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Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan 黄山绿牡丹

Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan 黄山绿牡丹

  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 8, 2015
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  • Address: Huang Shan

Lu Mu Dan translates into Green Peony, a suiting name since this tea are bound together into balls reminiscent of peonies. The tea produced in the village of Bei in the county She Xian in southern Anhui at an altitude between 800 and 1400 meters, where the climate is quite mild and the amount of solar limited.

This tea was first invented in 1986 by tea master Wang Feng Sheng, inventor of display teas and within a few years it had won several prizes and awards.

The tea leaves used for making Lu Mu Dan are harvested around the Grain Rain Gu Yu season 谷雨 (穀雨) around april 20 and follows a very strict set of rules known as the “Three Set of Standards and Six Do Not Pick”. They dictate that the harvesting must be limited to:

  1. Areas within the high mountains
  2. Clean and unpolluted area
  3. Di Shui Xiang tea plant variety, which is renowned for its quality and excellent fragrance

The “Six Do Not Pick” are:

  1. Do not pick damaged leaves
  2. Do not pick leaves with fish scale appearance
  3. Do not pick on rainy days
  4. Do not pick leaves that have traces of purple color
  5. Do not pick frail leaves
  6. Do not pick leaves that are not up to standard

The production, which takes place the same day as the tea is picked, consists of of fixation (heating), drying, sorting, forming, a second frying and a second drying. The tea is packed in metal crates, wooden crates and in small 75-gram containers with a dozen flowering teas in each. The total harvest is about 800 kg/ year.

Source: TeaSpring, Seven cups

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