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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Kurseong, india

Kurseong is a hill station and sub-divisional town in the Darjeeling district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located at an altitude of 1,450 metres it has a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is connected to the city by road and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The nearest airport is at Bagdogra and the nearest major railway station is New Jalpaiguri [NJP], which is about 53 kilometres from the town. The economy is based primarily on education and tourism. The origin of the name is unclear; stories suggest it comes from the Lepcha language word for “small orchid”.

With its mountains providing a cool and dry environment in the summer, Kurseong was a favourite of the British. Nevertheless, they found travelling there from the plains of Bengal difficult, even on warm sunny days because of the mountains. Although a road was built from Kurseong to Darjeeling from Titalia in the 1770s and 1780s, its irregular maintenance soon made the new route, the Military Road, almost useless. The next route, Hill Cart Road (now Tenzing Norgay Road), opened in 1861 and fared better.

Nevertheless, in 1835, the British decided that Darjeeling would make an excellent sanitorium and summer residence for their military and civilian officers along with their families. Negotiations with the Chogyal of Sikkim, Tshudpud Namgyal, provided them a strip of hill territory in Kurseong for an annual fee. As one of the hill stations on the road to Darjeeling, Kurseong began to develop.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Ambootia Tea EstateSampad Vikas Ltd404.41/ 360 972/ 790 DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Balasun Tea EstateDarjeeling Consolidated Tea Co. Ltd.352.07/ 873 682.94/ 1400 DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Castleton Tea EstateTiru Tea Ltd172.96254.58DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Chaityapani Tea EstateChaityapani Tea Estate (Pvt) Ltd00DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Dilaram Tea EstateTiru Tea Ltd358.08/ 194358.08DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Dow Hill Tea EstateRam Gopal Agarwala00DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Eden Vale Tea EstateCoventry Tea & Engg. Co. (Pvt) Ltd88.25115DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Giddapahar Tea EstateEllenbarrie Tea Co. Ltd270.71/ 110864/ 350DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Goomtee Tea EstateMahanadi Tea Company (P) Ltd.124.24/ 200234.72DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Gyabaree & Millikthong Tea EstateLaktaria (India) Pvt.Ltd.311.51812.85DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Jogamaya Tea EstateRadha Rani Tea Estate Pvt Ltd100.4207DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Jungapana Tea EstateJute & Stores Ltd148200DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Jungpana Tea EstateKejriwal148/ 360200DarjeelingKurseong?Unkonown
Longview Tea EstateAmbari Tea Company Ltd.490.851020.62DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Mahalderam Tea EstateJute & Stores Ltd66113.6DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Makaibari Tea EstateMakaibari Tea & Trading Co. (P) Ltd273.12611.07DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Marionbari Tea EstateMarionbari Tea Co. Ltd311.41481.78DarjeelingKurseongTerai
Mohan Majhua Tea EstateDudhnath Prasad Sahu & Ors.48.7748.77DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Monteviot Tea Estate and Edenvale Teas EstateTiru Tea Ltd88.25115DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Mullootar Tea Estate134/ 166441DarjeelingKurseong?Unkonown
Mullotar Tea EstateTiru Tea Ltd165.69440.62DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Narbada Majhua Tea EstateBhajanlal Agarwala048DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Nurbong Tea EstateNurbong Tea Pvt. Ltd.208.82496.35DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Okayti Tea EstateOkayti Tea Co. Ltd208.82647.49DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Phuguri Tea EstatPhuguri Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd.225.97427DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Potong Tea EstateTea Trading Corpn Of India Ltd138.44411.93DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Ringtong Hopetown Tea EstateRingtong Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd338787DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Rohini Tea EstateLong View Tea Co. Ltd.1005.41005.4DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Selim Hill Tea EstatePeerless Tea & Industry Ltd177380DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Sepoydhoorah Tea EstateSepoydhoorah Tea Co.137.16257.16DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Simulbarie Tea EstateSimulbarie Tea Company Private Limited295.55529.55DarjeelingKurseongTerai
Singbuli Tea EstateDarjeeling Consolidated Tea Co. Ltd.302.72823.94DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Singell Tea EstateSingell Tea & Agricultural Industries Ltd283554.5DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Sivitar Tea EstateTiru Tea Ltd154.3525.3DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Sivitar Tea Estate148525DarjeelingKurseong?Unkonown
Soureni Tea EstateSoureni Plantation (P) Ltd94.2136.78DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Springside Tea EstateTiru Tea Ltd146.02216.62DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Thurbo Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd477.31408.05DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Tindharia Tea EstateKanoria International150.22343.7DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling

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