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Mangaldai (Mangaldoi)

Mangaldai (Mangaldoi)

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Mangaldai, India

Mangaldoi (Assamese: মঙ্গলদৈ, /ˈmæŋɡəlˌdɔɪ/; also spelt Mangaldai) is a small town in the Indian state of Assam. It was named after Mangaldahi, who was the daughter of the Rajah of Darrang and was married to Pratap Singha, a ruler of the Ahom kingdom. Mangaldoi serves as the administrative headquarters of Darrang district, and is an important trading centre for agricultural products. As of 2011 Mangaldoi had a population of 43000.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Ambica Tea EstateV.K. Banerjee Ratan Banerjee105.88149.04DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Attareekhat Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited493.05675DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Baghmari Tea EstateBaghmari Tea Co.Ltd.412.3576.82DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Bahipookri Tea EstateTezpore Tea Co. Ltd545.081021.87DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Bargara Tea EstateGour Nitye Tea & Ind.Ltd.270.85475.5DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Bateli Tea EstateBateli Tea Co. Ltd416.85610.76DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Bettybari Tea EstateTezpore Tea Co. Ltd441.99481.2DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Bhergaon Tea EstateMr. S.K.Barooah144.06276.8DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Bhooteachang Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited502.19781.81DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Borengajuli Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited589.66797.61DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Budlapara Tea EstateApeejay Tea Limited672.851135.76DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Chandana Tea EstateS.C. Dutta & Co. (P) Ltd131.84434.81DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Chikanmati Tea EstateBijni Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.179.85222DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Corramore Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited431.28751.06DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Dhunseri Tea EstateDhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd.485.32941.82DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Dufflaghur Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited655.37903.69DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Hattigor Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.1001.871360.7DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Kopati Tea EstateRydak Syndicate Ltd548.44652.03DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Krishna Sushaibini Tea EstatePushraj Kankaria & Others69.8145.84DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Lamabari Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.390.98625.47DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Mahaluxmi Tea EstateRumena Rahaman250250DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Majuli Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.465.55593.73DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Manobag Tea EstateI T P Limited392.15392.15DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Mazbat Tea EstateMazbat Tea Estate Ltd345.19512.88DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Monmohinipur Tea EstateMonmohinipur Tea Co. Ltd372.5527.98DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Noanuddy Tea EstateAssam Industries (Pvt) Ltd103.2717.29DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Nonaipara Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd646.43897.93DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Orang Tea EstateTezpore Tea Co. Ltd383.81623.77DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Orangajuli Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd646.43897.93DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Paneery Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited369.06602.39DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Singrimari Tea EstateSarvashri Biswanath & Kanti Prasad Tibrawala150.78283DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Sonabheel Tea EstateSonabheel Tea Ltd.445.74646.02DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Suola Tea EstateR.K. Agencies Ltd.149.95176.12DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Tongani Tea EstateDerby Tea & Industries Ltd.169.45241.97DarrangMangaldaiDarrang

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