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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 25, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Probably the best-known of Sri Lanka’s tea-growing districts, Nuwara Eliya is also the most rugged and mountainous, with the highest average elevation. Rainfall is moderate except during the dry season, which falls between February and April. Nights are cold and sometimes frosty.
Historically speaking, Nuwara Eliya is a relatively new place. The town from which the district takes its name sits perched on a plateau 1,868 m above sea level, under the shadow of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain, Pidurutalagala. Almost inaccessible in olden times due to the precipitous, jungle-clad terrain surrounding it, this scenic plateau was effectively uninhabited when it was discovered by an English explorer in 1818. Impressed by its magnificent scenery and climate, Sir Edward Barnes, the British governor of the time, resolved to turn the locale into the similar of Ceylon, a fashionable hill-station to which the government and society of the capital, Colombo, could repair during the hottest and unhealthiest months of the year. He accomplished this by the simple expedient of building a house there himself (it is now the Grand Hotel) and occupying it every year between March and April. ‘Newralia’ thus became, for a few weeks every year, the capital of colonial Ceylon.

The tea produced here sets it apart from lower-grown varieties. High altitude and year-round low temperatures produce a very slow-growing bush with unusually small leaves that take on an orange hue – just a hint against the blackness – after withering. The infused leaf acquires a greenish-yellow tone, and the infusion in the cup is the palest among all the regional varieties of Ceylon Tea.

As with all Ceylon Tea, Nuwara Eliya is available in several different grades. Excluding certain exotic varieties, the most sought-after is whole-leaf orange pekoe (OP); slightly less costly, though still expensive, is broken orange pekoe (BOP). Generally speaking, the smaller the leaf particle size, the stronger and less subtle the tea.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AbbotsleighDimbulaNuwara EliyaAbbostleigh Estate Hatton
Agrakande GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgrakande Estate Agarapathana Nuwara Eliya
AlbionDimbulaNuwara EliyaAlbion Estate Agarapatana
AlmaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaAlma Group Kadapola
AltonDimbulaNuwara EliyaAlton Tea Factory Upcot
AnnfieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaAnnfield Estate Dick Oya
Argra OuvahDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgra Ouvah Estate Agarapathana
BalmoralDimbulaNuwara EliyaBalmoral Estate Agarapathana
Bambrakelly GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaBambarakelley Group
BattalagalaDimbulaNuwara EliyaBatthalagalla Estate Dick Oya
BearwellDimbulaNuwara EliyaBearwell Estate Talawakelle
BlairlomondUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdupussellawa Road
BlinkbonnieDimbulaNuwara EliyaBlinkbonnie Estate Dick Oya
Blue FieldNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaPalagolla Kothmale Ramboda
BogahawatteDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogahawatta Estate
BogawanaDimbulaNuwara EliyaLoinorn Group Bogawanthalawa
BogawantalawaDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogawantalawa Bogawanthalawa
BramleyNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaBramley Estate Kandapola
BroadlandsSabaragamuwaNuwara EliyaBrolands Estate Pitawala
BrooksideNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaHalgranoya Walapane
BrunswickDimbulaNuwara EliyaBrunswick Estate Maskeliya
CampionDimbulaNuwara EliyaChampion Estate Bogawantalawa
CeyteaDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgarapathana
Chrustlers FarmDimbulaNuwara EliyaChrystlers Farm Group Kotagala
Chrystal FarmDimbulaNuwara Eliya
ClarendonNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaClarendon Estate Nanu Oya
ClarendonDimbulaNuwara Eliya
ColdstreemDimbulaNuwara EliyaStrathedan Group
ConcordiaNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaConcordia Estate Kandapola
CoolbawnKandyNuwara EliyaCoolbawn Tea Factory Ambagammuwa Ginigathhena
Court LodgeNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaCourt Lodge Estate Kandapola
Craigie LeaDimbulaNuwara EliyaCraigie Lea Estate
DeesideDimbulaNuwara EliyaGlenugie Estate
Delmar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaDelmar Tea Factory Halgranoya
DeltaKandyNuwara EliyaDelta Estate Pussellawa
DessfordDimbulaNuwara EliyaDessford Estate
DickoyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaDickoya Estate Dick Oya
Diyagama EastDimbulaNuwara EliyaDayagama Nuwara Eliya
Diyagama WestDimbulaNuwara EliyaDeyagama Bazar
DraytonDimbulaNuwara EliyaDrayton Estate Kotagala
DunkeldDimbulaNuwara EliyaDunkeld Estate Dickoya
DunsihaneNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaDunsinane Estate Pundalu Oya
EdinburgNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaEdinburgh Estate
Eildon HallDimbulaNuwara EliyaEildon Estate Lindula
EsdaleUda PussellawaNuwara Eliya
FairlawnDimbulaNuwara EliyaFairlawn Estate Minicing Lane Upcot
FetteressoNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaFetteresso Estate
FordyceDimbulaNuwara EliyaFordyce Estate Dickoya
FrotoftNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaFrotoft Group Ramboda Hatton
GartmoreDimbulaNuwara EliyaGartmore Group Maskeliya
GlassaughNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaNanuoya Nuwara Eliya
GlenlochKandyNuwara EliyaKatukitula
GlentiltDimbulaNuwara EliyaGlentilt Estate Maskeliya
Gonapitiya GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaGonapitiya Estate
GoorookoyaKandyNuwara EliyaGoorookoya Tea Plantation Po Box 13 Nawalapitiya
GordonUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdapussellawa
GouravillaDimbulaNuwara EliyaGouravilla Estate Upcot Maskeliya
Great WesternDimbulaNuwara EliyaGreat Western Estate Nuwara Eliya
GuayapiNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaMausawatte Pundalu Oya
HarangallaKandyNuwara EliyaSanrose Teas (Pvt) Ltd Harangala Tea Factory Katabula
HarringtonDimbulaNuwara EliyaHarrington Estate Kotagala
HarrowNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaHarrow Estate Pundalu Oya
Hautale ValleyDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgarapathana
HautevilleDimbulaNuwara Eliya
HellboddeKandyNuwara EliyaHellbodde Estate Katukitula
Henford GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaHenfold Estate Lindula Talawakelle
High ForestNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaHigh Forest Estate
HolyroodDimbulaNuwara EliyaHolyrood Estate Thalawakelle
IngestreDimbulaNuwara EliyaIngestre Estate Dickoya
KaipoogalleNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaFernland Estate
KataboolaKandyNuwara EliyaKataboola Estate
Kelani ValleySabaragamuwaRatnapuraKuda Oya Nuwara Eliya
Kelaniya & BraevarDimbulaNuwara EliyaKelaneiya Estate Maskeliya
Kellie GroupKandyNuwara EliyaDolosbage Nawalapitiya
KelliewatteDimbulaNuwara EliyaKelliewatte Estate Kotagala
KenilworthKandyNuwara EliyaKenilworth Estate Ginigathhena
KewDimbulaNuwara EliyaKew Estate Norwood
KirkoswaldDimbulaNuwara EliyaKirkoswald Group Bogawanthalawa
KotiyagallaDimbulaNuwara EliyaKotiyagalla Group Bagawantalawa
KumbaloluwaDimbulaNuwara EliyaPundaluoya
LabookellieNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaLabukalle Estate Labukele
LancomDimbulaNuwara EliyaKotagala Ambagamuwa Dimbula-Pathana
Lanka ComanyDimbulaNuwara Eliya
LaxapanaDimbulaNuwara EliyaLaxapana Group Maskeliya
LethentyDimbulaNuwara EliyaLethenty Estate Ambagamuwa Nuwara Eliya
Liddesdale GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaLiddesdale Groupthe Standard Tea Co Of Ceylon Ltd Clomessrs George Steuart And Co Ltd
LippakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaLipakelle Estate Lindula
LogieDimbulaNuwara EliyaLogie Estate Nuwara Eliya
LoinornDimbulaNuwara EliyaLionorn Estate Bogawanthalawa
Lower DonsideKandyNuwara EliyaLower Donside Estate Nawalapitiya
Maddacombra SouthDimbulaNuwara EliyaMeddakumbura Dunukedeniya Kotmale
Maha EliyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaMahaeliya Nanu - Oya
Maha UvaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMahauva Estate
MahacudagallaDimbulaNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
MahaniluDimbulaNuwara Eliya55/20 Vaxhall Street Colombo 2
MattakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaMattakelle Estate Lindula
MayfieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaHatton
Meddecombara NorthDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorth Meddekumbura Watagoda Kothmale
MochaDimbulaNuwara EliyaMocha Estate Maskeliya
MooloyaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMooloya Estate174 Hewaheta
MorayDimbulaNuwara EliyaMoray State Plantation Maskeliya
Mount VernonDimbulaNuwara EliyaMount Vernon Estate Kotagala
Mousa EllaDimbulaNuwara EliyaTalawakelle Lindula
MousakellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaMousakelle Estate Maskeliya
New LuccombeDimbulaNuwara Eliya
North PunduluoyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaPundaluoya
NorwoodDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorwood Group Norwood
Nuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaNuwaraeliya Estate
OliphantNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
OonoogaloyaKandyNuwara EliyaKothmale Nuwara Eliya
OsborneDimbulaNuwara Eliya
OuvahkellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaOuvahkellie Estate Agarapathana
ParkNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
PedroNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaPedro Estate Nuwara Eliya
PoyslandDimbulaNuwara EliyaPowysland Estate Dayagama Via Nuwara Eliya
QueensberryDimbulaNuwara EliyaQueensberry Estate Kothmale
RadellaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRadella Estate Nano Oya Nuwara Eliya
Ragalla GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaRagalla Group Halgranoya
Robgill GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaRobgill Estate Bogawanthalawa
RosellaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRosella Ambagamuwa Korale Nuwara Eliya
SandringhamDimbulaNuwara EliyaSandringham Estate Agarapathana
ShannonDimbulaNuwara EliyaShannon Estate Hatton
SheenDimbulaNuwara EliyaSheen Estate
SomersetDimbulaNuwara EliyaSomerset Estate Udahentenne
St. ClairDimbulaNuwara EliyaSt Clair Estate Thalawakelle
St. CoombsDimbulaNuwara EliyaTea Reserach Talawakelle
St. TheresiaDimbulaNuwara EliyaTheresia Estate Bogawanthalawa
StockholmDimbulaNuwara EliyaStockholm Estate Norwood
Stony Cliff GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaStony Cliff Group Kotagala Nuwara Eliya
StrathspeyDimbulaNuwara EliyaStrathspey Estate Upcot
TalawakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaTalawakele
TangakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaTangakelle Estate
Tea Shakthi - KotmaleKandyNuwara EliyaNawatispane Tispane
Tea Shakthi - MahaweliKandyNuwara EliyaRuwanpura Gampola
TientsinDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogawantalawa Estate Bogawanthalawa
TilllyrieDimbulaNuwara EliyaTillyrie Estate Dick Oya
TorringtonDimbulaNuwara EliyaTorrington Estate
TroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaTroup Estate Talawakelle
Uda RadellaNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaUda Radella Estate Nanu Oya
WaltrimDimbulaNuwara EliyaLindula Thalawakelle Nuwara Eliya
WanarajahDimbulaNuwara EliyaWanarajah Group Dickoya
WangioyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRadella Estate Nanuoya
WattegoddeDimbulaNuwara EliyaWattegoda Estate
WaverleyDimbulaNuwara EliyaWaverley Group Agarapathana
WeddemullaKandyNuwara EliyaWedamulla Estate Ramboda
Weldemar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaWaldemar Group Nuwara Eliya
Vellai OyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaVellai Oya Estate Hatton
VentureDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorwood Group Ambagamuwa Nuwara Eliya
WoottonDimbulaNuwara EliyaWootton Estate
YuillefieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaHatton

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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