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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Golaghat, India

Golaghat district (Assamese: গোলাঘাট জিলা) is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. It attained district status in 1987. The district headquarters are located at Golaghat. The district occupies an area of 3502 km² and lies 100 m above sea level. As of 2001, Golaghat district has a population of 950000. The economy of Golaghat district is agriculture-based. Tea, rice and sugar cane are the main agricultural crops grown in the district, with tea being is the largest agricultural industry. There are 63 large tea gardens producing about 20,000 tonnes of tea per year. Moreover, the emergence of small tea growers has proclaimed a new improvement in the district. Small-scale tea growers have gotten considerable fame here because of large incomes compared to other high-land crops. It has caught the desire of unemployed people to take owning tea-gardens as their profession.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Abhoyjan Tea EstateAbhoyjan Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.129.7314.79SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Anandapur Tea EstateJ.N. Goswami85100.82SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Athabari Tea EstateAthabari Tea Estate812.41SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Baghsong Tea EstateR.K.Bezbaruah & Others66.8992.04SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bahoni Tea EstateBahoni Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd98200SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Balijan Tea EstateBalijan Tea Estate60.36141.04SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Banwaripur Tea EstateDhandharia Tea Company37.370SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Behora Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited936.85945.66SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bhagwan Tea EstateAssam Valley Tea & Trading Co.75.76132SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bhogadabari Tea EstateJallan Golaghat Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd41.2341.23SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bogidhola Tea EstateBogidhola Tea & Trading Co. (Pvt) Ltd361.16832.4SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bogijan Tea EstateThe Gohain Barbora Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.117117SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bokakhat Tea EstateRossell Tea Ltd.298.53414.95SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Borjan Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.482.13872.45SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Borkatonee Tea EstateKothari Plantations & Industries Ltd287.47525.18SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Borsapori Tea EstateThe Jorehaut Tea Ltd618.461255SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Borting Tea EstateBarooahs & Associates (P) Ltd90.97150.88SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Bukhial Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited545.74830.35SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Dalowjan Tea EstateDalowjan Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd102.08146.35SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Diffloo Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.438.08675.37SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Dighlihola Tea EstateDighlihola Tea Estate82.29237SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Dolaguri Tea EstateDolaguri Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd324.27514.67SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Dooria Tea EstateGillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd.610.531113.19SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Doyang Tea EstateGrob Tea Co. Ltd363.76702.51SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Dukenhengra Tea EstateSockieting Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd422.56794.35SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Furkating Tea EstateJallan Furkating Tea Company Pvt. Ltd.96.33153.73SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Ghillidary Tea EstateRungamattee Tea & Industries Ltd434.29616.48SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Golaghat Tea EstateJallan Golaghat Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd123.02273.57SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Gorunga Tea EstateGillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd.260.76422.98SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Govindapur Tea EstateBuragohain Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd186.61258.59SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Halmira Tea EstateHalmira Estate Tea (P) Ltd.434791.04SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Halmiramookh Tea EstateRai Bahadur H.P.Barua97136SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Hathikuli Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.443.15686.57SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Hautley Tea EstateHautley Tea Estate396.831022.03SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Jamguri Tea EstateBhumya Tea Company Pvt. Ltd.443.25735SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Kathoni Tea EstateKathoni Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd132.13264.32SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Koomtai Tea EstateBadulipar Ltd1043.972108SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Koopahuating Tea EstateJanab Kamaluddin Ahmed & Others44.1187.81SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Koopahuating Tea Estate Unit-IMd. Kamaluddin Ahmed22.2122.21SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Koopahuating Tea Estate Unit-IIIMd. Nurul Islam22.2122.21SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Koopahuating Tea Estate Unit-IiiMn. Zahirul Hussain22.2122.21SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Kordaiguri Tea EstateKordaiguri Tea Estate3.55SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Lakshmibari Tea EstateK.C. Varma & Bros.36.34113SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Lattakoojan Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.759.571186.5SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Mani Tea EstateJallan Golaghat Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd48.9248.92SibsagarShibsagarShibsagar
Marangi Tea EstateMarangi Pvt. Ltd.228.94312.04SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Messamara Tea EstateAssam Tea Corporation Ltd.399.56705SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Methoni Tea EstateThe Methoni Tea Co. Ltd.444.6656.74SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Modinagar Tea EstateModinagar Tea Co. (P) Ltd224.4560.72SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Mokrung Tea EstateB & A Ltd.223.83491.19SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Murphulani Tea EstateAndrew Yule & Co Ltd.318.98440.76SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Naharbari Tea EstateThe Moran Tea Co. (India) Ltd188275SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Nahorbari Tea EstateMoran Tea Co. (India) Ltd.188275SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Nahorjan Tea EstateNahorjan Tea Co. (P) Ltd427.35995.35SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Negheriting Tea EstateAssam Tea Corporation Ltd.583.221163.34SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Numalighur Tea EstateThe Jorehaut Tea Ltd474.41921.37SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Oating Tea EstateOating Tea Estate90.32249.69SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Pabhojan Tea EstateP.N. Ghatak & Co.95.63197.25SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Padumani Tea Estate - 2Mahakali Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd69.0777.03SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Radhabari Tea EstateRadhabari Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd138.02232.43SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Radhashree Tea EstateSurendra Kr.Verma11.435.8SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Rajbari Tea EstateRefulla Tea & Indust. Ltd0308SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Rengma Tea EstateDalowjan Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd60.41240.19SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Rungagora Tea Estate (Assam)Assam Company Ltd.480679.24SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Rungajaun Tea EstateRungajaun Tea & Plantation Industries P Ltd577.71314.1SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Rungamatty Tea EstateAssam Tea Corporation Ltd.496.77637.17SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Sengajan Tea EstateSengajan Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.107.66178.27SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Shyamraipore Tea EstateShyamraipore Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.95200SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Singimari Tea EstateShyam Sundar Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd27.4340.8SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Sockieting Tea EstateDukenhengra Tea Pvt. Ltd.217.06486.54SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Sundarpur Tea Estate (Golaghat)Bijulee Tea Pvt. Ltd.10.0210.02GolaghatGolaghatGolaghat
Swati Tea EstateHalmira Properties Pvt Ltd013.38SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Trilocan Tea EstatePraffula Somesh338997SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Udayan Tea EstateSri. H.P. Barooah120236.66SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Ultajan Tea EstateAbhoyjan Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.23.59314.79SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar
Woka Tea EstateThe Dolaguri Tea Company (Pvt) Ltd.254.91527.72SibsagarGolaghatSibsagar

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