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  • Author: Max Tillberg
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2015
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  • Address: Dooars, India

The Dooars or Duars (Bengali: ডুয়ার্স; Nepali: डुवर्स) are the floodplains and foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North-East India around Bhutan. Duar means ‘door’ in Assamese, Bengali, Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Magahi and Telugu languages, and the region forms the gateway to Bhutan from India. This region is divided by the Sankosh river into the Eastern and the Western Dooars, consisting of an area of 8,800 km². The Western Dooars is known as the Bengal Dooars and the Eastern Dooars as the Assam Dooars.

The Dooars are famous for the tea gardens which were planted by the British. For working in the gardens, they imported labour from Nepal and the Chota Nagpur and Santhal Parganas. The Oraons, Mundas, Kharia, Mahali, Lohara and Chik Baraik are the tribals from these areas.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Aibheel Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd816.341625.44JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Amarpur Tea EstatePhaskowa Tea Plantations Limited18.9628.65JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Ambari Tea EstateDiana Tea Co. Ltd.587.04707.37JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Amita Roy Modak Tea EstateAmita Roy Modak1.71.729JalpaiguriJalpaiguriDooars
Anandapur Tea Estate (W.B.)Roopacherra Tea Co.Ltd.389.26631.33JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Annada Sundari Tea EstateDinesh Chandra Das, Doli Das, Debasish Das3.093.09JalpaiguriJalpaiguriDooars
Arun Majumdar Tea EstateArun Majumdar1.1821.182JalpaiguriJalpaiguriDooars
Arunapur Unit-1 Tea EstatePhaskowa Tea Plantations Limited25.0633.93JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Arya Tea EstateThe Arya Tea Co. Ltd0/125241.19JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Ashok Tea EstateLalchand Gajananda8.4720.93JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Baintgoorie Tea EstateDiana Tea Co. Ltd.645.681056.33JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Bamandanga Tea EstateTondoo Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd.265.47890.78JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Banarhat Tea EstateAndrew Yule & Co Ltd.630.59796.29JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Banglabari Tea EstateEastern Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.299.99404.53GoalparaKokrajharGoalpara
Bansibag Tea EstateBihanji Fibre Tea & Industrial Ltd109.95109.95JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Batabari Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.297.21475.96JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Bhandapur Tea EstateShikarpur & Bhandapur Tea Estate111.36208.55JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Bhandiguri Tea EstateGoodwill Tea & Industries Ltd.313.12392.36JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Bhatpara Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited483.38483.38Cooch BeharMathabhangaDooars
Bhogotpore Tea EstateBhagatpur Tea Co. Ltd624.1976.59JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Bholanath Tea EstateBhatkawa Tea Industries Ltd.24.28153.25JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Binaguri Tea EstateBinaguri Tea Co (Pvt) Ltd599.19724.78JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Carron Tea EstateBasu Tea Private Ltd.293.6581.55JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Chalouni Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd562.93778.96JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Chamurchi Tea EstateChamurchi Agro (I) Ltd510.62872JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Chapar Tea EstateDooars Assam Union Tea Co. Ltd.347.65474.71GoalparaDhubriGoalpara
Chengmari Tea EstateChengmari Tea Co. Ltd1190.891851.37JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Chikanmati Tea EstateBijni Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.179.85222DarrangMangaldaiDarrang
Chulsa Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd421.58624.09JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Cooch Behar Tea EstateCooch Behar Tea Co. Ltd216.35305.5Cooch BeharMathabhangaDooars
Daloabari Tea EstateEastern Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.219.82419.65GoalparaKokrajharGoalpara
Dam Dim Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.750.031361.52JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Danguajhar Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd609.75940.25JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Debipur Tea EstateDewakipur Tea Plantation Pvt Ltd8.0911.92JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Debpara Tea EstateDebpara Tea Co. Ltd536.24851.12JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Dharanipur Tea EstateNew Red Bank Tea Co. (P) Ltd215.13461.59JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Diana Tea EstateDiana Tea Co. Ltd.418.87536.62JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Ellenbarrie Tea EstateEllenbarrie Tea Co. Ltd211.4382.22JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Engo Tea EstateEngo Trading & Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.108.38109.14JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Gadra Tea EstateBinad Behari Tea Industries (P) Ltd14.2516.79JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Gairkhata Tea EstateGillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd.707.831070.3JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Ghatia Tea EstateRungamattee Tea & Industries Ltd479.57756.11JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Gouranga Ch. Tea EstatePradip Das5.415.41JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Grassmore Tea EstateSvm Cera Tea Build Ltd.489.75766.25JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Gurjangjhora Tea EstateGurjangjhora Tea & Industries Ltd.268.36326.35JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Hilla Tea EstateWest Bengal Tea Development Corpn. Ltd.318318JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Hiralal Tea EstateHiralal Tea Estate (P) Ltd15.6744.36JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Hope Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd413.93679.57JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Huldibari Tea EstateHuldibari Industries & Plantation Co. Ltd.1050.911130.3JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Indong Tea EstateIndong Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd472.54750JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Jadabpur Tea EstateJadabpur Tea Co. Ltd81.9281.92JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Jaldacca-Altadanga Tea EstateJaldacca Tea Plantation (P) Ltd168.38405JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Jaybirpara Tea EstateBhatkawa Tea Industries Ltd.183.58392.18JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Jogesh Chandra Tea EstateMalhati Tea & Industries Ltd415.7577.11JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Joypur Tea EstateSunny Valley Tea & Industries Ltd376.57383.85JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Kadambini Tea EstateKadambini Tea Co. Ltd298910.09JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Kalchini Tea EstateBuxa Dooars Tea Co, (India) Ltd735.421151.75JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Karala Valley Tea EstateDarjeeling Dooars Plantation (Tea) Ltd221.51331.84JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Karballa Tea EstateAndrew Yule & Co Ltd.750.06996.43JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Kartick Tea EstateRydak Syndicate Ltd271.19624.95JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Katalguri Tea EstateB.D. Tea Estates Pvt.Ltd.499.29777.06JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Killcott Tea EstateDuncan Industries Ltd424.23632.44JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Kohinoor Tea EstateKohinoor Tea Company Ltd398.83671.73JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Kokrajhar Tea EstateBijni Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.346.65404.76GoalparaKokrajharGoalpara
Kumlai Tea EstateKumlai Tea & Indst. Ltd405.14612.74JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Lakhipara Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd586919.55JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Lankapara Tea EstateDuncan Industries Ltd1241.492020.49JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Leesh River Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd603.291029.43JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Looksan Tea EstateGiriraj Plantations Pvt. Ltd.417.7747.56JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Madhu Tea EstateDiabari Tea Co. Ltd.307.35451.42JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Majherdabri Tea EstateRangpur Tea Association Ltd355.58486.43JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Makrapara Tea EstateAnoop Tea Co. (P) Ltd.197.04603.75JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Matelli Tea EstateThe Luxmi Tea Co. Ltd.708.091046JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Mathura Tea EstateMcleod Russel India Limited504.12984.01JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Mechpara Tea EstateDarjeeling Dooars Plantation (Tea) Ltd504.12752.45JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Meenglas Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd639.4928.56JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Mogulkata Tea EstateBijoynagar Tea Co Ltd382.96662.84JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Mokradangi Tea EstateUday Narayan Agarwalla02.61JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Moraghat Tea EstateBinaguri Tea Co.(Pvt) Ltd517.82614.38JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Mujnai Tea EstateAnjuman Tea Co. Ltd387.2759.96JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Nagaisuree Tea EstateDuncan Industries Ltd622.03964.19JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Nangdala Tea EstateM.K. Tea Pvt. Ltd.536.01870.07JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Nepuchapur Tea EstateNepuchapur Tea Co. Ltd268.73400.02JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
New Dooars Tea EstateAndrew Yule & Co Ltd.742.65962.35JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Newlands Tea EstateEngo Tea Co. Ltd625.15849.03JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Nimtijhora Tea EstateKhayerbari Tea Co. Ltd366.57575.45JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Nowera Nuddy Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.237.3522.81JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Nya Sylee Tea EstateOctavius Tea & Industries Ltd.484.11786.12JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Oodlabari Tea EstateThe Oodlabari Co. Ltd453.92623.41JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Palashbari Tea EstatePalashbari Tea Co.Ltd321.33426.2JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Patkapara Tea EstateDooars Plantations & Industries Limited418.2532.1JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Putharjhora Tea EstatePutharjhora Tea Garden Pvt.Td.362.84566.8JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Radharani Tea EstateRadha Rani Tea Estate Pvt Ltd149.25383.88JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Rahimabad Tea EstateRahimia Lands & Tea Co. (P) Ltd321.32781.05JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Rahimpur Tea EstateRahimpur Tea Co. Ltd94.36315.63JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Raimatang Tea EstateBuxa Dooars Tea Co, (India) Ltd492.02663.07JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Raipur Tea EstateAmritpur Tea Co. Ltd239.83340.21JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Rajahbhat Tea EstateRajahbhat Tea Co. Ltd352.71420.54JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Ramjhora Tea EstateHanuman Tea Co. Ltd604.23604.46JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Red Bank Tea EstateNew Red Bank Tea Co. (P) Ltd368.04473.04JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Rheabari Tea EstateRheabari Tea Co. Ltd360.57510.57JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Rungamuttee Tea EstateTata Tea Ltd.7751315.06JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Rupali (Raja) Tea EstateAbhijit Tea Co (Pvt) Ltd345.23600.09JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Rydak Tea EstateRydak Syndicate Ltd726.491414.18JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Samsing Tea EstateSamsing Plantation & Industries Ltd.872.151247.61JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Sankos Tea EstateGoodricke Group Ltd672.1933.25JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Saraswatipur Tea EstateSaraswatipur Tea & Industries Ltd323.28379.31JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Sarugaon Tea EstateEthelbari Tea Co (1932) Ltd319.03629.27JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Satali Tea EstateHasimara Industries Ltd.886.811096.45JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Sathkyah Tea EstateChulsa Tea Co. Ltd441.77961.44JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Shikarpur Tea EstateShikarpur & Bhandapur Tea Estate389.42434.93JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Singhania Tea EstateSinghania Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd207.47348.03JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Sonali Tea EstateSonali Tea Estate194.12218.62JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Soongachi Tea EstateSoongachi Tea Indust. (Pvt) Ltd681.391052.1JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Srinathpur Tea EstatyeSrinathpur Tea Co. Ltd137.88324.03JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Subhasini Tea EstateBijoynagar Tea Co Ltd369.18526.18JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Surendranagar Tea EstateSurendranagar Tea Estate (Pvt) Ltd172.16210JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Sylee Tea EstateOctavius Tea & Industries Ltd.559.311033.62JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Tasati Tea EstateTasati Tea Ltd.434.07600.51JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Telepara Tea EstateEximpo Tea Ltd.657.161074.14JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Thalma Tea EstateSita Plantation Pvt Ltd22.73JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Tondoo Tea EstateTondoo Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd.343.53416JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Toonbarrie Tea EstateToonbarrie Tea Co. (P) Ltd350725JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Toorsa Tea EstateToorsa Tea Company Private Ltd482.26791JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Tulsipara Tea EstateDuncan Industries Ltd476.92758.38JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Turturi Tea EstateAlipurduar Tea Co.Ltd293.16453.52JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Uma Tea Estate (I)Smt.Maya Ray05.462JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Zurrantee Tea EstateDarjeeling Dooars Plantation (Tea) Ltd504.99742.46JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars

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  1. I believe my father was the manager of newlands tea Estate in Assam in 1954. I would love to travel back there with my brother who was also born in India. We did return together a few years ago but due to in fighting were unable to visit Newlands Tea Estate. Would it be possible to visit now? I am now 65 and have random memories or Newlands. My greatest wish is to return.

    • You can contact us for visiting the garden. We have organised several tea garden tours for international visitors.

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