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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 25, 2015
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  • Address: Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Kandy tea-growing district forms part of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Though its capital nestles in a relatively low-lying valley, the estates themselves are dotted about the surrounding hills – in Nilambe, Hantane, Pussellawa, Gampola and, of course, Hewaheta. They are not as high up as those in the southern part of the central massif, so the tea of the Kandy region is described as ‘mid-grown’, the altitude of cultivation ranging between 650 m and 1300 m.
The local weather is influenced largely by the southwest monsoon system, the winds blowing in force up the mountain passes, though Kandy itself is relatively sheltered. Many of the estates, too, are clustered in valleys where the wind is less fierce, and the tea they produce are stronger and deeper-coloured than the rest of the region’s produce.

The teas of the Kandy region are said to be particularly flavoursome, though, as with all teas, their strength is inversely proportional to the elevation at which they are grown. In fact, the region produces a broad range of strengths and styles: estates at lower elevations produce a larger leaf with gives a stronger-flavoured beverage, while those higher up grow a smaller leaf that yields a more subtle and delicate flavour. Kandy factories also produce a broad mix of different ‘grades’ or leaf-particle sizes, from whole-leaf and semi-broken grades through broken orange pekoes or ‘BOPs’ to BOP fannings. CTC-style teas are also produced. Since leaf particle size affects the strength of the brew, the general effect from Kandy teas is one of considerable local and regional variety.

Kandy teas tend to produce a relatively bright infusion with a coppery tone. Though lighter in the cup, they present a good deal of strength and body, though not as much as the lower-grown products of Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna. Most Kandy-district estates lie on the western slopes of the hills, so their taste is influenced by the ‘western quality season’, meaning that the best tea is produced during the first quarter of the year, when cool, dry weather sets in across the district.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AlagallaKandyKandyAllagalla Tea Factory Manikdiwela Pothapitiya
AllagollaUva, KandyBadulla, KandyUdapussellawa
AlupolaKandyRatnapuraAlupola Estate
AmbilmeegamaKandyKandyAmbilmeegama Pilimathalawa
AncoombraKandyKandyAncoombra Group Pujapitiya Nanuoya
BalduraKandyKandyKdugannawa Road Bowela Gampola
BandarapolaKandyMataleBandarapola Estate Alwatte Matale
BaranagallaKandyKandyRakshawa Udahentenna
BollagallaKandyKandyBolagal Estate Werallagama Harispaththuwa
BulathwattaKandyKandy82/3 Batupitiya Leemagahakotuwa
CarolinaKandyKandyCorelina Estate Watawala
CastlemilkKandyKandyPanwilatenna Gampola
CoolbawnKandyNuwara EliyaCoolbawn Tea Factory Ambagammuwa Ginigathhena
CooroondoowatteKandyKandyCooroonduwatte Estate Udahentenna Gampola
CraigheadKandyKandyCraighead Estate Nawalapitiya
DartryKandyKandyAngammana Darty Estate Gampola
DeensideKandyKandyDeenside Kadugannawa Road Gampola
DehigamaKandyKandyDehigama Estate Murutalawa
DehiwatteKandyKandy195 Dodandeniya Leemagahakotuwa
DeltaKandyNuwara EliyaDelta Estate Pussellawa
DeraniyagalaKandyIlukthenna Deraniyagala
DoragallaKandyKandyDoragalla Pupuressa
Dotel OyaKandyKandyDotaloya Group Dolosbage
DuckwariKandyKandyDuckwari Estaterangala
ElpitikandeKandyKandyKovilakanda Udunuwara Kandy
ElpitiyaKandyKandyUdowita Gampola Kandy
Four Ever Naturals (Pvt) LtdKandyKandy1Aboi Industrial Park Pallekele
GalamudunaKandyKandyGalamuduna Estate Dolosbage
GatagahawellaKandyKandyUdispattuwa Rangala
GlenlochKandyNuwara EliyaKatukitula
GodakumburaGodakumbura Udagama Kandy
GodapolaKandyMataleGodapola Raththota Matale
GoomeraKandyKandyGoomera Estate Thawalantenna Via Wattegama
GoorookoyaKandyNuwara EliyaGoorookoya Tea Plantation Po Box 13 Nawalapitiya
Green ValleyKandyKandyLiyangahawatte Udunuwara Kandy
Green ViewKandyKandyGinigathhena Road Rabukpitiya Nawalapitiya
GreenwoodKandyKandyGreen Wood Estate Nawalapitiya
HagallaKandyKandyHagalla Estate
HapugolleKandyKandyVilangama Kandy
HarangallaKandyNuwara EliyaSanrose Teas (Pvt) Ltd Harangala Tea Factory Katabula
HataleKandyMataleHathale Panvila Kandy
HellboddeKandyNuwara EliyaHellbodde Estate Katukitula
HopeUvaKandyHope Estate Hewaheta
ImboolpitiyaKandyKandyImbulpitiya Estate Nawalapitiya
IngurugallaKandyKandyIngurugalla Estate Patitalawa Dolosbage
James ValleyKandyKandyNew Gurukelle Doluwa Kandy
KadugannawaKandyKandyNo 167 Pahala Kadugannawa Kadugannawa
KallebokkaKandyKandyKellebokka Madulkelle
KataboolaKandyNuwara EliyaKataboola Estate
Kellie GroupKandyNuwara EliyaDolosbage Nawalapitiya
KenilworthKandyNuwara EliyaKenilworth Estate Ginigathhena
Kingslynn OrganicKandyKandyNo 04 Kumudu Mawatha Primrose Gardens Kandy
KirimetiyaKandyKandyPottepitiya Menikdiwela
KurugamaKandyKandyKurugama Estate Muruthalwa Via Kandy
Lantern Hill EastKandyKandyWelikandameethalawa Kandy
Lantern Hill UpperKandyKandy
Le VallonKandyKandyLevallon Group Pupuressa
Loolecondera GroupKandyKandyLoolcondra Group Deltota
Lower DonsideKandyNuwara EliyaLower Donside Estate Nawalapitiya
MadulkelleKandyMataleMadulkelle Estate Panwi;A Kandy
Mahawilla GroupKandyKandy
MalgollaKandyKandyPattithalawadolosbage Kandy
Matale WestKandyMataleMatale Estate Matale
MedagodaKandyKandyMedagoda Estate Watakedeniya Udahentanne
MelfortKandyKandyMelfort Estatepussellawa
MidlandsKandyMataleMidlands Estate Rattota
Monte CristoKandyKandyDolosbage Road Nawalapitiya
MossvilleKandyKandyMossville Estate Dolosbage
Mount AlisaKandyKandyAlawatte Spo Matale
Mount FranionKandyKandyMurutalawa Kandy
MowbrayKandyKandy568 Hinnarandeniya Gampola
MuruthalawaKandyKandyDehigamayatinuwara Kandy
Nagastenne GroupKandyKandyNagastenna Estate Nawalapitiya
NanuoyaKandyKandyHeandeniya Udunuwara Kandy
NayapaneKandyKandyNayapane Estate Pussellawa
New BaddegamaKandyKandyBaddegama Tawalantenne Kandy
New FernlandKandyKandyNew Fernland Watte Ulapane
New Peacock GroupKandyKandyNew Peacock Estate Pussellawa
OonoogaloyaKandyNuwara EliyaKothmale Nuwara Eliya
Orange FieldKandyKandyPanwilatenna Gampola
PallegamaKandyKandyUlapane Kandy
PattiyagamaKandyKandyPattiyagama Tea Factory Delthota Kandy
PilimatalawaKandyKandyPilimathalawa Road Kandy
Rahaman Tea CompanyKandyKandyHewahata Road Deltota
Raja ElaKandyKandyUlapane Kuruduwatte Kandy
Rangalla GroupKandyKandyRangala Kandy
RaxawaKandyKandyPanwila Kandy
RothschildKandyKandyRothschildd Estate Pussellawa
SanquharKandyKandySanquhar Estate Attabage
Seevali HillKandyKandyWattappola Kadugannawa
StellenbergKandyKandyStellenberg Estate Pupuressa
StorefieldKandyKandyAtabage Delpitiya Gampola
Tea Shakthi - KotmaleKandyNuwara EliyaNawatispane Tispane
Tea Shakthi - MahaweliKandyNuwara EliyaRuwanpura Gampola
TeliwanneKandyKandyGalpaya Gampola Kandy
UdayakandaKandyKandy184 B Kandy Road Welamboda
UplandsKandyKandyUplands Estate Peradeniya
WatadeniyaKandyKandyWatadeniya Welamboda Gampola
WeddemullaKandyNuwara EliyaWedamulla Estate Ramboda
VedehetteKandyKandyVedahetta Estate Galaha
WeligangaKandyKandyUlapane Nawalapitiya
West HallKandyKandyWest Hall Estate Kotmale
YahalatenneKandyKandyYahalatenna Estate Warallagama

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board


  1. Do you know if Godapola is still operational?
    My great granfather used to own it, and we are in Kandy next week, and so we could visit.

  2. Do you have further details about Goomera as my ancestor Charles Barham Collinson used to be the Manager there in 1870/1871. It would be great to have any photo’s of the plantation and of Charles if one exists.

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