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August 252015

The Ruhuna tea-growing district lies in what is now the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The tea-growing terrain, coastal plain with low hills towards the interior, lies mostly in the western part of the province, within the ‘wet zone’ watered by the southwest monsoon. Eastward, the land is predominantly scrub jungle, with some areas of grassy plain and coastal salt-marsh, growing wilder and more barren as one travels eastward. This eastern region is home to a number of nature reserves, including Ruhuna National Park, better known to Sri Lankans as Yala, whose upper reaches extend into the adjacent province of Uva. The forests of Ruhuna are home to wild elephants, leopards, bears, wild boar and many kinds of deer. It is a paradise for bird-lovers, with hundreds of native and migrant species, including giant flamingos which spend their breeding season among the salt-pans and marshes of Bundala, another coastal reserve.


Ruhuna was a latecomer to tea. It was only around 1900 that the first estates were opened up among the foothills of the central mountain massif, at a convenient distance from Galle and Matara with their road and rail connexion to the capital.

During the early 1970s, political and economic changes in the Middle East resulted in a greatly increased market for the strong, full-flavoured black teas that are a Ruhuna speciality. This resulted in a boom, the effects of which have lasted more or less until the present day. Ruhuna is now, along with Sabaragamuwa, one of the key tea-producing districts of Sri Lanka, producing its own characterful varieties. Between them, the two provinces account for around 60% of the total production of the island.

Ruhuna teas are defined as ‘low-grown’. The tea-estates of the region all lie at altitudes between sea level and 600 m. Although the main tea-growing areas are relatively near the coast, the predominant weather patterns prevent them from receiving the full force of the southwest monsoon winds and the rain they bring. Before the coming of tea, this zone of moderate climate, watered by several small rivers, was devoted to the cultivation of spices. The soil of Ruhuna, combined with the low elevation of the estates, causes the tea-bush to grow rapidly, producing a long, beautiful leaf that turns intensely black on withering and is particularly suited to rolling. Ruhuna factories produce a wide variety of leaf styles and sizes, from prized ‘tips’ through whole- and semi-whole-leaf teas to ‘fannings’ and CTC.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
A B C RuhunaRuhunaKalutara
AbervalleyRuhunaMataraMillagahahena Group Beralapanathara
AbewickramaRuhunaGalleAbewickrema Watte Weerapana Opatha
AddaraduwaRuhunaGalleKobala Roadimaduwa Galle
AgilmaRuhunaGalleShantha Lane Elpitiya
Alfa Valley InstantRuhunaGalleYatagala Karandeniya Galle
AlhewanaKalutaraRuhunaNabada Road Matugama
Allan ValleyRuhunaMataraKotapola Matara
AnningkandeRuhunaMataraAninkanda Estate Deniyaya
Asiri Tea FactoryRuhunaAkuressaWahala Kananke Welipitiya Akuressa
AthukoralaRuhunaKalutaraKuruduwatta No 1 Pitigala Mathugama
AthumaleRuhunaMataraMapalagama Nagoda Galle
AthuraliyaRuhunaMataraAthuraliya Akuressa Matara
AyagamaRuhunaKalutaraParagala Ayagama Kalawana
BaddegamaRuhunaGalleBaddegama Estatebaddegama
BaduraliyaRuhunaKalutaraBaduraliya Mathugama
BalagalaRuhunaMataraKiyaduwa Akuressa
BambarakandaRuhunaGalleBambarawana Niyagama Galle
BanagalaRuhunaMataraOpatha Pitabeddara Matara
BatuwangalaRuhunaGalleMorawaka Roadlelwala Neluwa
BelmontRuhunaMataraAkuressa Matara
BerubeulaRuhunaMataraBerubaula Estate Urubokka
BogodaRuhunaMataraBogoda Group Kolawenigama Deniyaya
BrombilRuhunaKalutaraPitigala Roadpelawatte
Campden HillRuhunaMataraEnsalwatta Deniyaya
Captain GardenRuhunaGalleGonamulla Junction Galle
Cee Tea HillsRuhunaMataraBeralapanathara
Co-Op LankaRuhunaMataraKotapola Mpcs Ltd Waralla
CoopwinRuhunaMataraDeniyaya Roadakuressa
CopecollaRuhunaMataraDeniyaya Road Kotapola
DampahalaRuhunaMataraDampahala Matara
DanlandaRuhunaMataraPattigala Beralapanathara
DavidsonRuhunaGalleWanduraba Galle
DediyagalaRuhunaMataraDediyagala Maliduwa Akuressa
DeniyayaRuhunaMataraKotapola Deniyaya Matara
Deniyaya NewRuhunaMataraKiruwanaganga Tea Fac Deniyaya Matara
DerangalaRuhunaMataraKiriwelkelle Pitabeddara
Derangala HillsRuhunaMataraAtu-Ela Morawaka
Desan ValleyRuhunaMataraMillawa Roadmorawaka
DewagiriRuhunaGalleDevagiri Groups Kottawagama Via Galle
DewenigewatteRuhunaGalleKeppetiyagoda Nagoda Galle
DevituraiRuhunaGalleDeviturai Estate Ethkandura Elpitiya
DevoniaRuhunaMataraGaldola Kotapola
DhanawalaRuhunaGalleDanawela Neluwa
DiddenipotaRuhunaMataraDiddenipota Estate Mulatiyana Junction Mulatiyana
DodangahaRuhunaKalutaraWattehena Talgaswala
DumbaraRuhunaKalutaraDumbara Estate Ingiriya
Ehala KandaRuhunaMataraEhalakanda Gomila Mawarala
EkvinRuhunaHambantotaBanagala Roadopatha Galle
EramullaRuhunaKalutaraEramulla Estate Pinikahana Elpitiya
EtambegahawilaRuhunaMataraKananke Bazar Weligma Matara
EvergreenRuhunaKalutaraThalawa Rd Horangalla
Fairy LandRuhunaMataraBopagoda Akuressa
FairymountRuhunaMataraMilla-Ela Morawaka
FortuneRuhunaMataraKeeripitiya Roadurubokka
GalabodaRuhunaMataraGalabada Group Akuressa
Galaboda Organic GreenRuhunaMataraGalaboda Group Akuressa
GalagawaRuhunaMataraGalagawa Tea Factory Bopagoda Akuressa
GalataraRuhunaKalutaraGalatha Atabage Gampola
GalatharaRuhunaKalutaraWalallawitahalwala Galatara
GallindaRuhunaGalleTalgaswela Estate
Galpotha WattaRuhunaGalleAgaliya Galle
GamagodaRuhunaGalleNayapamulagamagoda Baddegama
GanganiRuhunaKalutaraBalpaloswatte Kanontudawa Haltota
GangasiriRuhunaGalleWeerapanaopatha Morawaka
GikiyanakandaRuhunaKalutaraGeekiyanakanda Estatemathugama
Golden LeafRuhunaGalleGonamulla Pitadeniya Raod Galle
Gona PinuwelaRuhunaKalutaraWeihena Mattaka
GracelandRuhunaGalleNarawala Akmeemana
Green HouseRuhunaMataraPanakaduwa West Pasgoda Matara
Green LankaRuhunaMataraGinnaliya Eastpasgoda Deniyaya Matara
GunawardenaRuhunaMataraThalahagama Westporathota Akuressa
GurugodellaRuhunaKalutaraNiyagama Thalgaswala
GurukandeRuhunaKalutaraGurukanda Estate Talgaswala
H P PRuhunaKalutaraMaminiyagodella Bulathsinghala
HalgahadolaRuhunaKalutaraEramulla Estate Kahaduwa
HalvitigalaRuhunaGalleTea Smallholder Fac Ltd Halvitigala
HandfordRuhunaMataraHandford Estate Deniyaya
Hartley HillsRuhunaKalutaraIhala Welgamabulathsinghala Kalutara
HasaliyaRuhunaGallePoddala Bope
HayesRuhunaMataraUlliduwawa Deniyaya Matara
HenakandeRuhunaGalleLelwala Estate
Heycock ValleyRuhunaGalle
HillgardenRuhunaGalleIndurupathvilaweihena Baddegama
HillsideRuhunaGalleWanduramba Galle
HillwayRuhunaGalleWaduweliwitiya Unanvitiya
HillviewRuhunaGalleHappitiya Neluwa Galle
HimaraRuhunaGalleAmbalegedara North Neluwa
HingulgodaRuhunaGalleHiniduma Galle
Hiniduma - Tea ShakthiRuhunaGalleTea Shakti Fund384Pannipitiya Rd Pelwatte
IddamaldeniyaRuhunaGalleDevagiri Group Kottawagama Yakkalamulla
ImbulgahagodaRuhunaGalleImbulgahagoda Estate Wanduramba Estate Galle
Ivy ValleyRuhunaGalleBaddegama Raod Lelwala Wanduramba
IvyhillsRuhunaGalleUdalamatta-Via Galle
JanahithaRuhunaGalleKottawagama Galle
Jasmine ValleyRuhunaGalleThawalama
JayagathRuhunaKalutaraNiyagama Thalgaswala
KandedolaRuhunaMataraGorakawela Pitabeddara
KannaliyaRuhunaGalleKoralegamapanangala Thawalama
KanrichRuhunaMataraHoragoda Rd Henegama Akuressa
KanuketiyaRuhunaGalleImaduwa Galle
KaragodaRuhunaGalleMoraketiya Roadkaragoda Galle
KatandolaRuhunaKalutaraKatandola Estate Elpitiya
KetanwilaRuhunaMataraMaliduwa Akuressa
KirimetideniyaRuhunaMataraParaduwa Akuressa
KodagodaRuhunaMataraBatheegamamaliduwa Akuressa
KorahilagodaRuhunaMataraThelijjawila Matara
Kottawa ValleyRuhunaGalleGalle
KowlanawattaRuhunaGalleAluth Ihala Nagoda Galle
KudamalanaRuhunaGalleMapalagama Central Talgaswela
KudapanaRuhunaMataraMawarala Mulatiyana
KumuduRuhunaKalutaraNo48 Ambatale Mulleriyawa-New Town
KunduppakandaRuhunaGalleAngulugaha Galle
KurunduwattaRuhunaGalleGonamulla Junction Kuruduwatte Galle
KurupanawaRuhunaGalleNagoda Galle
LakmaliRuhunaGalleMapalagama (Central)
LakvinkaRuhunaMataraGalmola Junction Bengamuwa
Lenama HillsRuhunaMataraNo 181/A Deegala Lenama Akuressa
LihiniyawaRuhunaGalleLihiniyawa Meegahathenna
LionsRuhunaMataraKetawala Roadberalapanathara
LiyanageRuhunaMataraNishhankapura Kotapola Matara
LiyotaRuhunaGalleUdubattawaakmeemana Galle
LuckyRuhunaGalleNewathimulla Hiniduma
Lucky DaisRuhunaMataraBeralapanathara Deniyaya Matara
Lucky KottawaRuhunaGalleGalgodella Road Thalgampola
LumbiniRuhunaMataraLumbini Watte Kolawenigama Deniyaya
MadolaRuhunaGalleWalahanduwa Galle
MagedaraRuhunaGalleMagedara Galle
MahaliyaddaRuhunaGalleWeihena Estate Weihena Galle
MahambanaRuhunaGalleBaddegama Galle
MahendraRuhunaMataraMahendra Estate Athu Ela Morawaka
MaheslandRuhunaGalleTellambura Nakiyadeniya
MarakandaRuhunaKalutaraMarakandapoddiwela Galle
MatotaRuhunaMataraMathota Tea Factory Kiriveldola Kotapola
MeddagedaraRuhunaKalutaraMaddegedara Estatematugama
MeegahathennaRuhunaGalleNawanimulla Hiniduma Galle
MenikkandaRuhunaGalleHiyare East Hiyare Galle
MihirigeekeleRuhunaKalutaraMillakanda Estat Bulathsinghala
Miyanawathura Refuse Tea ProcessingRuhunaGalleAndaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd Morawaka Road Lelwala
Modaragoda KandaRuhunaGalleModaragoda Walpola Imaduwa
MoragallaRuhunaGalleMoragalla Estate Imaduwa
MorawakaRuhunaMataraMorawaka Estate Weliwa Morawaka
MorawakkoraleRuhunaMataraKotapola Matara
MulatiyanaRuhunaMataraMulatiyana Junction Mulatiyana
MussendapotaRuhunaGalleMussandapotha Group Wanduramba Galle
NaindawaRuhunaGalleBeranagoda Yakkalamulla
NehinigalaRuhunaGalleNehinigala Baddegama Galle
Neluwa LelwalaRuhunaGalleLelwala Neluwa Galle
Neluwa ThiniyawalaRuhunaKalutaraKeeniyawala Neluwa
NeptuneRuhunaMataraWelihena Bopagoda Akuressa
New DiyagalaRuhunaMataraDeniyaya Kotapola Matara
New GaminiRuhunaMataraPallegama Raoddeniyaya
New J. S. P.RuhunaKalutaraHorawalawelipenna
New KandahenaRuhunaMatara
New RatnawilaRuhunaMatara
New SingharajaRuhunaGalleSannasgamalellopitiya Ratnapura
Nil EllaRuhunaMataraNill-Ella Tea Factory Kosnilgoda Deniyaya
NilgiriRuhunaMataraJayabimaparagala Morawaka
Niluwa/MadagamaRuhunaGalleNeluwa Madagama Tea Factory Neluwa
NilwalaRuhunaMataraKodikaragoda Morawaka
Paragoda KandaRuhunaGalleGalle Road Paragoda Imaduwa
PasgodaRuhunaMataraPasgoda Matara
PelawatteRuhunaKalutaraPelawatte Estate Weerakanda Walallawita
PimburagalaRuhunaGalleUrala Nagoda Galle
PitiagodaRuhunaGallePitiyagoda Estate Nakiyadeniya
PolgahawilaRuhunaGalleAgaliya Baddegama Galle
RanmeerRuhunaGalleEla Ehala Thawalama South Galle
RansagodaRuhunaMataraRansegoda South Makandura
RansaviRuhunaGallePanashena Opatha Thawalama
RasaRuhunaMataraPattigala Beralapanathara
RasotaRuhunaGalleElla Elpitiya Galle
RathkandaRuhunaGalleKeembikandawanduramba Galle
RatnayakeRuhunaMataraRathnayaka Deniyaya
RekandahenaRuhunaGalleRekadahena Estate Kahaduwa
RukkattanaRuhunaGalleRukatenna Estatenagoda Galle
SamroRuhunaKalutaraKevitiyagala Polgampola Mathugama
Seetha EliyaRuhunaMataraSeetha Eliya Tea Factory Kandilpana Deniyaya
SemidaleRuhunaMataraHenegama Akuressa
SiharaRuhunaGalleSingha Stores Thawalama South Galle
SinghakawayaRuhunaKalutaraSinhakavayaambana Elpitiya
Singhe ValleyRuhunaGalle
SinghevalleyRuhunaGalleOpataha Thawalama Galle
SirimevanaRuhunaGalleSirimewana Yakkalamulla
SlsRuhunaMataraMalani Watte Hikgoda Akuressa
South Co-OpRuhunaMataraHenagama Akuressa
Southern PorowagamaRuhunaPorawagama
SunriseRuhunaMataraSunrise Tea Factory (Pvt) Ltd - Beralapanatara
SusanthaRuhunaKalutaraBambarawana Mattaka Galle
TalagaswellaRuhunaGalleTalgaswela Estate Talgaswela
TalangahaRuhunaGalleTalangaha Estate
TalapalakandaRuhunaMataraThalapalakanda Beralapanathara
TalgasyayaRuhunaGalleWadiyawatte Narawala Akmeemana
Tea Shakthi - DeniyayaRuhunaMataraKolawenigama Deniyaya
Tea Shakthi - MawaralaRuhunaMataraGomila Mawarala Watte Mawarala
Tea Shakthi - WalahanduwaRuhunaGalleWalanduwa
Tea Shakthi- ElpitiyaRuhunaKalutaraGenegodaelpitiya
ThammennaRuhunaMataraGroup Link B Waralla
ThisaraRuhunaGalleHalpathota Baddegama Galle
ThotupolawattaRuhunaGalleKeembiella Baddegama
Three TimesRuhunaMataraWeliwela Morawaka
ThundolaRuhunaKalutaraThundola Walallawita Kalutara
TilakahenaRuhunaMataraColony Roadrotumba Pasgoda
TippolaRuhunaMataraAkuressa Matara
TritonhillsRuhunaMataraHakmana Road Mulatiyana Matara
Udu EllaRuhunaGalleMagedaragalle
UnityRuhunaGallePanangala Hiniduma Galle
Upper HomadolaRuhunaGalleHomadola Estate Udugama Galle
UruwelaRuhunaMataraUruwela Estate Akuressa
VadiykandaRuhunaGalleKattadikanda Imbulgoda Ratnapura
WalawwattaRuhunaMataraWalawwatta- Waralla
WathuruwilaRuhunaKalutaraWaturawila Elpitiya Galle
WaulugalaRuhunaGalleWaulugala Group Haupe Imaduwa
WeewarugodaRuhunaGalleNabadawa Yakkalamulla Galle
WeihenaRuhunaGalleWeihena Baddegama
Wicklow HillsRuhunaGalleWicklow Hills Watta Wanduramba
Wijaya GroupRuhunaGalleGalle
WilehenaRuhunaGalleHaupe Galle
Willie GroupRuhunaMataraWillie Group Deniyaya
VinoraRuhunaKalutaraHoragodawatte Baduraliya
WinwoodRuhunaKalutaraRatnapura Road Nambapana Ingiriya
VoganRuhunaKalutaraVogan Estatemathugama Kalutara
WoodlandRuhunaAkuressaKiyaduwa Akuressa
YahaladuwaRuhunaGalleYahaladuwa Estate Nilhena
YakkalamullaRuhunaGalleYakkalamulla Galle
YaltaRuhunaMataraDeniyaya Roadwaralla
YattapathaRuhunaKalutaraWeihena Estatebaddegama Galle

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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August 252015

Sabaragamuwa is Sri Lanka’s biggest tea-growing district, whose relative importance has increased since the expansion of markets for Ceylon Tea in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. The teas of Sabaragamuwa, like those of Ruhuna, are mainly low-grown. Its estates range in elevation from sea level to around 800 m. The highest estates lie just below the boundaries of the Sinharaja and Peak Wilderness nature reserves and share in the microclimatic conditions produced by the rainforests, cloud forests and high, grassy plains endemic to this region. As a result, they produce tea of a somewhat different character to that grown at lower elevations in the district. Some of these estates receive the highest rainfall of any in the plantation districts. Other upper Sabaragamuwa estates receive some weather from the nearby Uva climatic system, which affects the character of the tea they produce in an entirely different way.


The Sabaragamuwa tea-growing district covers most of the western and south-western faces of the central mountains of Sri Lanka. The terrain is hilly, with numerous small valleys cut into the hillsides by streams and rivers draining the upper massif. Copiously watered by the southwest monsoon, it features climatic conditions typical of tropical rainforest: hot and humid in the open, moist and cool where tree cover is thick. The most famous of its many places of interest is Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada, a 2200 m mountain peak, conical and symmetrical, at the summit of which a giant, intricately-decorated and detailed footprint has been carved into the rock. Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims all venerate this relic, whose origins are lost in the mists of antiquity.

Adam’s Peak is only the most prominent attraction of a land rich in history and legend. Indeed, the earliest traces of human settlement in Sri Lanka, dating back 34000 years or more, were found not far from Ratnapura. Various legends relating to the ancient Hindu epic, the Ramayana, have been attached to places in Sabaragamuwa; the region also has a number of important associations in history and folklore and was the scene of much warfare and intrigue during the Portuguese period (1505-1658). Tea from the estates of Sabaragamuwa seems to distil the essence of this rich and varied culture, belying the district’s twentieth-century rise to prominence in the industry.

Given the slightly wider range of growing altitude and more varied climatic conditions, it is not surprising that the teas of Sabaragamuwa show a little more variation in character than those of the other predominantly low-grown district, Ruhuna. As with the latter, Sabaragamuwa produces a fast-growing bush with a long leaf, very black when withered and well suited for rolling. The liquor, too, is similar to that of Ruhuna teas, dark yellow-brown with a reddish tint in the dry season, though lightening somewhat with altitude. The ‘nose’ or aroma, however, is noticeably different from the Ruhuna product, with a hint of sweet caramel, and not quite as strong as the latter.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
Adams ViewSabaragamuwaRatnapuraNo 4 Sri Pada Mawatha Ratnapura
AigburthSabaragamuwaRatnapuraBuluthota Kolonna Ratnapura
AllertonSabaragamuwaRatnapuraAllerton Estate Rakwana
ArontaSabaragamuwaRatnapura849E Kumbaduwa Walallawita
AvissawellaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraSeethawak Industrial Park Avissawella
BandarahenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraBandarahena Estate Nivithigala
Blue MountSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPinnawala Balangoda
BoscombeSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMiriswatte Balangoda
BroadlandsSabaragamuwaNuwara EliyaBrolands Estate Pitawala
BulathsinhalaSabaragamuwaKalutaraNo 04 Anguruwathota Road Horana
CamelliaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraAdavikande Kuruwita Ratnapura
CeciliyanSabaragamuwaRatnapuraCeciliyan Estate Thapaswarakanda Kalawana
Chamwin Speciality Tea Processing CentreSabaragamuwaRatnapura37 A Sripada Mawatha Ratnapura
Co-Op TeaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraYainna
Daduwangala CtcSabaragamuwaRatnapuraRatnapura
Daduwangala WatteSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMillawitiyakuruwita Ratnapura
DeerwoodSabaragamuwaRatnapuraEkneligoda (North) Kuruvita Ratnapura
DenagamaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDenagama Estate Balangoda
Depedene EstateSabaragamuwaRatnapura
DeshikaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKottala Atakalampanna Ratnapura
Diagala HillsSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDawgalagamakalawana
Diyagala HillsSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDiyagala Streetpalabaddalasiripagama Ratnapura
DoloswellaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDoloswella Estate
DoralavitiyahenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraNo 202Batalanda Pelmadulla
EdurapollaSabaragamuwaKegalleEderapolla Estatebulathkohupitiya
EndaneSabaragamuwaRatnapuraEndane Estate Kahawatte
FalconSabaragamuwaRatnapuraElapatha Ratnapura
GalaturaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMeda Galathuta Ayagama Ratnapura
GalboddaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraGalboda Tea Factory Ratnapura
GallexySabaragamuwaRatnapuraThannahena Navalakanda Kalawana
GalpaditenneSabaragamuwaRatnapuraGalpaditenna Lellopitiya Ratnapura
GeekiyanahenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraSanasgama Lellopitiya
Golden ValleySabaragamuwaRatnapura
HalgolleSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHalgolla Estatemallalpola Yatiyantota
HallinaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHunuwella Estate Opanayake
HapugastenneSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHapugastenne Estate Gallalla
HatherleighSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHatherleigh Estate Rakwana
HaughtonSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHaughton Estate Kalawana
HaverstSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPinnawala Imbulpe Ratnapura
HoramullaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHoramulla Godakawela Ratnapura
HoupeSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHoupe Estate Kahawatte
IdangodaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPahala Kuttapitiya Pelmadulla Ratnapura
IlluktenneSabaragamuwaKegalleMiyanawita Estatederaniyagala
JaylankaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKawduwawa Godakawela Ratnapura
KalawanaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraManana Kalawana
KehelwalaSabaragamuwaKegalleKehelwala Deraniyagala
KelaniSabaragamuwaKegalleKelani Estateparussella Yatiyantota
Kelani ValleySabaragamuwaRatnapuraKuda Oya Nuwara Eliya
KendalandaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraYatiwala Deraniyagala
KeragalaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKeragalla Estate Kuruvita
KolonnaSabaragamuwaKegalleBoralankada Via Dehiovita Kegalle
KoppakandeSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKoppakande Omalpe
KukulegangaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPitigalakanda Roadnawalakanda Kalawana
KuttapitiyaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKuttapitiya Estatepelmadulla
LankabaranaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraNo 34 Buddha Jayanthi Mawatha Thumbagoda
LellopitiyaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraLellopitiya Estatelellopitiya Ratnapura
MadampeSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMadampe Estate Rakwana
MahawelaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMahawala Estate Ratnapura
MalibodaSabaragamuwaKegalleMaliboda Estatemaliboda
MaratenneSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMaratenne Tea Factory Balangoda Group Balangoda
Menik VelleySabaragamuwaRatnapura
MillavitiyaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMillawitiya Estate Ratnapura
MisaSabaragamuwaKegalleGonagamuwa Yatiyanthota Kegalle
Mount CarmelSabaragamuwaKegalleMount Carmel Estate Ambalakanda Aranayaka
NawagamuwahenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraSannasgamalellopitiya Ratnapura
NawalakandaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraNawalakandauada Haupe Kahawatte
NelunkandaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKoswaththa Kalawana
New DoralawitiyahenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraTalgasyaya Akmeemana Galle
New DoralawitiyahenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraWellandura Kahawatta Ratnapura
New HopewellSabaragamuwaRatnapuraWeligepolabalangoda
New KandagastenneSabaragamuwaRatnapuraBathgamgoda Pelmadulla
New KirilipanaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMoragala Pasgoda Deniyaya
New LaksakandaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraErathna Kuruvita
New PanapitiyaSabaragamuwaKegalleMadampe Atakalanpanna
New PanawennaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPanawennakahawatte
New UdakadaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKamarangahapitiyapelmadulla
New VithanakandaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraNew Withanakanda Estate Delwala Spo Ratnapura Via
NilagamaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPalmadulla Estatekahawatte
Nilvin ViewSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHapurudeniya Estate Wellandura Kahawatte
NiwithigalaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraMadara Estate Nivithigala
NooriSabaragamuwaKegalleNoori Estatenoori
NoragallaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraNoragalla Tea Factory Nivithigala
OpathaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraOpata Estate Kahawatte
Orange HillSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDorawela Balangoda Ratnapura
Palm GardenSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPalm Garden Estate Ratnapura
PambagamaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPambegama Estateparakaduwa
PanawennaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPanawenna Kahawatte
PanilkandaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraUliduwewapanil Kanda Deniyaya
ParakaduwaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDaduwangalawatte Millawitiya Kuruvita
PinehillSabaragamuwaRatnapuraUdugala Ayagama Ratnapura
PoronuwaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPoronuwa Estatekahawatte
RajjuruwatteSabaragamuwaRatnapuraRajjuruwatte Kalawana
RandolaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraKirimetithenna Balangoda Ratnapura
RatnapuraSabaragamuwaRatnapuraParadise Kuruvita
RayigamSabaragamuwaKalutaraRaygama Estate Ingiriya Kalutara
RilhenaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraRilhena Estate Pelmadulla
RosythSabaragamuwaKegalleRosyth Tea Factory Rosyth Estate Pussella
RyeSabaragamuwaRatnapuraRye Estate Balangoda
SabaragamuwaPanawatte Road Magammana Dehiowita
SamawattaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraEndana Estate Kahawatte
SapumalkandeSabaragamuwaKegalleMiyanawita Estate
SeronSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPolwatta Wewelwatte
SherwoodSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPinnawala Balangoda
Spring ViewSabaragamuwaRatnapuraRatnapura
SpringwoodSabaragamuwaRatnapuraSpringwood Estate Rakwana
St. JoachimSabaragamuwaRatnapuraSt'Joachim Estate Ratnapura
St. MichaelSabaragamuwaRatnapuraImbulpe Balangoda
Tea BreezeSabaragamuwaRatnapuraElapatha Nivithigala Ratnapura
Tea LankaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraWeralugahamullamadampe
Tea Shakthi - BalangodaSabaragamuwaRatnapura
Tea Shakthi - Rayigam KoraleSabaragamuwaKalutaraMaputugala Horana
Temple ViewSabaragamuwaRatnapura
WatapotaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraWatapotha Estate Nivithigala
WeddagalaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraVeddagala Kalawana
WellanduraSabaragamuwaRatnapuraWellandura Estate Kahawatte
WevalkaduraSabaragamuwaRatnapuraPebotuwakalawana Ratnapura
WikiliyaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraDepalamulla Balangda Ratnapura
Virgin ForestSabaragamuwaRatnapura
YatideriyaSabaragamuwaRatnapuraYataderiya Estateudhugoda Bulathkohupitiya

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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August 252015

Between these two high plateaus Horton Plains and Nuwara Eliya lies the tea-growing district of Dimbula (or, as it is sometimes spelled, Dimbulla). The name is derived from that of the valley which lies at the heart of the region, surrounded by the sub-districts of Bogawanthalawa, Dickoya, Kotagala, Maskeliya, Nanu-Oya and Talawakelle.


Its isolation ended with the coming of tea in the 1870s. Dimbula was, in fact, one of the earliest districts to be planted in the new crop. The teas of the district were found to produce a distinctive flavour of their own, one that lovers of fine tea prize to this day. This happy discovery brought settlement and commerce to the formerly uninhabited region, though Dimbula and its sub-districts remain wild and thinly populated to this day. Most local residents are plantation workers and their families; the remainder also tend to be occupied in work that serves the plantation industry in other ways, such as supply and transport.

Dimbula teas are characterized as ‘high-grown’; the regional definition specifies an elevation of between 1100 m and 1600 m, but in practice the region’s estates all stand at an altitude of over 1250. It is wet and misty for much of the year, and western-facing estates are drenched by the southwest monsoon between May and September; however, Dimbula also benefits from the cool, dry winds of the western ‘quality season’, a period that begins around the turn of the year and continues until March or early April. Dimbula estates yield their best teas during this season, when the air is crisp and cool by day while the nights are cold and windy.

The teas of Dimbula, like all high-grown teas, are slow-growing and small-leaved. The higher the elevation at which it was picked, the greater will be the brightness and freshness of the liquor in the cup. This is particularly the case with tea from the Nanu-Oya sub-district, whose high altitude and proximity to Nuwara Eliya results in a tea that bears noticeable similarities to the products of that region. Other sub-districts, such as Dickoya, produce a darker, more strongly flavoured tea.
Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AbbotsleighDimbulaNuwara EliyaAbbostleigh Estate Hatton
Agrakande GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgrakande Estate Agarapathana Nuwara Eliya
AlbionDimbulaNuwara EliyaAlbion Estate Agarapatana
AltonDimbulaNuwara EliyaAlton Tea Factory Upcot
AnnfieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaAnnfield Estate Dick Oya
Argra OuvahDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgra Ouvah Estate Agarapathana
BalmoralDimbulaNuwara EliyaBalmoral Estate Agarapathana
Bambrakelly GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaBambarakelley Group
BattalagalaDimbulaNuwara EliyaBatthalagalla Estate Dick Oya
BearwellDimbulaNuwara EliyaBearwell Estate Talawakelle
BlinkbonnieDimbulaNuwara EliyaBlinkbonnie Estate Dick Oya
BogahawatteDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogahawatta Estate
BogawanaDimbulaNuwara EliyaLoinorn Group Bogawanthalawa
BogawantalawaDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogawantalawa Bogawanthalawa
BrunswickDimbulaNuwara EliyaBrunswick Estate Maskeliya
CampionDimbulaNuwara EliyaChampion Estate Bogawantalawa
CeyteaDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgarapathana
Chrustlers FarmDimbulaNuwara EliyaChrystlers Farm Group Kotagala
Chrystal FarmDimbulaNuwara Eliya
ClarendonDimbulaNuwara Eliya
ColdstreemDimbulaNuwara EliyaStrathedan Group
Craigie LeaDimbulaNuwara EliyaCraigie Lea Estate
DeesideDimbulaNuwara EliyaGlenugie Estate
DessfordDimbulaNuwara EliyaDessford Estate
DickoyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaDickoya Estate Dick Oya
DimbulaRahunaDimbula Patana
Diyagama EastDimbulaNuwara EliyaDayagama Nuwara Eliya
Diyagama WestDimbulaNuwara EliyaDeyagama Bazar
DraytonDimbulaNuwara EliyaDrayton Estate Kotagala
DunkeldDimbulaNuwara EliyaDunkeld Estate Dickoya
Eildon HallDimbulaNuwara EliyaEildon Estate Lindula
FairlawnDimbulaNuwara EliyaFairlawn Estate Minicing Lane Upcot
FordyceDimbulaNuwara EliyaFordyce Estate Dickoya
GartmoreDimbulaNuwara EliyaGartmore Group Maskeliya
GlentiltDimbulaNuwara EliyaGlentilt Estate Maskeliya
GouravillaDimbulaNuwara EliyaGouravilla Estate Upcot Maskeliya
Great WesternDimbulaNuwara EliyaGreat Western Estate Nuwara Eliya
HarringtonDimbulaNuwara EliyaHarrington Estate Kotagala
Hautale ValleyDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgarapathana
HautevilleDimbulaNuwara Eliya
Henford GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaHenfold Estate Lindula Talawakelle
HolyroodDimbulaNuwara EliyaHolyrood Estate Thalawakelle
IngestreDimbulaNuwara EliyaIngestre Estate Dickoya
Kelaniya & BraevarDimbulaNuwara EliyaKelaneiya Estate Maskeliya
KelliewatteDimbulaNuwara EliyaKelliewatte Estate Kotagala
KewDimbulaNuwara EliyaKew Estate Norwood
KirkoswaldDimbulaNuwara EliyaKirkoswald Group Bogawanthalawa
KotiyagallaDimbulaNuwara EliyaKotiyagalla Group Bagawantalawa
KumbaloluwaDimbulaNuwara EliyaPundaluoya
LancomDimbulaNuwara EliyaKotagala Ambagamuwa Dimbula-Pathana
Lanka ComanyDimbulaNuwara Eliya
LaxapanaDimbulaNuwara EliyaLaxapana Group Maskeliya
LethentyDimbulaNuwara EliyaLethenty Estate Ambagamuwa Nuwara Eliya
Liddesdale GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaLiddesdale Groupthe Standard Tea Co Of Ceylon Ltd Clomessrs George Steuart And Co Ltd
LippakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaLipakelle Estate Lindula
LogieDimbulaNuwara EliyaLogie Estate Nuwara Eliya
LoinornDimbulaNuwara EliyaLionorn Estate Bogawanthalawa
Maddacombra SouthDimbulaNuwara EliyaMeddakumbura Dunukedeniya Kotmale
Maha EliyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaMahaeliya Nanu - Oya
MahacudagallaDimbulaNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
MahaniluDimbulaNuwara Eliya55/20 Vaxhall Street Colombo 2
MattakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaMattakelle Estate Lindula
MayfieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaHatton
Meddecombara NorthDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorth Meddekumbura Watagoda Kothmale
MochaDimbulaNuwara EliyaMocha Estate Maskeliya
MorayDimbulaNuwara EliyaMoray State Plantation Maskeliya
Mount VernonDimbulaNuwara EliyaMount Vernon Estate Kotagala
Mousa EllaDimbulaNuwara EliyaTalawakelle Lindula
MousakellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaMousakelle Estate Maskeliya
New LuccombeDimbulaNuwara Eliya
North PunduluoyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaPundaluoya
NorwoodDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorwood Group Norwood
OsborneDimbulaNuwara Eliya
OuvahkellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaOuvahkellie Estate Agarapathana
PoyslandDimbulaNuwara EliyaPowysland Estate Dayagama Via Nuwara Eliya
QueensberryDimbulaNuwara EliyaQueensberry Estate Kothmale
RadellaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRadella Estate Nano Oya Nuwara Eliya
Robgill GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaRobgill Estate Bogawanthalawa
RosellaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRosella Ambagamuwa Korale Nuwara Eliya
SandringhamDimbulaNuwara EliyaSandringham Estate Agarapathana
ShannonDimbulaNuwara EliyaShannon Estate Hatton
SheenDimbulaNuwara EliyaSheen Estate
SomersetDimbulaNuwara EliyaSomerset Estate Udahentenne
St. ClairDimbulaNuwara EliyaSt Clair Estate Thalawakelle
St. CoombsDimbulaNuwara EliyaTea Reserach Talawakelle
St. TheresiaDimbulaNuwara EliyaTheresia Estate Bogawanthalawa
StockholmDimbulaNuwara EliyaStockholm Estate Norwood
Stony Cliff GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaStony Cliff Group Kotagala Nuwara Eliya
StrathspeyDimbulaNuwara EliyaStrathspey Estate Upcot
TalawakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaTalawakele
TangakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaTangakelle Estate
TientsinDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogawantalawa Estate Bogawanthalawa
TilllyrieDimbulaNuwara EliyaTillyrie Estate Dick Oya
TorringtonDimbulaNuwara EliyaTorrington Estate
TroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaTroup Estate Talawakelle
WaltrimDimbulaNuwara EliyaLindula Thalawakelle Nuwara Eliya
WanarajahDimbulaNuwara EliyaWanarajah Group Dickoya
WangioyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRadella Estate Nanuoya
WattegoddeDimbulaNuwara EliyaWattegoda Estate
WaverleyDimbulaNuwara EliyaWaverley Group Agarapathana
Vellai OyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaVellai Oya Estate Hatton
VentureDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorwood Group Ambagamuwa Nuwara Eliya
WoottonDimbulaNuwara EliyaWootton Estate
YuillefieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaHatton

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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August 252015

Uva is Sri Lanka’s remotest province. Though not far from Kandy or Nuwara Eliya as the crow flies, access to its provincial capital, Badulla, is only possible over steep, winding mountain roads. To get there from Colombo, one has to drive inland, then skirt nearly the entire southern half of the island’s central massif before turning north and ascending into the hills. Access from Sri Lanka’s other major urban centres, most of which lie on the coast, is equally difficult.


Still Sri Lanka’s second-least-populous province, Uva today has a modest economy largely dependent on plantation crops: tea in the hills and, on the plains, sugar. Apart from this, most agriculture is of the subsistence variety, and there is little industry. The province is divided into two administrative sectors, Badulla and Moneragala: the latter is southerly, and flat where it is not covered in low, wooded hills; the former lies on the southeastern slopes of the central massif and constitutes the tea-growing region of Uva. In ancient times, these hills were as thinly populated as they are today; however, Badulla was intermittently the capital of fugitive princes and satraps of the king of Kandy during the troubled centuries of Sri Lanka’s mediaeval period.

It was with tea grown and manufactured on his Uva estates that Sir Thomas Lipton first persuaded Americans to take up the tea-drinking habit. The mellow, smooth taste of Uva tea, once known, is easily distinguished from that of any other.

The Uva region produces a leaf that is more blackened by withering than that of any other district. The range of teas produced is wide, with a full range of whole and small-leaf grades as well as CTC varieties. During the July-September eastern quality season, the dessicated monsoon wind or kacchan disrupts normal photosynthesis in the tea plant, while the hot days and cold nights bring about chemical changes that improve the ‘nose’ and flavour. The manufacturing process must be adapted to take full advantage of these changes, becoming on the whole slightly briefer. It results in tea of a pungent, slightly mentholated character, radically different from that produced at any other time of year. Estates in the Uva region also produce a substantial amount of green tea from Assamese stock. These teas are produced mainly in the region of Idalgashinna.

Tea factories
NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AdawatteUvaBadullaLunugala Badulla
AislabyUvaBadullaAislaby Estate Bandarawela
AllagollaUva, KandyBadulla, KandyUdapussellawa
AmbagasdowaUvaBadullaWelimada Group Welimada
AmbrosiaUvaBadullaNo 1 Moragalle Road Welimada
AmpittiakandeUvaBadullaAmpitikanda Estate Poonagalla Spo
Argra OuvahDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgra Ouvah Estate Agarapathana
AttampettiaUvaBadullaHali Ella Bandarawela
Awonlea HillUvaBadullaBadulla
Balagalla EllaUvaBadullaLiyangahawela Haputalebandarawela
Balangoda (Maratenna)UvaRatnapura
BattawwatteUvaBadullaBattawatta Group Madulsima
BeauvaisUvaBadullaIdulgashinna Welimada Bandarawela
BraughingUvaBadullaMoragolla Welimada Badulla
CeciltonUvaRatnapuraCicilton Estate Pinnawala
CocogallaUvaBadullaKokagala Estate Badulla
CraigUvaBadulla320/1 Union Place Colombo 2
Dammeria “B” EstateUvaBadulla
DebeddeUvaBadullaUry Estate Passara
Demodara Tea Processing CentreUvaBadullaHapugastenna Plantation Plc 95/A Nambapana Ingiriya
DickwellaUvaBadullaHali Ella
El TebUvaBadullaEl Teb Passara
Finlay Green TeasUvaBadullaHaldumullabadulla
GaloolaUvaBadullaGalloola Estate Madulsima
GawarakelleUvaBadullaGowerakelle Estate Demodara
Glen Alpin GroupUvaBadullaGlen Alpin Estate Badulla
GlenanoreUvaBadullaGlenanore Estate Haputale Badulla
GonakelleUvaBadullaGonakelle Estate Passara
GonamotavaUvaBadullaGonamotawa Estate Haputale
Green FieldUvaBadullaThotulagalla Estate Haputale
HalpewattaUvaBadullaUva Halpewatte Estate Halpe Demodara
HapugahawatteUvaBadullaHapugahawatta Estate
HaputaleUvaBadulla63A Haputalebadulla
HindagallaUvaBadullaHindagalla Group Ella Namunukula
HopeUvaKandyHope Estate Hewaheta
IdulagashenaUvaBadullaIdalgashena Bandarawela
KahagallaUvaBadullaKahagalla Estate Haputale
KandahenaUvaBadullaUdakada Pelmadulla Ratnapura
KinellanUvaBadullaKinellan Tea Estate Ella
KirkleesUvaBadullaUda Pussallawa
Lucky LandUvaBadullaLakyland Estate Udapussellawa
Maha UvaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMahauva Estate
MahadowaUvaBadullaMahadowa Group Madulsima
MatuwagallaUvaRatnapuraLellopitiya Ratnapura
MeddakandeUvaRatnapuraMaddakanda Estate Balangoda
NayabeddeUvaBadullaNyabedde Estate Nayabedda Bandarawela
New Burgh Green TeaUvaBadullaElla Badulla
Non PareilUvaRatnapuraNon Pareil Estate Belihuloya
OodoowerreUvaBadullaOodoowerre Estate Demodara
OuvahkellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaOuvahkellie Estate Agarapathana
PassaraUvaBadullaMeedumpitiya Passara
Passara - Tea ShakthiUvaBadullaTalabowatte Passara
PettiyagallaUvaRatnapuraPettiyagalla Estate Ratnapura
Pita RatmalieUvaBadullaPitartamalle Estate Haputale
PoonagallaUvaBadullaPoonagalla Spo
RoeberryUvaBadullaRoeberry Group Pitamaruwa Madulsima
Rookatenne GroupUvaBadullaRookatenna Group Hali Ela Badulla
Sarnia GroupUvaBadullaSarnia Estate
SerendibUvaBadullaQueentown Group Hali Ella
ShawlandsUvaBadullaShowlands Tea Factory Lunugala
SouthamUvaBadullaDemodara Estate Hali Ela Bandarawela
Spring Valley GroupUvaBadullaBadulla
St. JamesUvaBadulla
Tea Shakthi - KeppetipolaUvaBadullaNugatalawawelimada
TelbeddeUvaBadullaTelbedda Badulla
Upper BalangodaUvaRatnapuraUpper Balangoda Estate Balangoda
Uva Haputele ValleyUvaBadullaHoradoruwa Haputale
Uva HighlandsUvaBadullaUva Hilands Estate Bandarawela
Uva KetawellaUvaBadullaDickwella Estate Hali-Ela
WalbodaUvaRatnapuraWalpita Mgt Company Poddala

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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Uda Pussellawa
August 252015

Wedged between the Kandy and Uva districts on the eastern slopes of the hill country, Uda Pussellawa is a small, thinly-populated district almost entirely dedicated to tea cultivation. It boasts no large towns, and part of its uncultivated area is occupied by the Hakgala Strict Natural Reserve, which rises up the peak of the same name to a height of around 2000 m. The Uda Pussellawa region includes the sub-districts of Maturata, Ragala and Halgranoya.
Due to its location, Uda Pussellawa enjoys climatic conditions very different from those of the western plantation regions. As with neighbouring Uva, the district receives the bulk of its weather from the northeast monsoon system, which waters the eastern slopes of the hill country between November and January. The climate is mostly wet and misty, with the Hakgala region receiving rain on an average of 211 days every year. However, the district also enjoys some ‘blow-over’ from the southwest monsoon between June and September. Having deposited their rains on the western slopes of the hill country, these monsoon winds turn desertly dry by the time they cross the central watershed.
Uda Pussellawa estates thus enjoy not one but two ‘quality seasons’, the western as well as the eastern. This is especially the case with teas from the upper part of the district, bordering Nuwara Eliya (which lies immediately to the west), though elevations in Uda Pussellawa are somewhat lower than they are in Nuwara Eliya, ranging from 950m to 1,600m (3,000-5,000ft).

The tea of Uda Pussellawa is sometimes compared in character with that of Nuwara Eliya, though it appears somewhat darker in the cup, with a pinkish hue and a hint of greater strength. The eastern quality season from June to September produces the best teas of the year, closely followed by the western season during the first quarter. The dry, cold conditions during this latter period add a hint of rose to the bouquet of a tea known for its medium body and subtle character. Periods of heavy rainfall, on the other hand, tend to produce a tea that is darker in the cup and stronger-flavoured. Uda Pussellawa produces a variety of leaf sizes and styles.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AlmaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaAlma Group Kadapola
BlairlomondUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdupussellawa Road
Delmar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaDelmar Tea Factory Halgranoya
EsdaleUda PussellawaNuwara Eliya
Gonapitiya GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaGonapitiya Estate
GordonUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdapussellawa
Maha UvaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMahauva Estate
MooloyaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMooloya Estate174 Hewaheta
Ragalla GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaRagalla Group Halgranoya
Weldemar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaWaldemar Group Nuwara Eliya

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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Nuwara Eliya
August 252015

Probably the best-known of Sri Lanka’s tea-growing districts, Nuwara Eliya is also the most rugged and mountainous, with the highest average elevation. Rainfall is moderate except during the dry season, which falls between February and April. Nights are cold and sometimes frosty.
Historically speaking, Nuwara Eliya is a relatively new place. The town from which the district takes its name sits perched on a plateau 1,868 m above sea level, under the shadow of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain, Pidurutalagala. Almost inaccessible in olden times due to the precipitous, jungle-clad terrain surrounding it, this scenic plateau was effectively uninhabited when it was discovered by an English explorer in 1818. Impressed by its magnificent scenery and climate, Sir Edward Barnes, the British governor of the time, resolved to turn the locale into the similar of Ceylon, a fashionable hill-station to which the government and society of the capital, Colombo, could repair during the hottest and unhealthiest months of the year. He accomplished this by the simple expedient of building a house there himself (it is now the Grand Hotel) and occupying it every year between March and April. ‘Newralia’ thus became, for a few weeks every year, the capital of colonial Ceylon.

The tea produced here sets it apart from lower-grown varieties. High altitude and year-round low temperatures produce a very slow-growing bush with unusually small leaves that take on an orange hue – just a hint against the blackness – after withering. The infused leaf acquires a greenish-yellow tone, and the infusion in the cup is the palest among all the regional varieties of Ceylon Tea.

As with all Ceylon Tea, Nuwara Eliya is available in several different grades. Excluding certain exotic varieties, the most sought-after is whole-leaf orange pekoe (OP); slightly less costly, though still expensive, is broken orange pekoe (BOP). Generally speaking, the smaller the leaf particle size, the stronger and less subtle the tea.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AbbotsleighDimbulaNuwara EliyaAbbostleigh Estate Hatton
Agrakande GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgrakande Estate Agarapathana Nuwara Eliya
AlbionDimbulaNuwara EliyaAlbion Estate Agarapatana
AlmaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaAlma Group Kadapola
AltonDimbulaNuwara EliyaAlton Tea Factory Upcot
AnnfieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaAnnfield Estate Dick Oya
Argra OuvahDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgra Ouvah Estate Agarapathana
BalmoralDimbulaNuwara EliyaBalmoral Estate Agarapathana
Bambrakelly GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaBambarakelley Group
BattalagalaDimbulaNuwara EliyaBatthalagalla Estate Dick Oya
BearwellDimbulaNuwara EliyaBearwell Estate Talawakelle
BlairlomondUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdupussellawa Road
BlinkbonnieDimbulaNuwara EliyaBlinkbonnie Estate Dick Oya
Blue FieldNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaPalagolla Kothmale Ramboda
BogahawatteDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogahawatta Estate
BogawanaDimbulaNuwara EliyaLoinorn Group Bogawanthalawa
BogawantalawaDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogawantalawa Bogawanthalawa
BramleyNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaBramley Estate Kandapola
BroadlandsSabaragamuwaNuwara EliyaBrolands Estate Pitawala
BrooksideNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaHalgranoya Walapane
BrunswickDimbulaNuwara EliyaBrunswick Estate Maskeliya
CampionDimbulaNuwara EliyaChampion Estate Bogawantalawa
CeyteaDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgarapathana
Chrustlers FarmDimbulaNuwara EliyaChrystlers Farm Group Kotagala
Chrystal FarmDimbulaNuwara Eliya
ClarendonNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaClarendon Estate Nanu Oya
ClarendonDimbulaNuwara Eliya
ColdstreemDimbulaNuwara EliyaStrathedan Group
ConcordiaNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaConcordia Estate Kandapola
CoolbawnKandyNuwara EliyaCoolbawn Tea Factory Ambagammuwa Ginigathhena
Court LodgeNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaCourt Lodge Estate Kandapola
Craigie LeaDimbulaNuwara EliyaCraigie Lea Estate
DeesideDimbulaNuwara EliyaGlenugie Estate
Delmar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaDelmar Tea Factory Halgranoya
DeltaKandyNuwara EliyaDelta Estate Pussellawa
DessfordDimbulaNuwara EliyaDessford Estate
DickoyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaDickoya Estate Dick Oya
Diyagama EastDimbulaNuwara EliyaDayagama Nuwara Eliya
Diyagama WestDimbulaNuwara EliyaDeyagama Bazar
DraytonDimbulaNuwara EliyaDrayton Estate Kotagala
DunkeldDimbulaNuwara EliyaDunkeld Estate Dickoya
DunsihaneNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaDunsinane Estate Pundalu Oya
EdinburgNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaEdinburgh Estate
Eildon HallDimbulaNuwara EliyaEildon Estate Lindula
EsdaleUda PussellawaNuwara Eliya
FairlawnDimbulaNuwara EliyaFairlawn Estate Minicing Lane Upcot
FetteressoNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaFetteresso Estate
FordyceDimbulaNuwara EliyaFordyce Estate Dickoya
FrotoftNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaFrotoft Group Ramboda Hatton
GartmoreDimbulaNuwara EliyaGartmore Group Maskeliya
GlassaughNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaNanuoya Nuwara Eliya
GlenlochKandyNuwara EliyaKatukitula
GlentiltDimbulaNuwara EliyaGlentilt Estate Maskeliya
Gonapitiya GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaGonapitiya Estate
GoorookoyaKandyNuwara EliyaGoorookoya Tea Plantation Po Box 13 Nawalapitiya
GordonUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaUdapussellawa
GouravillaDimbulaNuwara EliyaGouravilla Estate Upcot Maskeliya
Great WesternDimbulaNuwara EliyaGreat Western Estate Nuwara Eliya
GuayapiNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaMausawatte Pundalu Oya
HarangallaKandyNuwara EliyaSanrose Teas (Pvt) Ltd Harangala Tea Factory Katabula
HarringtonDimbulaNuwara EliyaHarrington Estate Kotagala
HarrowNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaHarrow Estate Pundalu Oya
Hautale ValleyDimbulaNuwara EliyaAgarapathana
HautevilleDimbulaNuwara Eliya
HellboddeKandyNuwara EliyaHellbodde Estate Katukitula
Henford GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaHenfold Estate Lindula Talawakelle
High ForestNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaHigh Forest Estate
HolyroodDimbulaNuwara EliyaHolyrood Estate Thalawakelle
IngestreDimbulaNuwara EliyaIngestre Estate Dickoya
KaipoogalleNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaFernland Estate
KataboolaKandyNuwara EliyaKataboola Estate
Kelani ValleySabaragamuwaRatnapuraKuda Oya Nuwara Eliya
Kelaniya & BraevarDimbulaNuwara EliyaKelaneiya Estate Maskeliya
Kellie GroupKandyNuwara EliyaDolosbage Nawalapitiya
KelliewatteDimbulaNuwara EliyaKelliewatte Estate Kotagala
KenilworthKandyNuwara EliyaKenilworth Estate Ginigathhena
KewDimbulaNuwara EliyaKew Estate Norwood
KirkoswaldDimbulaNuwara EliyaKirkoswald Group Bogawanthalawa
KotiyagallaDimbulaNuwara EliyaKotiyagalla Group Bagawantalawa
KumbaloluwaDimbulaNuwara EliyaPundaluoya
LabookellieNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaLabukalle Estate Labukele
LancomDimbulaNuwara EliyaKotagala Ambagamuwa Dimbula-Pathana
Lanka ComanyDimbulaNuwara Eliya
LaxapanaDimbulaNuwara EliyaLaxapana Group Maskeliya
LethentyDimbulaNuwara EliyaLethenty Estate Ambagamuwa Nuwara Eliya
Liddesdale GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaLiddesdale Groupthe Standard Tea Co Of Ceylon Ltd Clomessrs George Steuart And Co Ltd
LippakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaLipakelle Estate Lindula
LogieDimbulaNuwara EliyaLogie Estate Nuwara Eliya
LoinornDimbulaNuwara EliyaLionorn Estate Bogawanthalawa
Lower DonsideKandyNuwara EliyaLower Donside Estate Nawalapitiya
Maddacombra SouthDimbulaNuwara EliyaMeddakumbura Dunukedeniya Kotmale
Maha EliyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaMahaeliya Nanu - Oya
Maha UvaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMahauva Estate
MahacudagallaDimbulaNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
MahaniluDimbulaNuwara Eliya55/20 Vaxhall Street Colombo 2
MattakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaMattakelle Estate Lindula
MayfieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaHatton
Meddecombara NorthDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorth Meddekumbura Watagoda Kothmale
MochaDimbulaNuwara EliyaMocha Estate Maskeliya
MooloyaUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaMooloya Estate174 Hewaheta
MorayDimbulaNuwara EliyaMoray State Plantation Maskeliya
Mount VernonDimbulaNuwara EliyaMount Vernon Estate Kotagala
Mousa EllaDimbulaNuwara EliyaTalawakelle Lindula
MousakellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaMousakelle Estate Maskeliya
New LuccombeDimbulaNuwara Eliya
North PunduluoyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaPundaluoya
NorwoodDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorwood Group Norwood
Nuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaNuwaraeliya Estate
OliphantNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
OonoogaloyaKandyNuwara EliyaKothmale Nuwara Eliya
OsborneDimbulaNuwara Eliya
OuvahkellieDimbulaNuwara EliyaOuvahkellie Estate Agarapathana
ParkNuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya
PedroNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaPedro Estate Nuwara Eliya
PoyslandDimbulaNuwara EliyaPowysland Estate Dayagama Via Nuwara Eliya
QueensberryDimbulaNuwara EliyaQueensberry Estate Kothmale
RadellaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRadella Estate Nano Oya Nuwara Eliya
Ragalla GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaRagalla Group Halgranoya
Robgill GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaRobgill Estate Bogawanthalawa
RosellaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRosella Ambagamuwa Korale Nuwara Eliya
SandringhamDimbulaNuwara EliyaSandringham Estate Agarapathana
ShannonDimbulaNuwara EliyaShannon Estate Hatton
SheenDimbulaNuwara EliyaSheen Estate
SomersetDimbulaNuwara EliyaSomerset Estate Udahentenne
St. ClairDimbulaNuwara EliyaSt Clair Estate Thalawakelle
St. CoombsDimbulaNuwara EliyaTea Reserach Talawakelle
St. TheresiaDimbulaNuwara EliyaTheresia Estate Bogawanthalawa
StockholmDimbulaNuwara EliyaStockholm Estate Norwood
Stony Cliff GroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaStony Cliff Group Kotagala Nuwara Eliya
StrathspeyDimbulaNuwara EliyaStrathspey Estate Upcot
TalawakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaTalawakele
TangakelleDimbulaNuwara EliyaTangakelle Estate
Tea Shakthi - KotmaleKandyNuwara EliyaNawatispane Tispane
Tea Shakthi - MahaweliKandyNuwara EliyaRuwanpura Gampola
TientsinDimbulaNuwara EliyaBogawantalawa Estate Bogawanthalawa
TilllyrieDimbulaNuwara EliyaTillyrie Estate Dick Oya
TorringtonDimbulaNuwara EliyaTorrington Estate
TroupDimbulaNuwara EliyaTroup Estate Talawakelle
Uda RadellaNuwara EliyaNuwara EliyaUda Radella Estate Nanu Oya
WaltrimDimbulaNuwara EliyaLindula Thalawakelle Nuwara Eliya
WanarajahDimbulaNuwara EliyaWanarajah Group Dickoya
WangioyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaRadella Estate Nanuoya
WattegoddeDimbulaNuwara EliyaWattegoda Estate
WaverleyDimbulaNuwara EliyaWaverley Group Agarapathana
WeddemullaKandyNuwara EliyaWedamulla Estate Ramboda
Weldemar GroupUda PussellawaNuwara EliyaWaldemar Group Nuwara Eliya
Vellai OyaDimbulaNuwara EliyaVellai Oya Estate Hatton
VentureDimbulaNuwara EliyaNorwood Group Ambagamuwa Nuwara Eliya
WoottonDimbulaNuwara EliyaWootton Estate
YuillefieldDimbulaNuwara EliyaHatton

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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August 252015

The Kandy tea-growing district forms part of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Though its capital nestles in a relatively low-lying valley, the estates themselves are dotted about the surrounding hills – in Nilambe, Hantane, Pussellawa, Gampola and, of course, Hewaheta. They are not as high up as those in the southern part of the central massif, so the tea of the Kandy region is described as ‘mid-grown’, the altitude of cultivation ranging between 650 m and 1300 m.
The local weather is influenced largely by the southwest monsoon system, the winds blowing in force up the mountain passes, though Kandy itself is relatively sheltered. Many of the estates, too, are clustered in valleys where the wind is less fierce, and the tea they produce are stronger and deeper-coloured than the rest of the region’s produce.

The teas of the Kandy region are said to be particularly flavoursome, though, as with all teas, their strength is inversely proportional to the elevation at which they are grown. In fact, the region produces a broad range of strengths and styles: estates at lower elevations produce a larger leaf with gives a stronger-flavoured beverage, while those higher up grow a smaller leaf that yields a more subtle and delicate flavour. Kandy factories also produce a broad mix of different ‘grades’ or leaf-particle sizes, from whole-leaf and semi-broken grades through broken orange pekoes or ‘BOPs’ to BOP fannings. CTC-style teas are also produced. Since leaf particle size affects the strength of the brew, the general effect from Kandy teas is one of considerable local and regional variety.

Kandy teas tend to produce a relatively bright infusion with a coppery tone. Though lighter in the cup, they present a good deal of strength and body, though not as much as the lower-grown products of Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna. Most Kandy-district estates lie on the western slopes of the hills, so their taste is influenced by the ‘western quality season’, meaning that the best tea is produced during the first quarter of the year, when cool, dry weather sets in across the district.

Tea factories

NameTea DistrictAdmin DistrictAddress
AlagallaKandyKandyAllagalla Tea Factory Manikdiwela Pothapitiya
AllagollaUva, KandyBadulla, KandyUdapussellawa
AlupolaKandyRatnapuraAlupola Estate
AmbilmeegamaKandyKandyAmbilmeegama Pilimathalawa
AncoombraKandyKandyAncoombra Group Pujapitiya Nanuoya
BalduraKandyKandyKdugannawa Road Bowela Gampola
BandarapolaKandyMataleBandarapola Estate Alwatte Matale
BaranagallaKandyKandyRakshawa Udahentenna
BollagallaKandyKandyBolagal Estate Werallagama Harispaththuwa
BulathwattaKandyKandy82/3 Batupitiya Leemagahakotuwa
CarolinaKandyKandyCorelina Estate Watawala
CastlemilkKandyKandyPanwilatenna Gampola
CoolbawnKandyNuwara EliyaCoolbawn Tea Factory Ambagammuwa Ginigathhena
CooroondoowatteKandyKandyCooroonduwatte Estate Udahentenna Gampola
CraigheadKandyKandyCraighead Estate Nawalapitiya
DartryKandyKandyAngammana Darty Estate Gampola
DeensideKandyKandyDeenside Kadugannawa Road Gampola
DehigamaKandyKandyDehigama Estate Murutalawa
DehiwatteKandyKandy195 Dodandeniya Leemagahakotuwa
DeltaKandyNuwara EliyaDelta Estate Pussellawa
DeraniyagalaKandyIlukthenna Deraniyagala
DoragallaKandyKandyDoragalla Pupuressa
Dotel OyaKandyKandyDotaloya Group Dolosbage
DuckwariKandyKandyDuckwari Estaterangala
ElpitikandeKandyKandyKovilakanda Udunuwara Kandy
ElpitiyaKandyKandyUdowita Gampola Kandy
Four Ever Naturals (Pvt) LtdKandyKandy1Aboi Industrial Park Pallekele
GalamudunaKandyKandyGalamuduna Estate Dolosbage
GatagahawellaKandyKandyUdispattuwa Rangala
GlenlochKandyNuwara EliyaKatukitula
GodakumburaGodakumbura Udagama Kandy
GodapolaKandyMataleGodapola Raththota Matale
GoomeraKandyKandyGoomera Estate Thawalantenna Via Wattegama
GoorookoyaKandyNuwara EliyaGoorookoya Tea Plantation Po Box 13 Nawalapitiya
Green ValleyKandyKandyLiyangahawatte Udunuwara Kandy
Green ViewKandyKandyGinigathhena Road Rabukpitiya Nawalapitiya
GreenwoodKandyKandyGreen Wood Estate Nawalapitiya
HagallaKandyKandyHagalla Estate
HapugolleKandyKandyVilangama Kandy
HarangallaKandyNuwara EliyaSanrose Teas (Pvt) Ltd Harangala Tea Factory Katabula
HataleKandyMataleHathale Panvila Kandy
HellboddeKandyNuwara EliyaHellbodde Estate Katukitula
HopeUvaKandyHope Estate Hewaheta
ImboolpitiyaKandyKandyImbulpitiya Estate Nawalapitiya
IngurugallaKandyKandyIngurugalla Estate Patitalawa Dolosbage
James ValleyKandyKandyNew Gurukelle Doluwa Kandy
KadugannawaKandyKandyNo 167 Pahala Kadugannawa Kadugannawa
KallebokkaKandyKandyKellebokka Madulkelle
KataboolaKandyNuwara EliyaKataboola Estate
Kellie GroupKandyNuwara EliyaDolosbage Nawalapitiya
KenilworthKandyNuwara EliyaKenilworth Estate Ginigathhena
Kingslynn OrganicKandyKandyNo 04 Kumudu Mawatha Primrose Gardens Kandy
KirimetiyaKandyKandyPottepitiya Menikdiwela
KurugamaKandyKandyKurugama Estate Muruthalwa Via Kandy
Lantern Hill EastKandyKandyWelikandameethalawa Kandy
Lantern Hill UpperKandyKandy
Le VallonKandyKandyLevallon Group Pupuressa
Loolecondera GroupKandyKandyLoolcondra Group Deltota
Lower DonsideKandyNuwara EliyaLower Donside Estate Nawalapitiya
MadulkelleKandyMataleMadulkelle Estate Panwi;A Kandy
Mahawilla GroupKandyKandy
MalgollaKandyKandyPattithalawadolosbage Kandy
Matale WestKandyMataleMatale Estate Matale
MedagodaKandyKandyMedagoda Estate Watakedeniya Udahentanne
MelfortKandyKandyMelfort Estatepussellawa
MidlandsKandyMataleMidlands Estate Rattota
Monte CristoKandyKandyDolosbage Road Nawalapitiya
MossvilleKandyKandyMossville Estate Dolosbage
Mount AlisaKandyKandyAlawatte Spo Matale
Mount FranionKandyKandyMurutalawa Kandy
MowbrayKandyKandy568 Hinnarandeniya Gampola
MuruthalawaKandyKandyDehigamayatinuwara Kandy
Nagastenne GroupKandyKandyNagastenna Estate Nawalapitiya
NanuoyaKandyKandyHeandeniya Udunuwara Kandy
NayapaneKandyKandyNayapane Estate Pussellawa
New BaddegamaKandyKandyBaddegama Tawalantenne Kandy
New FernlandKandyKandyNew Fernland Watte Ulapane
New Peacock GroupKandyKandyNew Peacock Estate Pussellawa
OonoogaloyaKandyNuwara EliyaKothmale Nuwara Eliya
Orange FieldKandyKandyPanwilatenna Gampola
PallegamaKandyKandyUlapane Kandy
PattiyagamaKandyKandyPattiyagama Tea Factory Delthota Kandy
PilimatalawaKandyKandyPilimathalawa Road Kandy
Rahaman Tea CompanyKandyKandyHewahata Road Deltota
Raja ElaKandyKandyUlapane Kuruduwatte Kandy
Rangalla GroupKandyKandyRangala Kandy
RaxawaKandyKandyPanwila Kandy
RothschildKandyKandyRothschildd Estate Pussellawa
SanquharKandyKandySanquhar Estate Attabage
Seevali HillKandyKandyWattappola Kadugannawa
StellenbergKandyKandyStellenberg Estate Pupuressa
StorefieldKandyKandyAtabage Delpitiya Gampola
Tea Shakthi - KotmaleKandyNuwara EliyaNawatispane Tispane
Tea Shakthi - MahaweliKandyNuwara EliyaRuwanpura Gampola
TeliwanneKandyKandyGalpaya Gampola Kandy
UdayakandaKandyKandy184 B Kandy Road Welamboda
UplandsKandyKandyUplands Estate Peradeniya
WatadeniyaKandyKandyWatadeniya Welamboda Gampola
WeddemullaKandyNuwara EliyaWedamulla Estate Ramboda
VedehetteKandyKandyVedahetta Estate Galaha
WeligangaKandyKandyUlapane Nawalapitiya
West HallKandyKandyWest Hall Estate Kotmale
YahalatenneKandyKandyYahalatenna Estate Warallagama

Source: Sri Lanka Tea Board

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August 232015

Nilgiri tea is grown in the hills of the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, though there are numerous other tea-growing districts in South India as well, including Munnar and Central Travancore, further south in Kerala state.

Plantations only account for around 30% of tea production in Nilgiri District. The vast majority of production is undertaken by small growers, who typically own less than one hectare each. The majority of Nilgiri tea small growers are the Badagas, a local community of agriculturists.

Tea plantations in Nilgiri District (as in other growing districts of India) typically own and operate their own processing factories. Small growers sell their tea as green leaf to “bought leaf factories”, which are independently owned. Although in recent years, some plantation factories have started buying green leaf from small growers. After processing, which converts the green leaf into ‘made tea’, most is sold through regularly scheduled auctions in Coonoor, Coimbatore and Kochi. More than 50% of Nilgiri tea is exported, and usually finds its way into blends used for tea bags. Data is unreliable on the precise proportion of Nilgiri tea that is actually exported. However, Neilson and Pritchard (op cit) suggest that at least 70% of South Indian tea is exported, and the Nilgiris constitutes more than half of all South Indian production.

The expensive hand-sorted, full-leaf versions of the tea like the Orange Pekoe (O.P.) are highly sought after at international auctions making it unaffordable for most locals. In November 2006 a Nilgiri Tea achieved “Top Honours” and fetched a world record price of $600 per kg. This was at the first ever tea auction held in Las Vegas. A machine-sorted, lower-cost variety of high quality tea is a semi-full leaf variety known as Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP). However, most production occurs via the Crush, Tear, Curl or CTC process of manufacture. The strong flavours of Nilgiri tea make it useful for blending purposes. At the same time, Nilgiri tea has suffered from poor reputation associated with its erstwhile reliance on sales to the former USSR. In the 1990s the collapse of this trading partner triggered a substantial economic downslide in the Nilgiris district. In recent years the Tea Board of India has charged some producers of Nilgiri tea with fraudulently adulterating their product, and has closed some Bought Leaf Factories due to non-compliance with food safety regulations. Also with a view to improving product quality, the United Planters Association of South India and the Tea Board of India have instigated programs to change cultivation and harvest practices among small growers.

Tea estates

NameCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]Revenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Adar Tea EstateM/S. Adar Tea Produce Co. Ltd50.5950.59NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Ambal Tea EstateShri N. Nagesh13.1516NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Ambigavalley Tea EstateShri L.C. Orabhu Rajan15.0637.23NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Attikunna Tea EstateM/S Parry Agro Industries Ltd.327.5913.04NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Balada Tea EstateT. Gundar & Sons.57.6857.68NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Barwood Tea EstateBarwood Estate8585NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Bengorm Tea EstateBen Gorm Tea Factory157.25168.87NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Benkal Tea EstateSmt. S. Kampadevamma & Co.11.6111.61NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Bernside Tea EstateSmt. E.R. Wapshare & Co.24.2424.24NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Bhavani Tea EstateNeelamalai Agro Industries Ltd.122.89147.6NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Bigany Tea EstateP. Gujja Gowder & Co.9.6710.07NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Bijaya Tea EstateH.Joghee Gowder & Sons.18.8221NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Billimalai Tea EstateBillimala Estate39.439.4NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Bilvedere Tea EstateVasanthasagar Pandiaraj & Co.8.899.02NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Bitherkadu Tea EstateWoodbriar Estate Ltd.54.5184.99NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Blossom Tea EstateBalvinder Singh & Co.9.319.31NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Bowerland Tea EstateFarm Tea Estate Syndicate20.2625.28NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Brooklands Tea EstateKothari Industrial Corporation Ltd.5454NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Buchana Tea EstateTeherally & Bros.28.4528.45NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Burnside Tea EstateSouthern Tree Farms Ltd.166.91225.38NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
C.T.A. Tea EstateC.T. Alvikutty & K. Pathuma Ltd.10.1210.12NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Carolina Tea EstateMeenakshi Ammal Krishnan97.9897.98NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Caroline Tea EstateParry Agro Industries Ltd.260.25562.77NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Cedara Tea EstatePatel Brothers7.489.48NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Chamraj Tea EstateUnited Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Ltd814.221478.22NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Chandra Tea EstateShri H. Joghiah9.939.93NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Cherambadi Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited342.08390.46NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Cherangode Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited393.95393.95NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Chordia Plantation Tea EstateSmt. A. Anichi Bai,8.468.46NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Cleveland Tea EstateSmt. Pakkiammal & Co.22.2622.26NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Clyffee Tea EstateA.Kesavan & Co.27.7927.79NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Colacumby Tea EstateColacumby Tea Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.16.1621.62NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Coonoor Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited201.74216.61NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Coonoor Tea EstateThe Coonoor Tea Estates Co.Ltd.151.33173.63NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Corsley Tea EstateCorsley Estate Syndicate.22.7427.37NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Craigmore Tea EstateCraigmore Plantations (India) Pvt.Ltd.704.01931.59NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Curzon Tea EstateCurzon Nilgiri Plantations Co.133.07305.8NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Davershola Tea EstateThiashola Plantations Private Limited356.751490.53NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Deva Tea EstateDeva Tea Factory & Plantations (P) Ltd.8.098.09NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Devala Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited323.68443.94NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Devala Tea EstateShri O.M. Lingappa10.1310.13NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Devashola Tea EstateNilgiri Agro Agencies Pvt. Ltd.143.52171.18NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Devon Tea EatateHindustan Unilever Limited209.43757.49NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Doddabelta Tea EstateDoddabelta Tea Plantations32.3532.35NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Doddabetta Upper Tea EstateUpper Doddabetta Tea Estate32.3532.35NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Downington Tea EstateStanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd36.1672NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Dunsandletea EstateThe Bombay Burmah Trading Corpn. Ltd164250.78NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Eagerkand Tea EstateD.N. Rangaswamy10.1210.12NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Emerald Valley Tea EstateAlan Firm.80.1880.18NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Empress Tea EstateShri B. Raju Bettan13.8413.84NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Encenada Tea EstateB. Nandhi Gouder14.8314.83NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Erinkadu Tea EstateGolden Hills Estates Pvt Ltd.86.8186.81NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Farm Tea EstateFarm Tea Estate Syndicate35.7536.2NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Farview Tea EstateD.B. Henderson11.2111.21NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Forest Hill Tea EstateKesaria Nilgiri Hills Tea Plantations42.7961.18NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Gaikandi Tea EstateSmt. J. Rukkiammal16.5116.51NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Gandhikandy Tea EstateSri S.K. Donraj16.5116.51NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Garswood Tea EstateNew Garswood Estate63.1463.14NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Gavipara/ Nalini Tea EstateElixir Plantations Pvt. Ltd.9.79.7NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Geetha Plantations Tea EstateSri N. Ramalingiah8.548.54NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Glenbrun Tea EstateGlenburn Estates & Enterprises (P) Ltd.60.7160.71NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Glenburnie Tea EstateKothari Industrial Corporation Ltd.78.14216.14NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Glendale Tea EstateGlenworth Estate Ltd.338.84465NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Glenmorgan Tea EstasteGlenmorgan Tea Estates Co.179.21282.77NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Glenrock Tea EstateGlenrock Estates Pvt. Ltd.32.37187.4NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Glenvans Tea EstateManjushree Plantations Ltd.238.353045.14NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Golden Tip Tea EstateGolden Hills Estates Pvt Ltd.36.3736.37NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Goodwill Tea EstateFarm Tea Estate Syndicate16.1821.68NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Green Forest Tea EstateShri O.M. Lingappa10.4110.41NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Halgundu Tea EstateShri B. Krishnan17.6417.64NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Halkad Tea EstateShri Y.L. Lingappa9.029.02NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Hallacarry Tea EstateShri N. Boriah16.6716.67NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
High Clyffee Tea EstateShri P.C. Mathew12.7212.72NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Highfield Tea EstateSwamy & Swamy Plantation(P)Ltd21.8623.03NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Hill Top Tea EstateSri O. M. Lingappa10.4810.48NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Hill View Tea EstateSri L. Nanjiah25.7225.72NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Homelia Tea EstateShri Premsagar Pandiaraj9.149.26NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Hubbathalai Tea EstateSmt. S. Kempa Devamma15.7215.72NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Ibex Lodge Tea FactoryThe Nonsuch Tea Estate Ltd.356.24427.5NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Ithalaar Tea EstateK.N. Bellie & Bros.12.2512.25NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Jayalakshmi Tea EstateJayalakshmi Estate11.9811.98NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
K. Mariyaye Tea EstateMrs. K. Mariyayee14.614.6NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
K. Sanmugamathan Tea EstateDr. K. Shanmuganathan14.9414.94NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Kairbetta Tea EstateKairbetta Estates Syndicate128.7147.42NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kalleri Tea EstateThai Plantations Ltd.31.1642.9NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kampola Tea EstateShri E.J.Nanjan8.268.26NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Kannahatty Tea EstateJ.Raman & Others.19.3126.21NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kanthi Plantations Tea EstateHighfield (Nilgiri) Tea Plantations8.378.37NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Kasolai Valley Tea EstateShri B. Raju Bettan34.4734.47NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Katary Tea EstateNeelamalai Agro Industries Ltd.250.73382.32NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Kil-Kotagiri Tea EstateKil-Kotagiri Tea & Coffee Estate Ltd471.05811.97NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kilmelfort Tea EstateKesaria Nilgiri Hills Tea Plantations77.398.2NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kodanad Tea EstateKodanad Tea Estates Co.287.55389.79NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kodaneri Tea EstateSri Chunchiah16.1916.19NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Kodimalai Tea EstateMs Seethi Ammal.11.2811.28NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Kolappalli Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited343.65416.3NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kolipatty Tea EstateKolipatty Estate32.7332.73NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Kotada Tea EstateStanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd319.7456.5NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kotagiri Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited205.6213.29NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Kumarappa Plantations Tea EstateShri A. Kumarappan,20.5298.45NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kumari Trust Tea EstateDr. K. Shanmuganathan13.4615.48NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Kurunberbetta Tea EstateShri K.P. Madhavan Nair45.2745.27NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Kusumam Tea EstateKusumam Tea Plantations38.5138.51NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Lakshmi Vilas Tea EstateSri R. Gangadaran10.510.5NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Liddellsdale Tea EstateThe Karumbalam Indust. Co. Op Fy. Ltd441.42819.15NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Lower Pilloor Tea EstateShri B. Raju Bettan27.7527.75NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Mailoor Tea EstateNilgiri Tea Estates Ltd.208.1296.86NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Malini Plantations Tea EstateDr. N. Kappinipathy8.388.38NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Mallanoor Tea EstateJanab J.A. Rahiman Sait18.0118.01NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Mallykandy Tea EstateSri H.R. Gopalakrishnan.8.348.34NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Manar/Tudor ValleyManar Estates Ltd42.53150.8NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Manavari Tea EstateShri Raman11.411.4NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Mani Tea EstateShri S.S.P. Subramanium Chettiar9.719.71NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Manjoor Tea EstateShri B.K. Linga Gouder24.2824.28NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Marapalam Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited350.4509.69NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Maria Pillai Tea EstateShri V. N. Maria Pillai14.3714.37NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Masikadu Tea EstateA.M. Sait16.0817.9NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Mayfield Tea EstateHarrisons Malayalam Ltd308.25806.9NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Moutere Tea EstateWarwick Estates Syndicate.71.2973.22NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Nadagudu Tea EstateShri H.B. Devaraj11.3711.37NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Nadukani Tea EstateNadukani Plantations Ltd.32.37130.2NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Nanjundeswara Tea EstateNanjundeswara Estate8.511.94NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Nedugulla Tea EstateMr. C.Henderson (Trustee)10.4910.49NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Nelligalam Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited334.47334.99NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Nellimund Tea EstasteShri K.S. Matha Gouder8.78.7NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Nelliyalam Tea EstateTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited23.0523.05NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
New Hope Tea EstateManjushree Plantations Ltd.298.853461.22NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Nihung Tea EstateSardar Rajinder Singh15.2315.23NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Nilgiri Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited565.25565.25NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Nilgiri Tea EstateMr. N. Ramachandran209.44304.58IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Nirmala Plantations Tea EstateShri N. Chunchiah8.288.28NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Nonsuch Tea EstateThe Nonsuch Tea Estate Ltd.355.14427.5NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Onikandy Tea EstateShri K.M. Kulla Gouder11.0411.04NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Palaniappa Tea EstateDunshola (Nilgiri) Tea Estates Co. Ltd.63.64126.84NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Palmyrah Tea EstateInlac Shipping Company Ltd9.319.31NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Panchura Tea EstatePanchura Estate Limited22.26201.3NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Pandiar Tea DivisionTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited238.96276.53NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Parkglen Tea EstateParkglen Estate19.5819.58NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Parkside Tea EstateThe Coonoor Tea Estates Co.Ltd.249.19288.46NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Periashola Tea EstatePanchura Estate Limited106.71245.61NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Prospect Tea EstateMahavir Plantations Ltd.384.43614.64NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Quinshola Tea EstateTamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited205.6213.23NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
R.V. Tea EstateD. Natarajan57.2857.28NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Rain Guage Tea EstateDr. N. Basuviah12.612.6NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Raja Tea EstateShri B. Raju Bettan12.2512.25NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Red Hill Tea EstateRed Hill Estate54.7588.34NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Richmond Park Tea EstateShri S. Rajender Singh13.0913.09NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Rob Roy Tea EstateKothagiri Rob Roy Tea Estates Ltd.,82.9982.99NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Rock Hill Tea EstateShri A.S. Manir9.519.51NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Rockwood Tea EstateHindustan Unilever Limited432.95877.04NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Rohinee Tea EstateShri S.M.Mahammed Gani & Co99NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Rousdon Mullai Tea EstateRousdonmullai Tea Estates Pvt. Ltd.122.16359.01NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Royal Valley Tea EstateSampath Tea Industries (P) Ltd.110.54185.75NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
S. Kalpana Investments Tea EstateS. Kalpana Investments (P) Ltd.13.9118.85NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
S. Kumarasamy Te EstateMaster S. Kumarasamy14.8415.88NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Sansauci Tea EstateM/S. Sansauci Estate11.1911.19NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Seaforth Tea EstateMahavir Plantations Ltd.274.791034.37NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Selada Tea EstateShri M.K. Bheema Gouder18.6418.64NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Shangkalpam Tea EstateShankalpam T.E. (Pvt) Ltd.14.4215.29NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Shri Meenakshi Tea EstateShri K.M. Kashi M.A520.63NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Silver Cloud Tea EstateSilver Cloud Tea Estates (P) Ltd.71.68104NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Singara Tea EstateSingara Nilgiri Plantations Co.120.75234.18NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Sockaraj Tea EstateK.Rengai Gowder19.1119.11NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Solai Malai Tea EstateShri S.S.P. Subramanium Chettiar9.7112.24NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Stagbrook Tea EstateNilgiri Tea Estates Ltd.259.19350.12IdukkiPeermadeIdukki
Strathern Tea EstateParry Agro Industries Ltd.304.54631.88NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Sudarsana Tea EstateSudarsana Estate Private Ltd.10.1210.12NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Sultana Tea EstateDevashola (Nilgiri) Tea Estates Co, Ltd52.41135.61NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Suragamy Vally Tea EstateSri B. Nanjundiah9.949.94NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Surrey Tea EstateShri S.V. Pappu Chettiar20.2320.23NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Susisthra Tea EstateSmt. V. Susithra Devi14.5514.55NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Sussex Group Tea EstateWoodbriar Estate Ltd.196.9532.69NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Sutton Tea EstateNeelamalai Agro Industries Ltd.194.82206.2NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Swami Ramakrishna GardensS. Krishnamoorthy11.3311.33NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Teesta Tata Tea EstateShri Robinder Singh12.5412.54NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Terrace Tea EstateUnited Plantations Ltd.,238.71238.71NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Terramia Tea EstateEdassery'S Terramia Tea Factory230.02264.34NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Thaniakandy Tea EstateShri K.B. Raman11.9411.94NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Thawaikuli Tea EstateShri Y.L. Lingappa8.368.36NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Thiashola Tea EstateThiashola Plantations Private Limited188.13270.03NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Tuttapullam Tea EstateTuttapullam Estate198.24198.24NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Udayagiri Tea EstateSri K. Gopalakrishnan46.7647.81NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Wakefield Tea EstateWakefield Tea Estate.36.9636.96NilgirisOotacamundNilgiri
Warwick Tea EstateWarwick Estates Syndicate.60.8460.84NilgirisKotagiriNilgiri
Welbeek Tea EstateStanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd104.81150.17NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Wentworth Tea EstateHarrisons Malayalam Ltd610.681361.49NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Venus Tea EstateShri L. Srikantiah25.5725.57NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Visalakshi Tea EstateVisalakshi Estate.38.4560.84NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Woodbriar Tea EstateWoodbriar Estate Ltd.162.26343.03NilgirisGudalurNilgiri
Woodcote Dn. I Tea EstateShri B. Raju Bettan9.719.71NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Woodlands Tea EstateCraigmore Plantations (India) Pvt.Ltd.931.59931.59NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri
Woodlees Tea EstateWoodless Tea Estate Private Ltd25.2828NilgirisCoonoorNilgiri

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August 222015

Första odling: 1841
Produktion: 11 731 ton (2006)
Odlingsarea: 17 542 Ha (2007)

Darjeeling är en liten ort i nordvästra Bengalien och ligger på den smala remsa land som separerar Nepal och Bhutan. Det är ett bergigt och mycket vackert område inte långt ifrån Mount Everest med ett tempererat, ganska regnigt klimat vilket är väl lämpat för att odla te av god kvalitet. Bortsett från turism är teindustrin områdets största arbetsgivare och genererar 7,5 millioner dollar årligen vilket är mer än turismen. Totalt arbetar mer än 52 000 människor permanent inom teindustrin och ytterligare 15 000 människor arbetar under skördetiden vilken varar mellan mars och november. Omkring 60% av arbetskraften utgörs av kvinnor.

Te från Darjeeling räknas som bland det finaste i värden. Det odlas på en höjd av mellan 750 och 2000 meter över havet på plantager vilka är över hundra år gamla. På denna höjd växer teet långsamt och det kan ta up till tio år innan en nyplanterad tebuske kan skördas. Skörden är inte stor och de ca 85 plantagerna med en total area på omkring 19000 hektar producerar bara 10 millioner kilo te om året, vilket motsvarar omkring 3% av Indiens totala produktion.

Enligt the Tea Board Of India definieras “Darjeeling Tea” som “tea which has been cultivated, grown, produced, manufactured and processed in tea gardens in the hilly areas of Sadar Sub-Division, only hilly areas of Kalimpong Sub-Division comprising of Samabeong Tea Estate, Ambiok Tea Estate, Mission Hill Tea Estate and Kumai Tea Estate and Kurseong Sub-Division excluding the areas in jurisdiction list 20, 21, 23, 24, 29, 31 and 33 comprising Subtiguri Sub-Division of New Chumta Tea Estate, Simulbari and Marionbari Tea Estate of Kurseong Police Station in Kurseong Sub-Division of the District of Darjeeling in the State of West Bengal, India.”

Förfalskat te
Årligen säljs det 40 millioner kg “Darjeeling Tea” även om den totala produktionen bara är omkring 10 millioner. Huvudsaken av detta förfalskade te kommer från Sri Lanka och Kenya och i ett försök att stoppa dessa förfalskningar utvecklade Tea Board of India en särskild logotyp 1983. Användandet av denna logotyp på produkter är strikt reglerad.

Säsonger och skördar
När man skördar te i Darjeeling plockar man bladknoppen och två eller tre blad ovanför den på de nyutvuxna skotten. Detta gör man med jämna intervall vilket kallas en skörd eller “Flush”. I Darjeeling skördar man teet minst fyra gånger om året och var skörd har en unik smak och ett eget namn. De skördar man vanligtvis talar om är:



Påskskörden, “First flush” Slutet av februari till mitten av april Detta är det första te som plockats efter vintervilan. Smaken på teet är lätt och färgen på teet påminner om ett grönt te. Det har blivit en tävlan att producera det första teet varje år vilket flygs ut till Europa och Nordamerika direkt efter det är klart, något som har drivit upp priserna och gjort denna skörd överskattad.
Andra skörden, “Second Flush”

Maj till juni

Detta te, som ibland kallas sommarte, har en mer mogen smak än de som skördas tidigare.
Sommarskörden, “Monsoon Flush” eller “Summer Flush” Juli till september Te som plockas vid denna tid är starkare och mörkare än det som plockas under resten av året. Det används i huvudsak till olika frukostblandningar.
Höstskörden, “Autumnal Flush”

Oktober till november

Det te som skördas på hösten har större blad och en smak som skiljer sig från de som plockas innan sommaren

Förutom dessa fyra skördar talar man ibland även om en skörd som kallas “In Between” vilken skördas mellan påskskörden och den andra skörden.

Svart te
Darjeelings svarta te tillverkas med en metod som brukar kallas ortodox. Denna metod skapades under 1800-talet och är numera ganska ovanlig. Tebladen plockas i huvudsak av Nepalesiska kvinnor och läggs i speciella bambukorgar, kallade “Doko”, vilka bärs genom att man fäster ett bamburep runt huvudet. Efter bladen plockats fraktas de till fabrik där de vägs. Väl i fabrik börjar den egentliga tillverkningsprocessen.

Det första steget är nedvissning. Tebladen sprids ut på ett speciellt bord, omkring 1,5 meter brett och 15-20 meter långt, under 14 till 16 timmar samtidigt som varm och kall luft blåser genom dem. Detta får bladen att bli så mjuka att de kan utsättas för de övriga produktionsstegen utan att brytas sönder och innebär att ungefär 65% av all fukt i bladen försvinner.

Det andra steget är rullningen. I detta produktionssteg läggs 70 till 120 kg teblad i speciella maskiner, “Rollers”, i omkring 45 minuter. Detta medför att bladsaften pressas ur bladen och gör dessa kopparfärgade.

Det tredje steget är oxideringen. Bladen läggs i hyllor av keramik, betong eller aluminium vilka placerats i ett ganska svalt rum där temperaturen och fuktigheten kan regleras vid behov. Hur lång tid oxideringen skall pågå beror på bladen, temperatur, fuktighet samt önskad oxideringsgrad och kräver stor erfarenhet. Vanligtvis tar det 2 till 4 timmar. Detta är det viktigaste steget i hela tillverkningsprocessen och bara några minuter för kort eller lång tid kan ha stor inverkan på smaken av det färdiga teet. Efter oxidationen är tebladen mörka och har utvecklat sin unika smak och doft.

Det fjärde steget är torkningen vilket sker i en särskild maskin vilken består av perforerade rörliga tråg i vilken man blåser i mycket varm luft, mellan 200 och 240 grader. För att inte bladen skall brännas eller kokas är det viktigt att temperaturen, hur tjockt bladlagret är, hur trågen placerats och tiden är korrekt. Vanligtvis tar detta steg 20 till 30 minuter och reducerar fuktinnehållet i löven till bara 2-3%.

Det sista steget är sorteringen som sker på mekanisk väg genom ett antal silar placerade över varandra med de grövsta maskorna överst.

Storlek och kvalitet
Svart te från Darjeeling klassificeras enligt var det är odlat, storlek och kvalitet. I huvudsak tillverkas fyra olika storlekar vilka delas in i hela löv och sönderbrutna, “broken”. Denna indelning är skapad av Darjeeling Tea Growers Association och stämmer till viss del överrens med den indelning som används i andra områden, detta gäller framför allt de mindre sönderbrutna storlekarna. Den vanligaste hela storleken är SFTGFOP vilket betyder Super Fine (vissa källor anger Supreme Fancy) Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe vilket innebär långa, lite vridna blad med många bladknoppar. En annan lite ovanligare storlek är FTGFOP, Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. Förutom storleksbenämningen läggs ibland olika suffix till för att ange olika egenskaper, t.ex. “ch” för att teet är gjort av den kinesiska tesorten, “cl” för att teet kommer ifrån en klonad buske, “spl” vilket står för att teet är speciellt på något sätt. Ibland läggs även “1” till för att ange att det är ett te av ovanligt god kvalitet. Jay Shree Tea, ägare till Puttabong (Tukvar), Risheehat, Sungma och North Tukvar tillverkar även en storlek vilken benämns KTGFOP.

Den vanligaste sönderbrutna storleken kallas bladen kallas FTGBOP, Fine Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe. Det finns även ännu mindre blad vilka benämns TGBOP, FBOP och BOP. Ännu mindre blad benämns GFOF (Golden Flowery Orange Fannings), GOF och till sist D (Dust eller Damm)

Grönt te
Under de senaste åren har även en del grönt te producerats under den blöta säsongen. Detta delades tidigare i in hela gröna teblad, vilka kallades, i fallande storleksordning, YH (Young Hyson) och FYH (Fine Young Hyson) och sönderbrutna vilka hade de ganska ologiska namnen GP (Gun Powder), H (Hyson), FH (Fine Hyson) SOUMEE (vilket var fannings) samt DUST. Idag är dock vanligare att namngivningen är lik det svarta teet.

Det första oolonget från Darjeeling tillverkades 1991 av Sumon Majumder på Namring och såldes till Haelssen & Lyon i Tyskland under namnet “Darjeeling Oolong” för 40 DM per kilo. Sumon Majumder har även tillverkat liknande te på Singbulli, Balasun samt Poobong Tea Estate men även Thurbo Tea Garden tillverkar oolong nuförtiden. Teet kan tillverkas av både kinesiska tebuskar samt klonade sorter vilket ger oolong av helt olika karaktär där det förstnämnda påminner en hel del om Formosa Oolong medan det andra har en betydligt mer blommig och kryddig smak.

Enligt Sumon Majumder skall ett plantage uppfylla ett antal krav för att kunna producera “Darjeeling Oolong”. Bl.a. skall teet skall odlas på en höjd av 3000 fot eller högre, i huvudsak skall gamla tebuskar av kinesisk sort (Chesima) användas och temperaturen skall vara mellan 5 och 20 grader under odlingssäsongen.

Darjeeling Oolong tillverkas av “two leaf and a bud” på samma sätt som det svarta teet men till skillnad från detta kan nedvissningen ske utomhus. Teet rullas för hand och steks i wok eller med hjälp av maskiner.

Vitt te
Margaret’s Hope Tea Garden tillverkar ett vitt te som kallas “White Pearls”. Detta pärlformade ljusa te består av fint plockade blad, “two leaves and a bud” från klonade buskar som växer på en höjd av 5000 fot. Produktionen är ganska liten, omkring 10 kg / år vilken utförs av mellan 5 och 10 personer. Även Thurbo och Poobong tillverkar ett vitt te som består av “two leaves and a bud”. Teet plockas vid soluppgången och jämfört med svart te plockas bara en bråkdel vilket snabbt fraktas till fabrik (0,25 jämfört med 5 kg). Teet plockas var sjunde dag från mars till slutet av november. Att kalla detta te vitt är egentligen vissvisande eftersom det både genomgår ett hemligt produktionssteg och rullas innan det torkas för att slutligen sorteras i olika storlekar. På Poobong tillverkas SFTGFOP-1, STGBOP-1, TGOF, och Dust. De två sistnämnda används i tepåsar.

Tea estates

NameRegistratedCompanyArea Planted [Ha]Grant Area [Ha]HeightManufactureLabourRevenue DistrictSub DivisionPlantation District
Alloobari Tea Estate1953P.W. Laden La &N.L. Laden La (Ms)59.1959.19DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Ambiok Tea Estate1938Anand Gopal Tea Co. (Darjeeling) Pvt Ltd.128.79/ 375?280.34600-1770/ 600-1500150000-170000DarjeelingKalimpongDarjeeling
Ambootia Tea Estate1989Sampad Vikas Ltd404.41/ 360 972/ 790 250000900DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Ananna Tea Estate1985Arun Paul & Co.1.624DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Annada Tea Estate1981Sri Dayal Chandra Paul6.4716.01DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Ashapur Tea Estate1933Ashapur Tea Co. Ltd112.14174DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Atal Tea Estate1943Atal Tea Co. (1943) Ltd.327.8568.01DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Avongrove Tea Estate1933Snow View Tea Co.(P) Ltd174.31354.91670-175070000-80000350DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Azamabad Tea Estate1957Azamabad Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd116.48161.04DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Badamtam Tea Estate1953Goodricke Group Ltd321.05880.1300-2100275000-4000001300DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Bagdogra Tea Estate1967Terai Tea Company Limited264.86281.82DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Balasun Tea Estate1963Darjeeling Consolidated Tea Co. Ltd.352.07/ 873 682.94/ 1400 1400150000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Bannockburn Tea Estate1933B.D. Tea Estates Pvt.Ltd.145.27/ 139,27283.880000-90000445DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Barnesbeg Tea Estate1953Goodricke Group Ltd128.02288.68100000420DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Belgachi Tea Estate1957Belgachi Tea Co.Ltd446.11919.7DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bengdubi Tea Estate1943Bengdubi Tea Co.17.1620.47DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bhisti Tea Estate1979Arun Paul & Co.4.24.6DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bhojnarain Tea Estate1946Bhojnarain Tea Co. Ltd228.98341.95DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bijlimoni Tea Estate1943New Tea Co. Ltd.207.84267.09DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Bijoynagar Tea Estate1956Bijoynagar Tea Co Ltd235.51349.38DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Castleton Tea Estate1985 Est. 1885Tiru Tea Ltd172.96254.58980-230030000-40000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Chaityapani Tea Estate1956Chaityapani Tea Estate (Pvt) Ltd00DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Chamong Tea Estate1984 Est.1871The Chamong Tea Co. Ltd.164.92/ 140331.92850005272DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Chandmani Tea Estate1937Chandmani Tea Estate182.47293.89DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Chongton Tea Estate1955East Indian Produce Ltd376.15393.113000001100DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Dagapur Tea Estate1947Sublime Agro Limited37.16397DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Dhajea Tea Estate179.35317.0895000493DarjeelingRungbong?Unkonown
Dilaram Tea Estate1953Tiru Tea Ltd358.08/ 194358.081200-177060000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Dooteriah Tea GardenEst. 185944112431025-2150140000-1700001200DarjeelingUnkownDarjeeling
Dooterish Tea Estate1963Dooterish & Kalej Valley T.E. (Pvt) Ltd447.151445.09DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Dow Hill Tea Estate1935Ram Gopal Agarwala001200-177060000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Dumsong Tea Estate1936Dumsong Tea Estate4003200DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Eden Vale Tea Estate1960Coventry Tea & Engg. Co. (Pvt) Ltd88.25115DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Fagu Tea Estate1971Ellenbarrie Tea Co. Ltd228.52564.7DarjeelingKalimpongDarjeeling
Fulbari Patan Tea Estate1938Fulbari Patan Tea Estate110.46312.17DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Fulbari Tea Estate1934I T P Limited273.95386DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Gayaganga Tea Estate1954Mintri Tea Co .(P) Ltd.415.74605.23DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Giddapahar Tea Estate1948Ellenbarrie Tea Co. Ltd270.71/ 110864/ 350DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Gielle Tea Estate1968Teesta Valley Tea Co Ltd.234.42/ 300/ 250530.72/ 800/ 414<1350235000-350000600DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Ging Tea Estate1953B.D. Tea Estates Pvt.Ltd.272.23633.16145000806DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Girish Chandra Tea Estate1976A.C.Paul Agricultural Co. (P) Ltd13.4279.44DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Glenburn Tea Estate1975Dlx Ltd.278.74758.85240000950DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Goomtee Tea Estate1950Mahanadi Tea Company (P) Ltd.124.24/ 200234.721000-2000 (1250)80000-100000300DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Gopaldhara Tea Estate1938Gopaldhara Tea Co.(Pvt) Ltd136.77320.61DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Gopaldhara Tea EstateEst. 1901130-1373211250-1800/ 1050-2200130000425DarjeelingMirik?Unkonown
Gulma Tea Estate1943Mohurgong & Gulma Tea Estate187.14264.29DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Gungaram Tea Estate1977Duncan Industries Ltd651.2928.06DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Gyaabaree & Millikthong Estate311-317813315-1770300000-350000950DarjeelingMirik?Unkonown
Gyabaree & Millikthong Tea Estate1967Laktaria (India) Pvt.Ltd.311.51812.85DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Hansqua Tea Estate1977R.D. Tea Ltd.468.57581.58DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Happy Valley Tea Estate1946Happy Valley Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd114/ 110 174/ 114 85075000315DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Jayantika Tea Estate1991Jayantika Tea Co.Ltd.670.02730.43DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Jogamaya Tea Estate1953 Est. 1875Radha Rani Tea Estate Pvt Ltd100.4207450-112550000-63000125DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Joyjayanti Tea Estate1985Arun Paul & Co.4.264.26DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Jungapana Tea Estate1955Jute & Stores Ltd148200DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Jungpana Tea EstateKejriwal148/ 3602001065-2200/ 900-1337580000500DarjeelingKurseong?Unkonown
K.K.Sanyal Tea Estate1983Kamal Kumar Sanyal05.61DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kabita Ghosh Tea Estate1990Smt.Kabita Ghosh01.15DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kalej Valley Tea Estate1992Dooterish & Kalej Valley T.E. (Pvt) Ltd234.59495.751065-1970110000550DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Kamala Tea Estate1953Kamala Tea Co. Ltd.489.53758.74DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kamalpur Tea Estate1955Kamalpur Tea Co.62.8964.81DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kanchaan View Tea Estate1940Kanchaan View Tea Estate.87.53164.27DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Karala Valley Tea Estate1941Darjeeling Dooars Plantation (Tea) Ltd221.51331.84JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars
Kiron Chandra Tea Estate1946New Darjeeling Union Tea Co. Ltd238.57332DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Kumai Tea Estate1965Snow View Tea Co. (P) Ltd286.92/ 306587.62360000860DarjeelingKalimpongDarjeeling
Lingia Tea Estate1994Mcleod Russel India Limited141.63220.39140085000474DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Liza Hill Tea Estate1953Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd117.03186.59DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Lohagarh Tea Estate1949East Indian Produce Ltd223.15329.56DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Longview Tea Estate1956Ambari Tea Company Ltd.490.851020.62650000-7300001225-2000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Lopchu Tea Estate1945Lopchu Tea Co. Ltd92.28/ 226321.08/ 7571300900000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Mahalderam Tea Estate1953Jute & Stores Ltd66113.61500Jungpana T.E.Jungpana T.E.DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Mahananda Tea Estate1984Nani Gopal Paul3.853.85DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Makaibari Tea Estate1939Makaibari Tea & Trading Co. (P) Ltd273.12611.071525130000>700DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Manjha Tea Estate1935Coronation Tea Co. Ltd169.76251.13DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Marapur Tea Estate1956Deonar Tea Plantations (Pvt) Ltd151.75151.75DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Margaret'S Hope & Maharanee Tea Estate1953New Chumta Tea Co.Ltd.359778.1100-1970155000-200000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Marionbari Tea Estate1957Marionbari Tea Co. Ltd311.41481.78DarjeelingKurseongTerai
Marionbarie Tea Garden253482500000Darjeeling
Marybong Tea Estate1953Duncan Industries Ltd284.52395.091200-1970170000658DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Matidhar Tea Estate1943New Tea Co. Ltd.562.98771.22DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Matigara Tea Estate1970Hurdeodass Co. (P) Ltd115166DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Mechpara Tea Estate1958Darjeeling Dooars Plantation (Tea) Ltd504.12752.45JalpaiguriAlipurduarDooars
Merry View Tea Estate1938Tezpore Tea Company Limited308.39477.93DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Mihijam Tea Estate1985Sri Mihir Seal4.544.54DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Mim Tea Estate1953Andrew Yule & Co Ltd.169.15169.15DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Minate Tea Estate1995Aloke Ghosh04.22DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Mission Hill Tea Estate1934Asha Tea Co.Pvt.Ltd.190.15/ 200-209227.11/ 365150?237000-275000DarjeelingKalimpongDarjeeling
Mohan Majhua Tea Estate1950Dudhnath Prasad Sahu & Ors.48.7748.77DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Mohurgong Tea Estate1934Mohurgong & Gulma Tea Estate439.76855.79DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Mondakotee Tea Estate52010144000001290Darjeeling
Monteviot Tea Estate and Edenvale Teas Estate1953Tiru Tea Ltd88.25115950-170021200-30000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Moondakotee Tea Estate1961Moondakotee Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.520.7910104000001300DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Mullootar Tea Estate134/ 166441315-126041900-50000DarjeelingKurseong?Unkonown
Mullotar Tea Estate1957Tiru Tea Ltd165.69440.62DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Muraligachh Tea Estate1995Ex-Servicemen Farm House (Pvt) Ltd020.1DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
N.K.Sanyal Tea Estate1991N.K. Sanyal2.252.25DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Nagri Tea Estate1972Prabhuji Plantation Pvt. Ltd306.5575.211180-197095000-99000400DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Nagrifarm Tea Estate1953Mcleod Russel India Limited285.66571.37DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Namring Tea Estate1953Darjeeling Tea & Chincona Association Ltd384.85/ 440/ 476771.28/ 5000600-1200/ 750-1380/ 2000250000> 2000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Nani Bala Biswas Tea Estate1990Nani Bala Biswas01.16DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Narbada Majhua Tea Estate1954Bhajanlal Agarwala0481250200055DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
New Chumta Tea Estate1953Roopacherra Tea Co.Ltd.299.38398.55DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Nischintapur Tea Estate1953Nischintapur Tea Co. Ltd255.46255.46DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
North Tukvar Tea Estate1965Birla Tea Ltd.208.15/ 180516.98390-945153000-200000720DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Nurbong Tea Estate1956Nurbong Tea Pvt. Ltd.208.82496.35120000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Nuxalbari Tea Estate1936Nuxalbari Tea Company (Pvt) Ltd.353.12458.78DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Oaks Tea Estate1957Dears Tea Company Pvt.Ltd.138.91175.331180-197095000-99000400DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Okayti Tea Estate1960Okayti Tea Co. Ltd208.82647.49DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Okayti Tea Estate2096471770-2360122000-150000670DarjeelingMirik?Unkonown
Orange Valley Tea Estate1944Bagaria Business Private Ltd.224.95/ 220395.09/ 405130000550DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Ord Terai Tea Estate1953Duars Union Tea Co. Ltd.439.78578.78DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Pahargoomiah Tea Estate1969Pahargoomiah Tea Association Ltd.566.4994.48DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Pandam Tea Estate1954West Bengal Tea Development Corpn. Ltd.131.32/ 35381.21/ 52140000250DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Panighata Tea Estate1984The New Terai Asso. Ltd408.35617.86DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Panighatta Tea Estate1953New Terai Association Ltd440.53617.86DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Paritosh Ghosh Tea Estate1989Paritosh Ghosh22.21DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Pashok Tea Estate1960Tea Trading Corpn Of India Ltd305.7863.16/ 33140000/ 150000250/ 960DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Phoobsering Tea Estate1953B.D. Tea Estates Pvt.Ltd.243.86510.15133000-145000721DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Phuguri Tea Estat1957Phuguri Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd.225.97427DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Phuguri Tea Estate226427200000625DarjeelingMirik?Unkonown
Poobong Tea Estate1972Poobong Tea Co. Ltd170.36520.84760-135070000-100000510DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Potong Tea Estate1986Tea Trading Corpn Of India Ltd138.44411.93DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Progoti Tea Estate1985Arun Paul & Co.4.4811.08DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Pussimbing Tea Estate1958Pussinbing Tea Co.Ltd.222.31/ 140698.18/ 3301400-2000/ 1770-256095000-140000527DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Putinbari Tea Estate1957Putinbaree Tea Association Ltd.135.8215.55DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Puttabong Tea EstateEst. 1852 Jay Shree Tea & Industries limited437892450-20003500001650DarjeelingUnkownDarjeeling
Rabindra Nath Biswas Tea Estate1989Rabindra Nath Biswas2.222.63DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Ramendra Nath Biswas Tea Estate1989Ramendra Nath Biswas11.16DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Rangaroon Tea Estate1950West Bengal Tea Development Corpn. Ltd.89.48/ 8691.93/ 129 15000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Rathindra Nath Biswas Tea Estate1989Rathindra Nath Biswas22.63DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Renuka Tea Estate1999Sudhir Ghosh & Sukdev Ghosh5.315.31DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Ringtong Hopetown Tea Estate1961Ringtong Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd338787750-1500950DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Risheehat Tea Estate1935Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd253.42/ 257 382.78/ 388980-2050190000-225000960DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Rohini Tea Estate1948Long View Tea Co. Ltd.1005.41005.4DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Roy Orchard Tea Estate1979Roy Orchard Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd.5.255.39DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Runglee Rungliot Tea Estate1977Duncan Industries Ltd183.22417.6980-1970190000-225000440DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Rungmook / Cedars Tea Estate1937West Bengal Tea Development Corpn. Ltd.404.3/ 526719.07/ 716 750-17503000002000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Rungneet Tea Estate8817020000DarjeelingUnkownDarjeeling
S.K.Sanyal Tea Estate1983Shri Shyamal Kr, Sanyal1.122.77DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sachindra Chandra Tea Estate1939Kharibari Tea Co Ltd176.69377.25DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Samabeong Tea Estate1962Darjeeling Trading Ltd133707DarjeelingKalimpongDarjeeling
Samebeong Tea Estate 113/ 1337071425-190050000-60000DarjeelingRungbong?Unkonown
Sangatram Tea Estate1981Kanailal Kundu & Jogesh Ch. Kundu6.886.88DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sannyasithan Tea Estate1958Sannyasithan Tea Co, Pvt. Ltd.126.03207.97350000DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Satish Chandra Tea Estate1938Southern Terai Tea Co. (P) Ltd176.69377.25DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sayedabad Tea Estate1941Sayedabad Tea Co. Ltd368604.87DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Seeyok Tea Estate1957Seeyok Tea Co. Ltd154.01406.81100-1800100000-125000480DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Selim Hill Tea Estate1962 Est. 1870Peerless Tea & Industry Ltd177380850-105065000-80000220DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Selimbong Tea Estate1963Selimbong Tea Co. Ltd160.96160.96/ 3071100-170080000-90000500DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Sepoydhoorah Tea Estate1974Sepoydhoorah Tea Co.137.16257.16650123000-135000450DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Simulbarie Tea Estate1953Simulbarie Tea Company Private Limited295.55529.5565000+385000675DarjeelingKurseongTerai
Singbuli Tea Estate1953Darjeeling Consolidated Tea Co. Ltd.302.72823.941100210000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Singell Tea Estate1955Singell Tea & Agricultural Industries Ltd283554.5120000650DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Singhiajhora Tea Estate1961Singhiajhora Tea Co. (P) Ltd120.83150.03DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Singtom Tea Estate1950Camellia Tea Group Pvt Ltd250.47579.31DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Sital Chandra Tea Estate1986Sankar Lal Das02.866DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sivitar Tea Estate1953Tiru Tea Ltd154.3525.3DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Sivitar Tea Estate14852570000DarjeelingKurseong?Unkonown
Snow View EstateEst. 1950 th290980-1380/ 760-1070425000DarjeelingRungbong?Unkonown
Soom Tea Estate1953Mcleod Russel India Limited507/ 234,81507180000841DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Sourav Tea Estate1985Smt.Dipali Seal2.175.38DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Soureni Tea Estate1953Soureni Plantation (P) Ltd94.2136.781400/ 760-85080000225DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Springside Tea Estate1982Tiru Tea Ltd146.02216.62980-177035000-45000DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Steinthal Tea Estate1934Camellia Tea Group Pvt Ltd21.5530.47DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Subodh Chandra Ghoshn Tea Estate1988Subodh Chandra Ghosh02.7DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sujay Kumar Ghosh Tea Estate1988Sujay Kumar Ghosh03DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sukna Tea Estate1939Sukna Tea & Industries Ltd.303.16333.2DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Sungma & Turzum Tea Estates Tea Estate1981Birla Tea Ltd.281.95454.5514220-2360188500-220000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Taipoo Tea Estate1974Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd.295.14393.79DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Teesta Valley Tea Estate1953Teesta Valley Tea Co Ltd.303.75801.71DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Thanjhora Tea Estate1939Jalpaiguri Duars Tea Co. Ltd342.86465.81DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Thurbo Tea Estate1953Goodricke Group Ltd477.31408.05980-1440265000-4000001765DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Tindharia Tea Estate1950Kanoria International150.22343.7600-100085000-93000400-470DarjeelingKurseongDarjeeling
Tirrihannah Tea Estate1953Tirrihannah Co.Ltd.,404.24711.2DarjeelingSiliguriTerai
Tukdah Tea Estate1969B.D. Tea Estates Pvt.Ltd.285.84556.95220000781DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Tukvar Tea Estate1947Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd436.72892.03470-2560285000DarjeelingDarjeelingDoors
Tumsong Tea Estate1953Sycotta Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.150.26/ 114187950-198070000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Turzum Tea Estate1981Birla Tea Ltd.145.95229.69950-198070000DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Upper Fagu Tea Estate1953Sombaria Company Ltd.0/ 190490.53/ 227600400000500DarjeelingKalimpongDarjeeling
Vah Tukvar Tea Estate1961Tea Trading Corpn Of India Ltd197.08453.75110000670DarjeelingDarjeelingDarjeeling
Zurrantee Tea Estate1976Darjeeling Dooars Plantation (Tea) Ltd504.99742.46JalpaiguriJalpaiguri SadarDooars

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August 112015

Zhejiang is China’s second smallest province and one of the most densely populated. Hangzhou is the largest city and serves as the provincial capital. Zhejiang is largely covered by mountains, which means that only a fifth can be used for cultivation. The climate is subtropical governed largely by the monsoon winds.

World War II caused great damage to the tea industry in Zhejiang where many plantations were abandoned. During the 1950s restored the tea industry systematically using official development programs. Cultivation and production methods improved, new areas were planted and Zhejiang is now China’s leading tea producer.

Famous teas

Trade nameChinese nameCategoryAvailabilityNote
An Ji Bai Cha安吉白茶GreenVery common
An Ji Bai Pian安吉白片GreenCommon
Bi Yu Chun碧玉春GreenRare
Chang Shan Yin Hao常山 银毫GreenUncommon
Chang Xing Zi Sun长兴紫笋GreenCommonAlso called 长兴紫笋茶 (2). Acording to Teaspring, this is the same as Gu Zhu Zi Sun.
Cheng Tian Xue Long承天雪 龙GreenUncommon
Chu Zhou Lian Xin处州莲芯GreenRare
Chun Lai Zao春来早GreenRare
Da Fo Long Jing大佛 龙井GreenVery common
Dong Bai Chun Ya东白春芽GreenUncommon
Dong Keng Cha东坑茶GreenRare
Fang Shan Cha方山茶GreenRare
Fang Yan Lu Hao方岩 绿毫GreenUncommon
Feng Hua Qu Hao奉化曲毫GreenUncommon
Fu Le Yun Hao福 乐云毫GreenRare
Geng Xiang Cui Jian更香翠尖GreenUncommon
Geng Xiang Wu Lu更香 雾绿GreenUncommon
Gu Yu Chun谷雨春GreenUncommon
Gui Yan Wu Jian桂岩 雾尖GreenUncommon
He Mu Du Cheng Xiang Lu河姆渡丞相 绿GreenUncommon
Hua Ding Yun Wu Cha华顶云雾茶GreenUncommon
Hui Ming Cha惠明茶GreenCommon
Jian Cha煎茶GreenUnknownHard to identify. There is aparently a tea from Yunnan with the same name. Also manufactured in Anhui Zhejiang Fujian and Jiangsu.
Jian De Bao Cha建德苞茶GreenUncommon
Jiang Shan Lu Mu Dan江山 绿牡丹GreenCommon
Jin Jiang Hui Ming金 奖惠明GreenUncommonAlso called Jin Jiang Hui Ming Cha (3).
Jin Zhong Cha金 钟茶GreenUncommon
Jing Shan Cha径山茶GreenUncommonKnown by many names.
Jiu Feng Cui Xue九峰翠雪GreenUncommon
Jiu Keng Mao Jian鸠坑毛尖GreenUncommon
Jiu Qu Hong Mei九曲 红梅BlackCommon
Kai Hua Long Ding开化 龙顶GreenCommon
Lan Xi Mao Feng兰溪毛峰GreenUncommon
Lan Xi Yin Lu兰溪银露GreenUncommon
Lian Cheng Wu Feng莲城雾峰GreenUncommon
Lin Hai Pan Hao临海蟠毫GreenCommon
Long Pu Xian Hao龙浦仙毫GreenRare
Long Quan Bai Tian E龙泉白天鹅GreenRare
Long Shan Yin Jian龙山银尖GreenRare
Long You Feng Jian龙游凤尖GreenRare
Mei Cha眉茶GreenVery commonAlso produced in Jiangxi and Anhui.
Mo Gan Huang Ya莫干黄芽GreenCommonClassifies as yellow.
Mo Gan Jian Ya莫干 剑芽GreenUncommonProduced in Deqing and other places.
Niang Niang Shan Cha娘娘山茶GreenUncommon
Pan An Yun Feng磐安云峰GreenUncommon
Pu Bu Xian Ming瀑布仙茗GreenUncommon
Pu Jiang Chun Hao浦江春毫GreenUncommon
Pu Tuo Fo Cha普陀佛茶GreenUncommon
Qi Xing Chun Ya七星春芽GreenExtremly rare
Qian Dao Yu Ye千 岛玉叶GreenUncommon
Qing Xi Yu Ya清溪玉芽GreenUncommon
Quan Gang Hui Bai泉 冈晖白GreenExtremly rareUncertain classification.
San Bei Xiang Cha三杯香茶GreenCommonSold as San Bei Xiang.
San Men Long Hao三 门龙毫GreenRare
Shuang Jing Yu Qian双径雨前GreenRare
Shuang Long Yin Zhen双 龙银针GreenUncommon
Si Ming Long Jian四明 龙尖GreenUncommon
Song Yang Yin Hou松阳 银猴GreenUncommonProbably the same tea as Yin Hou Cha 银猴茶 .
Song Yang Yu Feng松阳玉峰GreenUncommon
Tai Bai Ding Ya太白 顶芽GreenUncommon
Tai Shun Huang Tang泰 顺黄汤GreenUncommonClassified as yellow.
Tian Mu Qing Ding天目青 顶GreenCommon
Tian Tai Yun Wu Cha天台云 雾茶GreenUncommon
Tian Zun Gong Ya天尊 贡芽GreenUncommon
Wang Fu Yin Hao望府 银毫GreenUncommon
Wang Hai Cha望海茶GreenUncommon
Wang Hai Yun Jian望海云尖GreenRare
Wen Xi Yu Lu Cha汶溪玉 绿茶GreenExtremly rare
Wu Gang Cha吴 刚茶GreenRare
Wu Ling Cha武岭茶GreenUncommon
Wu Niu Zao乌牛早GreenCommon
Wu Yang Chun Yu武阳春雨GreenUncommon
Wu Yun Qu Hao五云曲毫GreenUncommon
Wu Zhou Ju Yan婺州 举岩GreenUncommon
Xi Hu Long Jing西湖 龙井GreenVery common
Xi Shi Yin Ya西施 银芽GreenUncommon
Xian Du Qu Hao仙都曲毫GreenUncommon
Xian Du Sun Feng仙都笋峰GreenRare
Xian Gong Xue Hao仙 宫雪毫GreenUncommon
Xian Ju Bi Lu仙居碧 绿GreenUncommon
Xiang Gu Lia Bai Hao香菇寮白毫GreenUncommon
Xiang Shan Yin Ya象山 银芽GreenRare
Xin Chang Xun Ya新昌雪芽GreenUncommon
Xue Shui Yun Lu雪水云 绿GreenCommon
Yan Dang Mao Feng雁 荡毛峰GreenUncommon
Yang Yan Gou Qing羊岩勾青GreenCommon
Yin Hou Cha银猴茶GreenUncommonProbabaly the same tea as Song Yang Yin Hou 松阳 银猴 .
Yong Jia Wu Niu Zhao永嘉 乌牛早GreenUncommon
Yu Yuan Cui Hao禹园翠毫GreenExtremly rare
Yun Lu Mao Jian Cha云 绿茅尖茶GreenExtremly rare
Yun Shi San Qing Cha云石三清茶GreenUncommon
Zhu Cha珠茶GreenVery commonOften known as Gunpowder.
Zhu Ji Lu Jian诸暨绿剑GreenUncommon
Zhu Ji Shi Jian诸暨石笕GreenUncommon


NameFoundedEmployeesProductionWeb page
Green Land Natural & Scientific Products Co., Ltd.2006Exciting
Hangzhou Fine Tea Co., Ltd.200250-100Divided
Hangzhou Jufengyuan Teas Co., Ltd.1985 (2007)Normal
Hangzhou Rixin Tea Co., Ltd.20045-10Normal
Hangzhou Yinquan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.2001100-500Normal
Hangzhou Yuhang Xingting Tea Co., Ltd.2000100-500Divided
Jiande Tian Yu Tea Co., Ltd.200450-100Exciting
Mingge Tea Goods Co., Ltd.1998100-500Normal
Ningbo ABI Tea Co., Ltd.200250-100Normal
Ningbo Wang Hai Tea Development Co., Ltd.2000100-500Exciting
Orient Tea & Commodities Co., Ltd.200110-50Normal
Shaoxing County Yulong Tea Industry Co., Ltd.200650-100Normal
Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., Ltd1993100-500Normal
Shengzhou City Dapeng Tea Co., Ltd.2004100-500Normal
Shengzhou City Zhenan Tea Co., Ltd.1999100-500Exciting
Shengzhou Ruixing Tea Industry Co., Ltd.2002100-500Normal
TeaSources(HangZhou) I/E Co.,LTD100-500Divided
Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co.,ltd199250-100Exciting
Zhejiang Camel Transworld Organic Food Co., Ltd.1998100-500Divided
Zhejiang Changyu Tea Products Co., Ltd.199610-50Normal
Zhejiang Chunan Qiandao Lake Tea-Blending Factory10-50Normal
Zhejiang Chunli Tea Co., Ltd.2003Exciting
Zhejiang Qiandaoyinzhen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.1992100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd.2000>1000
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd.2000100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Group Co.Ltd.1950100-500Divided
Zhejiang Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd.195050-100Divided
Zhejiang Wuyi Tea Industry Co., Ltd.1999100-500Exciting
Zhejiang Yuansheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.197810-50Divided
Lin”an Dayang Tea Industry Co., Ltd.1999500-1000Exciting



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August 82015

Anhui is one of the smallest of China’s 21 provinces and surrounded by Jiangsu in the Northeast, Zhejiang in the southeast, Jiangxi to the south and Hubei and Hunan in the west.

Anhui has been known for its tea since the 600s century when it was exported both to the rest of China and to other countries. Exports declined during the 1800s and early 1900s but has now recovered and several of China’s most famous teas come from Anhui. The main areas of cultivation of tea are the slopes of the mountain range Dabie Mountains 大别山 (Dabie Shan) and Huangshan 黄山.

Famous teas

Trade nameChinese nameCategoryAvailabilityNote
An Cha安茶OolongUncommonUncertain classification.
Bai Bei Xiang Ya百杯香芽GreenUncommon
Bai Shuang Wu Hao白霜 雾毫GreenUncommon
Bai Yue Huang Ya白岳黄芽GreenUncommon
Bai Yun Chun Hao白云春毫GreenRare
Bao Er Yun Feng抱儿云峰GreenRare
Bi Se Tian Xiang碧色天香GreenRare
Cang Shan Chun Xue苍山春雪GreenUnknownHard to identify. There is aparently a tea from Yunnan with the same name.
Ci Shan Cui Hao祠山翠亳GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea.
Cui Kui翠魁GreenUncommon
Dan Shan Cui Yun丹山翠云GreenRare
De Xin Pai Lu Xian Zi德信牌 绿仙子GreenRare
Dong Zhi Yun Jian东至云尖GreenUncommon
Fu Shan Cui Zhu浮山翠珠GreenRare
Gan Lu Qing Feng甘露青峰GreenUncommon
Gao Feng Yun Wu高峰云 雾GreenExtremly rareThere is apparently a tea from Hunan with the same name. Uncertain classification
Gui Chi Cui Wei贵池翠微GreenRareUncertain classification.
Guo Bin Li Cha Mao Feng宾礼茶 [ 新峰GreenCommon
Heng Lang Cui Ya珩琅翠芽GreenUncommon
Hong Mu Dan红牡丹BlackUncommon
Hua Shan Yin Hao华山银毫GreenUncommon
Huang Da Cha黄大茶GreenUncommon
Huang Hua Yun Jian黄花云尖GreenCommon
Huang Shan Cui Lan黄山翠 兰GreenUncommon
Huang Shan Gong Ju黄山 贡菊GreenUncommon
Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan黄山 绿牡丹GreenVery common
Huang Shan Mao Feng 黄山毛峰GreenVery common
Huang Shan Song Zhen黄山松 针GreenUncommon
Huang Shan Ying Ou黄山 银钩GreenUncommon
Huang Shan Zhen Yu黄山 针羽GreenRare
Huo Shan Cui Ya霍山翠芽GreenUncommon
Huo Shan Huang Ya霍山黄芽GreenCommonClassified as greed according to (1) and yellow according to (2) and (3).
Jian Cha煎茶GreenUnknownHard to identify. There is aparently a tea from Yunnan with the same name. Also manufactured in Anhui Zhejiang Fujian and Jiangsu.
Jin Di Que She金地雀舌GreenRareAlso written 东岩雀舌 (4).
Jin Long Que She金 龙雀舌GreenUncommon
Jin Shan Shi Yu Cha金山 时雨茶GreenCommonSold by the name of Jin Shan Shi Yu 金山 时雨 .
Jin Zhai Ciu Mei金寨翠眉GreenUncommon
Jing Ting Lu Xue敬亭 绿雪GreenCommonAlso sold as Jingting Luxue.
Jing Ting Xue Luo敬亭雪螺GreenExtremly rare
Jing Xian Jian Feng Cha泾县剑峰茶GreenRare
Jiu Hua Fo Cha九 华佛茶GreenCommon
Jiu Hua Mao Feng九 华毛峰GreenUncommon
Jiu Shan Bi Hao九山碧毫GreenExtremly rare
Jiu Shan Cui Jian九山翠 剑GreenRare
Jiu Shan Cui Ya九山翠芽GreenRare
Jiu Shan Que She九山雀舌GreenRare
Jiu Shan Yun Zhen九山云 针GreenExtremly rare
Ju Hua Cha菊花茶GreenUncommonThere are apparently many teeas with this name.
Keemun祁 门红茶BlackVery commonAlso known as 祁 红 or Qi Hong i Kina.
Lao Zhu Da Fang老竹大方GreenCommonAlso sold as Ding Gu Da Fang 顶谷大方 .
Liu An Gua Pian六安瓜片GreenVery commonSometimes transcribed as Lu An Gua Pian (3).
Liu Xi Yu Ye柳溪玉叶GreenUncommon
Long Tan Cui Hao龙潭翠毫GreenRare
Lu An Bi Hao六安碧毫GreenUncommonAlso known as 六安 龙芽 (4).
Lu Shuang绿霜GreenUnknownHard to identify.
Mei Cha眉茶GreenVery commonAlso produced in Jiangxi and Anhui.
Nan Hu Yin Ya南湖 银芽GreenUncommon
Peng Lai Xian Ming蓬莱仙茗GreenRare
Qian Chuan Xue Feng潜川雪峰GreenUncommon
Qiu Pu Yu Long秋浦玉 龙GreenRare
Rui Cao Kui瑞草魁GreenUncommon
She Xian Mo Li Hua Cha歙 县茉莉花茶ScentedUncommon
Shu Cheng Lan Hua舒城 兰花GreenUncommon
Song Luo Cha松 萝茶GreenCommon
Tai Ji Yun Hao太极云亳GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea. Uncertain classification.
Tai Ping Hou Kui太平猴魁GreenVery common
Tang Chi Chun Lan汤池春兰GreenRare
Tian Gui Jian Hao天桂 剑毫GreenExtremly rare
Tian Gui Xian Yue天桂弦月GreenExtremly rare
Tian Hu Yun Luo天湖云螺GreenRare
Tian Hua Gu Jian天 华谷尖GreenUncommon
Tian Shan Zhen Xiang天山真香GreenUncommon
Tian Zhu Jian Hao天柱 剑毫GreenUncommon
Tian Zhu Jin Zhen天竺金 针GreenExtremly rare
Tian Zhu Xian Yue天柱弦月GreenRare
Tian Zhu Xiang Jian天柱香尖GreenUncommon
Tian Zhu Yun Wu天柱云 雾GreenRare
Tian Zhu Yun Ya天竺云芽GreenUncommon
Ting Xi Lan Jian汀溪 兰剑GreenRare
Ting Xi Lan Xiang汀溪 兰香GreenCommon
Tong Cheng Xiao Hua桐城小花GreenUncommon
Tong Ling Ye Que She锎陵野雀舌GreenExtremly rareIt is surprising that there is so little information about this tea. Uncertain classification.
Tun Lu Zhen Mei屯 绿珍眉GreenProbably the same tea as the one sold as Tun Lu.
Wan Xi Zao Hua皖西早花GreenUncommon
Wu Li Qing雾里青GreenCommon
Xi Jian Chun Xue西 涧春雪GreenUncommon
Xi Jian Xue Ya西 涧雪芽GreenUncommon
Xi Nan Jiang Xiang Ya新安江香芽GreenExtremly rare
Xian Yu Shan Jian Cha仙寓山尖茶GreenExtremly rare
Xian Yu Xiang Ya仙寓香芽GreenUncommon
Xiang ShanYun Jian香山云尖GreenUncommon
Xiao Xian Chun小 岘春GreenUncommon
Xue Zhen雪 针GreenUncommonIt is possible that there are a number of teas with this name.
Yang Chun Bai Xue阳春白雪GreenUncommonThere are many teas with this name. Uncertain classification.
Yang Feng Chang Gu阳峰 长谷GreenRare
Yi Hu Lu Cha漪湖 绿茶GreenExtremly rare
Yi Shan Que She黟山雀舌GreenUncommon
Yi Shan Shi Mo黟山石墨GreenExtremly rare
Yong Xi Huo Qing涌溪火青GreenCommon
Yue Xi Cui Lan岳西翠 兰GreenCommon
Yun Lu云 绿GreenUncommonThere are apparently a number of teas with this name.
Zhao Guan Cui Xu昭关翠 须GreenRare
Zhao Guan Yin Xu昭关 银须GreenUncommon
Zhu Lan Hua Cha珠 兰花茶ScentedCommon
Zi Shi Lan Hua紫石 兰花GreenExtremly rare
Zi Xia Gong Cha紫霞 贡茶BlackRareUncertain classification.


NameFoundedEmployeesProductionWeb page
Anhui Greenland Tea Co., Ltd.2006 (1998?)100-500 (10-50?)Normal
Anhui Guorun Tea Industrial Co., Ltd. 198950-100Exciting
Anhui Hongyun Tea Company1997100-500Normal
Anhui Qishan Liu”an Guapian Co., Ltd.2007100-500Exciting
Anhui Tea Import / Export Co., Ltd195250-100Divided
Anhui Yiming Tea Co., Ltd.10-50Exciting
Friendii Industry Co, Ltd.2009100-500Divided
Huangshan City Fulv Organic Tea Co., Ltd.200650-100Normal
Huang Shan Xieyuda Tea Co. Ltd.2006Exciting
Schucheng Anhui te Anhui Co, Ltd1993Exciting
Shitai Rixin Tea Industry Co., Ltd.2006100-500Normal
Anhui Zhonghui Tea Industry Professional Cooperative2007100-500Normal

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