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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Islampur, India

Islampur is a Municipality and headquarters of Islampur subdivision in Uttar Dinajpur District in the Indian state of West Bengal. Islampur had a population of about 300000. Islampur was ceded from Bihar (Purnea District) and merged with West Dinajpur District in 1956. After that Islampur Subdivision disclosed its identity, and tagged with West Dinajpur District. Later on the administrative bifurcation of West Dinajpur District on 1st April 1992 this Subdivision was got merged with Uttar Dinajpur District.

Tea estates

NameRegistratedCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Abhi Tea Estate2000Dilip Karmakar, Subra Karmakar, Mantu Karmakar8.528.52Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Arun Kumar Sahewala Tea Estate2006Arun Kr. Sahewala5.6235.623Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Azad Tea Estate2003Abul Kalam Azad9.099.09Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Chandan Tea Estate1994Chandan Tea Ind. Pvt. Ltd101.17215.02Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Dipti Tea Estate1993Das Plantation Pvt Ltd32.7866.14Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Gita Devi Tea Estate1992Bijoynagar Tea Co Ltd35100.6West DinajpurIslampurTerai
Hirmoni Tea Estate2003Hirmoni Tea Estate3.873.87Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Jatindra Mohan Tea Estate2006Jatindra Mohan Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.17.15151.543Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Kalipada Tea Estate1994Bijan Das5.269.34Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Matri Tea Estate1994Nandi Tea Co (P) Ltd20.23130.73West DinajpurIslampurWest Dinajpur
Maya Tea Estate1988Seal & Co. (Pvt) Ltd45.67West DinajpurIslampurTerai
Protiva Tea Estate1986Protiva Roy2.832.83West DinajpurIslampurWest Dinajpur
Puspa Tea Estate1995Puspa Tea Estate (P) Ltd30.3559.07West DinajpurIslampurTerai
Ramaboty Tea Estate1995A.C.Paul Agricultural Co. (P) Ltd36.42105.78Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Sarat Tea Estate1988Sarat Tea Co. (P) Ltd74.52184.56West DinajpurIslampurTerai
Shaibalini Tea Estate1986Shri Anil Kumar Ghosh1.362.13West DinajpurIslampurTerai
Sushila Tea Estate1994Mina Das07.51Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
T.N.Chowdhury Tea Estate2002T.N.Chowdhury Tea Estate Pvt.Ltd.2470.31Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai
Terai Tea Estate1988Biman Tea Estate Pvt Ltd5.825.82West DinajpurIslampurWest Dinajpur
Utsaa Tea Garden2003Sadhan Chandra Mondal1.6071.607Uttar DinajpurIslampurTerai

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