChidambaram Tea Estate.45.2583.9IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Chunnar Tea EstateHaileyburia Tea Estates Ltd.121.41166.68IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Churakulam Tea EstateChurakulam Tea Estates (Pvt) Ltd.199.73277.07IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Cumbumetho Tea EstateShri Michael A. Kallivayalil2020IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Earden Tea EstateM.K.S. Plantations11.0511.05IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Fairfield Tea EstateTyford Tea Ltd.201.94304.55IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Granby Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd210.61380.3IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Greenfield Tea EstateShri Abraham Thomas12.7312.73IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Haileyburia Tea EstateHaileyburia Tea Estates Ltd.250.38459.28IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
High Crest Tea EstateSmt. Annette Abraham17.4317.43IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Kalapurackal Tea EstateSri T. M. Hassan Rawthar27.3127.31IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Kallar Tea EstateKallar Kallumkal Estate23.9623.96IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Karimtharuvi Tea EstateKarimtharuvi Tea Estates Ltd214.36250.77IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Kolahalamed Tea EstateCochin Malabar Estate & Industries Ltd92.94161.87IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Kolickanam Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd298.34471.46IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Kotamullai Tea EstateM.M.J. Plantations355.71736.81IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Kurusimalai Tea EstateShri M. Maria Pillai21.6624.97IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Lake View Tea EstateKalluvayall Pappen Memorial Charitable Trust9.1960.7IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Lakshmikoil Tea EstateLakshmikoil Tea Factory130.22194.65IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Mekunanam Tea EstateShri Michael A. Kallivayalil17.4837.48IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Midridge Tea EstateHandique Tea Pvt. Ltd13.9413.94IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Mlamallay Tea EstatesMlamallay Tea Estates Ltd.205.29212.17IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Moongalaar Tea EstateHarrisons Malayalam Ltd750.911145.88IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Mount Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd210.66334.75IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Munjamullay Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd272.36551.58IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Musaliar Tea EststeShri T.A. Mohamed Mustapha46.5956.3IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Nellikai Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd181.51267.39IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Nilgiri Tea EstateMr. N. Ramachandran209.44304.58IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Orkadem Tea EstateM/S. Travancore Rubber & Tea Co Ldt.15.9915.99IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pambanar Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd225.06449.56IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pasumullay Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd198.31334.69IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pasuparai Tea EstateHighland Produce Co. Ltd.158.22301.58IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pattumalay Tea EstateHarrisons Malayalam Ltd198.08300.08IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pattumudy Tea EstateGemraj Plantations27.9427.94IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Penshurst Tea EstateKarimtharuvi Tea Estates Ltd113.91166.97IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Periyar / Connemara Tea EstateTropical Plantations Ltd201.07201.07IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Poongavanam 'A' EstateAbdul Sathar & Others9.2410.2IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Poongavanam 'B' Tea EstateK.M. Basheer & Others10.1210.29IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pullikanam Tea EstateCochin Malabar Estate & Industries Ltd247.75328.43IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Pullupara Tea EstateShri Michael A. Kallivayalil26.1546.15IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Ranimudy Dn. IV Tea EstateHajee T.M. Hassan Rowther56.2860.02IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Ranimudy Dn-II Tea EstateShri T.M. Hameed Rowther30.2630.26IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Revenue D. Tea EstateE.K. Malthew & Bros.12.1314.96IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Semnivalley Tea EstateHaileyburia Tea Estates Ltd.245.2364.81IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Spring Valley Tea EstateMr. K.V.Abraham Varghese10.4210.42IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Stagbrook Tea EstateNilgiri Tea Estates Ltd.259.19350.12IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Stagmoor Tea EstateStagmoor Estate18.0118.01IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Thenamackal Tea EstateShri Sayed Mohamed Rawther18.9518.95IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Thengakal Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd232.38413.13IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Tungamullay Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Ltd.345.51539.29IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Tungamullay Tea EstateRam Bahadur Thakur Pvt. Ltd345.51539.29IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Turin Rock Tea EstateK.V. Abraham18.0434.28IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Tyford Tea EstateTyford Tea Ltd.324.43655.39IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Vaghamon Tea EstateM.M.J. Plantations368.16829.32IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Wallardie Tea EstateHarrisons Malayalam Ltd514.17828.45IdukkiPeermadeIdukki

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  1. My grandfather Terrence Fernandez was initial owner of Stagmore tea estate

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