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Nagaon (Nowgaon)

Nagaon (Nowgaon)

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Nagaon, India

Nagaon (Assamese: নগাঁও জিলা) is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. As of 2011 it is the most populous district of Assam and one of the largest in area.

Tea estates

NameRegistratedCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Amluckie Tea Estate1978Assam Tea Corporation Ltd.609.451515.07NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Amsoi Tea Estate1960Sree Krishna Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd216.15424.12NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Borpani Tea Estate1958Khadria Tea Co.147.51255.43NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Burrapahar Tea Estate1956Chandmari Tea Co, Pvt, Ltd.174.01323.05NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Chapanalla Tea Estate1961Chandmari Tea Co, Pvt, Ltd.88112NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Dejoo Valley Tea Estate1978Assam Tea Corporation Ltd.306.43549.21NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Dhontola Tea Estate1959Dhontola Tea Estate76.2399.96NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Gopal Krishna Tea Estate1945Gopal Krishna Tea Co.Private Limited53.7570.5NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Jagadamba Tea Estate1958Sree Jagadamba Tea Co.Private Ltd245.84515NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Jiajuri Tea Estate1974Hanuman Plantation Ltd324448NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Kanchanjuri Tea Estate1953Kanchanjuri Tea Estate38.9638.96NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Kellyden Tea Estate1953Tata Tea Ltd.783.41470.97NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Khanajan Tea Estate1956Khanajan Tea Estate78.94113.31NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Khatoon Tea Estate1938Khadria Tea Co.30150NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Koliabur Tea Estate1968Bagasa Plantation (P) Ltd357.78759.53NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Kondoli Tea Estate1953Assam Company Ltd.639.531077.08NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Loong Soong Tea Estate1960Assam Tea Corporation Ltd.514.13877.9NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Matiapahar Tea Estate1933Assam Commercial Company89.44111NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Nonoi Tea Estate1953Tata Tea Ltd.484.15959.17NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Rangoloo Tea Estate1958Sarat Chandra Goswami41.580.94NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Sagmootea Tea Estate1953Tata Tea Ltd.423.69632.73NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Salonah Tea Estate1953Assam Company Ltd.1036.751851.33NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Seconee Tea Estate1994Seconee Tea Estate371.51566.96NowgongNowgaonNowgaon
Sukanjuri Tea Estate1956Sukanjuri Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd85203NowgongNowgaonNowgaon


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