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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: North Lakhimpur, India

North Lakhimpur is a city in India and a municipal board in Lakhimpur district in the northeast India state Assam, about 395 kilometres north-east of Guwahati. It is the district headquarters of Lakhimpur district. North Lakhimpur is also the name of the sub-division of Lakhimpur district where North lakhimpur town is located.

As of 2001 India census, North Lakhimpur had a population of 55000. Based on population.

Tea estates

NameRegistratedCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Ananda Tea Estate1956Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd557.54715.79LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Borajan Tea Estate1945Rameswar Sarma9.2221.09LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Bordeobam Tea Estate1969Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd85.21164.83LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Chokbani Tea Estate1970Joharmall Murlidhar & Co.3.073.07LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Cinnatolliah Tea Estate1975Upper Ganges Suger & Industries Ltd.588.02746.02LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Dejoo Tea Estate1983Stewart Holl (I) Ltd508.08851.33LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Deoghoria Tea Estate1959Shri Narayan Ch. Goswani & Ors.2.853.3LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Doolahat Tea Estate1953Kanoi Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.543.34911.75LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Harmutty Tea Estate1983Stewart Holl (I) Ltd439.561051.86LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Kashikata Tea Estate1934Karbi Anglong Khetan Tea Co.22.22127.07LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Koilamari Tea Estate1977M.K. Jokai India Limited704.121244.4LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Madhupur Tea Estate1955Madhupur Tea Estate Pvt.Ltd.65.87184.4LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Pathalipam Tea Estate1985Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd209.73336.7LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Seajuli Tea Estate1976M.K. Shah Exports Ltd.285.54375.67LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Silonibari Tea Estate1953Silonibari Tea Co Ltd481.33734.41LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur
Subensiri Tea Estate1988S.M. Chowdhury4247.52LakhimpurNorth LakhimpurLakhimpur

Source: Wikipedia

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