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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Gudalur, India

Gudalur(Tamil: கூடலூர்) is a Municipality town and taluk in Nilgiris district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In 2011, the town had a population of 50000. Gudalur is a picturesque green valley on the way from Mysore to Ooty. It is a gateway to three states, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka lying equidistant from both Kerala and Karnataka. Though the history of the name has been lost, it is the place where all of the three states’ boundaries meet.

Tea plantations dot the whole region, and the regional economy is heavily dependent on the tea industry. However, this is a place rich in flora and fauna with a variety of hill crops, though lower altitude crops such as paddy and coconut also flourish here. This area was an offspring to the exploration done by the British during the pre-independence period to cultivate tea.

Tea estates

NameRegistratedCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Attikunna Tea Estate1962M/S Parry Agro Industries Ltd.327.5913.04NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Barwood Tea Estate1962Barwood Estate8585NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Bernside Tea Estate1962Smt. E.R. Wapshare & Co.24.2424.24NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Bitherkadu Tea Estate1962Woodbriar Estate Ltd.54.5184.99NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
C.T.A. Tea Estate1962C.T. Alvikutty & K. Pathuma Ltd.10.1210.12NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Caroline Tea Estate1962Parry Agro Industries Ltd.260.25562.77NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Cherambadi Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited342.08390.46NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Cherangode Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited393.95393.95NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Davershola Tea Estate1962Thiashola Plantations Private Limited356.751490.53NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Devala Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited323.68443.94NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Devon Tea Eatate1962Hindustan Unilever Limited209.43757.49NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Gavipara/ Nalini Tea Estate1973Elixir Plantations Pvt. Ltd.9.79.7NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Glenrock Tea Estate1980Glenrock Estates Pvt. Ltd.32.37187.4NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Glenvans Tea Estate1971Manjushree Plantations Ltd.238.353045.14NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kalleri Tea Estate1962Thai Plantations Ltd.31.1642.9NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kolappalli Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited343.65416.3NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kumarappa Plantations Tea Estate1962Shri A. Kumarappan,20.5298.45NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kurunberbetta Tea Estate1962Shri K.P. Madhavan Nair45.2745.27NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kusumam Tea Estate1962Kusumam Tea Plantations38.5138.51NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Mani Tea Estate1962Shri S.S.P. Subramanium Chettiar9.719.71NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Marapalam Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited350.4509.69NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Mayfield Tea Estate1962Harrisons Malayalam Ltd308.25806.9NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Nadukani Tea Estate1962Nadukani Plantations Ltd.32.37130.2NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Nelligalam Tea Division1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited334.47334.99NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Nelliyalam Tea Estate1962Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited23.0523.05NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
New Hope Tea Estate1971Manjushree Plantations Ltd.298.853461.22NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Panchura Tea Estate1962Panchura Estate Limited22.26201.3NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Parkglen Tea Estate1962Parkglen Estate19.5819.58NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Periashola Tea Estate1962Panchura Estate Limited106.71245.61NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Quinshola Tea Estate1976Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited205.6213.23NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Rockwood Tea Estate1962Hindustan Unilever Limited432.95877.04NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Rousdon Mullai Tea Estate1962Rousdonmullai Tea Estates Pvt. Ltd.122.16359.01NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Royal Valley Tea Estate1962Sampath Tea Industries (P) Ltd.110.54185.75NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Seaforth Tea Estate1962Mahavir Plantations Ltd.274.791034.37NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Shri Meenakshi Tea Estate1962Shri K.M. Kashi M.A520.63NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Silver Cloud Tea Estate1962Silver Cloud Tea Estates (P) Ltd.71.68104NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Solai Malai Tea Estate1962Shri S.S.P. Subramanium Chettiar9.7112.24NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Strathern Tea Estate1962Parry Agro Industries Ltd.304.54631.88NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Sudarsana Tea Estate1962Sudarsana Estate Private Ltd.10.1210.12NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Surrey Tea Estate1962Shri S.V. Pappu Chettiar20.2320.23NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Sussex Group Tea Estate1962Woodbriar Estate Ltd.196.9532.69NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Terrace Tea Estate1962United Plantations Ltd.,238.71238.71NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Udayagiri Tea Estate1962Sri K. Gopalakrishnan46.7647.81NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Wentworth Tea Estate1962Harrisons Malayalam Ltd610.681361.49NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Visalakshi Tea Estate1962Visalakshi Estate.38.4560.84NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Woodbriar Tea Estate1962Woodbriar Estate Ltd.162.26343.03NilgirisGudalurNilgiri

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