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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 8, 2015
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  • Address: Fujian, China

Fujian is a province on China’s southeastern coast northwest of Taiwan. It is bordering Zhejiang in the north, Jiangxi to the west, and Guangdong in the south. The capital of Fuzhou, which means “happy city.” About 95% of the province consists of more or less wooded mountains, split by rivers. Up in the hills grow orchids and tea and further down cultivated rice on terraces.

Fujian is known for its many teas. Both oolong ,black and white tea is said to have originated in this province, and today there is 336 teas grown in Fujian, more than in any other provins (1). Tea from Fujian has won numerous awards, both in and outside China, and some of China’s most famous teas grown around the province, especially in Wuyi and Anxi.

Written sources show that tea grown in Fujian for at least 1600 years. The oldest found source is an inscription known as Lian Hua Jin Cha in the rock at Lian Hua Feng (Lotus peak) in the County Nan’an. The inscription is dated to 376 AD

Lu Yu wrote in chapter 8 of his work “Tea Classic” during the Tang Dynasty (618-906) that tea grown south of the mountains in Fuzhou, Jian Zhou, Shaozhou and Xiang Zhou. At this time grown two kinds of tea bushes in Fujian, La-Mian tea and Fangshan Luya, which was very popular around China (1).

Famous teas

Trade nameChinese nameCategoryAvailabilityNote
An Xi Tie Guan Yin安溪 铁观音OolongVery common
Ba Xian Cha八仙茶OolongUncommon
Bai Hao Yin Zhen白毫 银针WhiteVery commonAlso known as Yin Zhen Bai Hao 银针白毫 .
Bai Ji Guan白 鸡冠OolongCommonThis is a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶.
Bai Lan Chun白 兰春GreenUncommon
Bai Lin Gong Fu白琳工夫BlackCommonAlso sold as Ba Lin Jin Zhen 自琳金 针工夫.
Bai Lin Ju Hong白琳橘 红工夫BlackCommon
Bai Mao Hou白毛猴GreenUncommonSometimes described as white.
Bai Mu Dan白牡丹WhiteVery common
Bai Qi Lan白奇 兰OolongRare
Ben Shan本山OolongCommonThis is a Tie Guan Yin.
Da Hong Pao大 红袍OolongCommonThis is a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶
Da Ping Mao Xie大坪毛蟹OolongUnknownThis is probably a An Xi Tie Guan Yin.
Fang Shan Yu Ye方山玉叶GreenRare
Fu An Bai Yu Ya福安白玉芽WhiteUncommon
Fu An Cui Lu Ya福安翠 绿芽GreenRare
Fu Jian Xue Ya福建雪芽GreenUncommon
Fu Ning Qing Shu Lu福宁清水 绿GreenRare
Fu Zhou Mo Li Hua Cha福州茉莉花茶ScentedUncommon
Ge Hong Shan Kai Mu Lu葛洪山开目 绿GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea.
Gong Mei貢眉WhiteVery common
Gui Shan Bai Yu龟山白玉GreenUncommon
Huang Jin Gui黄金桂OolongCommonAlso called An Xi Huang Jin Gui  安溪黄金桂 acording to (3).
Jian Cha煎茶GreenUnknownHard to identify. There is aparently a tea from Yunnan with the same name. Also manufactured in Anhui Zhejiang Fujian and Jiangsu.
Jian Feng Yin Hao尖峰 银毫GreenRare
Jin Fo Cha金佛茶OolongUncommonThis is a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶.
Jin Jun Mei金 骏眉红茶BlackCommon
Jiu Long Yu Ye九 龙玉叶GreenUncommonThere are apparently many teeas with this name.
Kang Cuo Jin Zhen康厝金 针GreenExtremly rare
Lapsang Souchong拉普山小種 / 正山小种BlackVery commonAlso called Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Hong Cha 正山小种 红茶 .
Li Xiang Yu Ya栗香玉芽GreenRare
Lian Hua Yin Si莲花银丝GreenRare
Lian Xin莲心ScentedUncommon
Liu Bei Xiang六杯香GreenUncommon
Long Shou Jin Yin Ya龙首金银芽GreenUncommon
Long Xu Cha龙须茶GreenUncommonUncertain classification. Could be a herbal tea.
Mei Lan Chun梅 兰春GreenUncommon
Min Bei Shui Xian闽北水仙OolongCommonSometimes classified as a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶 .
Min Bei Wu Long闽北乌龙OolongUnknownThis is the name of oolongs from north of Fujian or Wu yi yan cha 武夷岩茶 .
Min Hong闽红BlackUncommonThis is one of many black teas from Fujian.
Min Nan Shui Xian闽南水仙OolongCommonHard to identify.
Mo Li Long Tuan Zhu茉莉 龙团珠ScentedCommonSold by the name of Mo Li Long Zhu.
Mu Hai Mao Feng目海毛峰GreenRare
Mu Hai Yin Gou目海 银钩GreenRare
Nan An Shi Ting Lu南安石亭 绿GreenUncommon
Ping Feng Yun Wu屏峰云 雾GreenRare
Ping He Bai Ya Qi Lan平和白芽奇 兰OolongUncommon
Qi Jing Tang Lu Cha七境堂 绿茶GreenUncommon
Qing Xiang Wu Long Cha清香 乌龙茶OolongUnknownA type of Tie Guan Yin 铁观音 .
Shi Zhu Chun Hao石竹春毫GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea.
Shou Mei寿眉WhiteVery common
Shou Shan Xiang Ming寿山香茗GreenRare
Song Zhen松 针GreenUncommonHard to identify since there are many teas with this name.
Tai Lao Lu Xue Ya太姥 绿雪芽GreenUncommon
Tan Yang Gong Fu Hong Cha坦洋工夫 红茶BlackCommonAlso known as Tan Yang Gong Fu 坦洋工夫.
Tan Yang Jin Hou坦洋金猴BlackRare
Tian Shan Lu Cha天山 绿茶GreenUncommon
Wu Yi Luo Hao武夷螺毫GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea.
Wu Yi Rou Gui武夷肉桂OolongUnknownThis is a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶 .
Wu Yi Shui Xian武夷水仙OolongUnknownThis is a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶.
Wu Yi Tie Luo Han武夷 铁罗汉OolongCommonThis is a Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶.
Wu Yi Yan Cha武夷岩茶OolongCommon
Xia Pu Wu Xiao Lu霞浦无宵 绿GreenExtremly rare
Xian Yan Xue Feng仙岩雪峰GreenUncommon
Xiang Cun Lu湘村 绿GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea.
Xin Li Cha新 砾茶GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea.
Yong Chun Fo Shou永春佛手OolongCommon
Yun Feng Luo Hao云峰螺毫GreenUncommon
Yun Feng Mao Jian云峰毛尖GreenRare
Zhang Ping Shui Xian Cha Bing漳平水仙茶 饼OolongUncommon
Zheng He Bai Hao Yin Zhen政和白毫 银针WhiteCommon
Zheng He Gong Fu政和工夫BlackUncommon
Zheng He Hong Cha政和 红茶BlackCommon
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Hong Cha正山小种 红茶BlackCommon


NameFoundedEmployeesProductionWeb page
Anxi County Huaxing Wood Factory200410-50Divided
Anxi Jiandou Xiangyao Tea Fazenda200810-50Normal
Chanyou (Fujian) Trade Co. Ltd200850-100Divided
Damin Foodstuff (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.1995100-500Divided
Fu”an Allv Tea Co., Ltd.2007100-500Normal
Fu”an Yixiang Tea Factory2004100-500Exciting
Fujian Anxi Eight Horses Tea Co., Ltd.1993500-1000Exciting
Fujian Fuan Chenghu Tea Co., Ltd.199850-100Exciting
Fujian Longyan Tianma Tea Co., Ltd.199850-100Divided
Fujian Mingshan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.199950-100Normal
Fujian Ningde Chixi Tea Co., Ltd.199950-100Exciting
Fujian Pinpinxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd.2004100-500Exciting
Fujian Province Guangfu Tea Co., Ltd.2008100-500Divided
Fujian Wuyi Mountain Chicheng Co., Ltd.200150-100Divided
Good Tea (Fujian) Co., Ltd.2010Exciting
Goodtea (Fujian) Co., Ltd.2010Normal
Nan”an Xinfengyuan Tea Fazenda200750-100Normal
Ningde Tianbao Co., Ltd.199650-100Divided
Ningde Yangfeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.200550-100Divided
Xiamen Best Tea Trading Co., Ltd.2002100-500Normal
Xiamen Best Tea Trading Co., Ltd.2002100-500Divided
Xiamen FML Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.200550-100Normal
Xiamen Tea Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.1999100-500Normal
Yian Te20065-10Exciting
Zhangpu Baojian Seasoning Co., Ltd.199210-50Divided
Zhonghe Tea of Jiandou Anxi200810-50Normal
FU JIAN NEW TAN YANG TEA (GROUP) CO., LTD1996100-500Exciting
Fujian Yurongxiang Tea Co., Ltd.2006100-500Exciting
Beijing Duoqi Tea Sales Center199810-50Exciting
Fujian Anxi Yingchang Tea Factory1996 (1992)100-500Normal

Source 1: Fu Zhou Corona Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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