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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Kotagiri, India

Kotagiri is a panchayat town in The Nilgiris District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kotagiri is situated at an elevation of around 1793 m above sea level and is one of the three popular hill stations located in the Nilgiris. The region is famous for its evergreen vegetation. Tea, eucalyptus and wintergreen grow well in the area. The soil is also idea for the cultivation of temperate fruits and vegetable with a lot of local farmers turning to brussels sprout, cabbages, carrots and mushroom cultivation among other crops. Kotagiri has a population of 30000.

Tea estates

NameRegistratedCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Balada Tea Estate1962T. Gundar & Sons.57.6857.68NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Bijaya Tea Estate1962H.Joghee Gowder & Sons.18.8221NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Bilvedere Tea Estate1962Vasanthasagar Pandiaraj & Co.8.899.02NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Buchana Tea Estate1962Teherally & Bros.28.4528.45NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Burnside Tea Estate1986Southern Tree Farms Ltd.166.91225.38NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Clyffee Tea Estate1962A.Kesavan & Co.27.7927.79NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Corsley Tea Estate1962Corsley Estate Syndicate.22.7427.37NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Curzon Tea Estate1977Curzon Nilgiri Plantations Co.133.07305.8NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Downington Tea Estate1962Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd36.1672NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Farm Tea Estate1962Farm Tea Estate Syndicate35.7536.2NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Farview Tea Estate1962D.B. Henderson11.2111.21NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Forest Hill Tea Estate1962Kesaria Nilgiri Hills Tea Plantations42.7961.18NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Goodwill Tea Estate1962Farm Tea Estate Syndicate16.1821.68NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Halgundu Tea Estate1962Shri B. Krishnan17.6417.64NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
High Clyffee Tea Estate1962Shri P.C. Mathew12.7212.72NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Homelia Tea Estate1962Shri Premsagar Pandiaraj9.149.26NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kairbetta Tea Estate1962Kairbetta Estates Syndicate128.7147.42NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kannahatty Tea Estate1962J.Raman & Others.19.3126.21NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kil-Kotagiri Tea Estate1962Kil-Kotagiri Tea & Coffee Estate Ltd471.05811.97NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kilmelfort Tea Estate1962Kesaria Nilgiri Hills Tea Plantations77.398.2NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kodanad Tea Estate1987Kodanad Tea Estates Co.287.55389.79NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kotada Tea Estate1962Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd319.7456.5NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kotagiri Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited205.6213.29NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Masikadu Tea Estate1962A.M. Sait16.0817.9NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Nedugulla Tea Estate1962Mr. C.Henderson (Trustee)10.4910.49NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Nihung Tea Estate1962Sardar Rajinder Singh15.2315.23NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
R.V. Tea Estate1962D. Natarajan57.2857.28NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Rain Guage Tea Estate1994Dr. N. Basuviah12.612.6NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Richmond Park Tea Estate1962Shri S. Rajender Singh13.0913.09NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Rob Roy Tea Estate1962Kothagiri Rob Roy Tea Estates Ltd.,82.9982.99NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Teesta Tata Tea Estate1962Shri Robinder Singh12.5412.54NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Tuttapullam Tea Estate1962Tuttapullam Estate198.24198.24NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Warwick Tea Estate1962Warwick Estates Syndicate.60.8460.84NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri

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