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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 8, 2015
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  • Address: Fujian, China

Fujian is a province on China’s southeastern coast northwest of Taiwan. It is bordering Zhejiang in the north, Jiangxi to the west, and Guangdong in the south. The capital of Fuzhou, which means “happy city.” About 95% of the province consists of more or less wooded mountains, split by rivers. Up in the hills grow orchids and tea and further down cultivated rice on terraces.

Fujian is known for its many teas. Both oolong ,black and white tea is said to have originated in this province, and today there is 336 teas grown in Fujian, more than in any other provins (1). Tea from Fujian has won numerous awards, both in and outside China, and some of China’s most famous teas grown around the province, especially in Wuyi and Anxi.

Written sources show that tea grown in Fujian for at least 1600 years. The oldest found source is an inscription known as Lian Hua Jin Cha in the rock at Lian Hua Feng (Lotus peak) in the County Nan’an. The inscription is dated to 376 AD

Lu Yu wrote in chapter 8 of his work “Tea Classic” during the Tang Dynasty (618-906) that tea grown south of the mountains in Fuzhou, Jian Zhou, Shaozhou and Xiang Zhou. At this time grown two kinds of tea bushes in Fujian, La-Mian tea and Fangshan Luya, which was very popular around China (1).

Famous teas
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Source 1: Fu Zhou Corona Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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