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Temi Tea Estate
August 242015

The Temi Tea Garden was established in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim and is located in South Sikkim in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. It is the only tea garden in Sikkim and considered one of the best in India. The garden is laid over a gradually sloping hill that originate from the Tendong hill range. The tea produced in this garden is also partly marketed under the trade name “Temi Tea”. Most of the production is organic, a project initiated in April 2005 and nearing completion.

The garden has 400 workers supported by a staff of 43. Its annual tea production is on an average about 100 tonnes. Before the estate was created, the land was a Sherpa Village. During the British rule this site was a landmark for Scottish missionary buildings in the early 1900s, the buildings were acquired by the Government of Sikkim in 1954.

The tea produced by the Temi Tea estate are packaged (0.250 kilograms packages) under many brand names; the brand name “Temi Tea” is of the best quality consisting of golden flowery orange pekoe #1 (TGOFP1). The next in quality is ‘Sikkim Solja’ followed by ‘Mystique’ and ‘Kanchanjunga Tea’. It is also sold in the form of ‘Orthodox dust tea’. The Tea Garden Employees Consumers’ Co-operative Society Ltd. markets these products at a kiosk in the vicinity of the Temi Tea factory. About 75% of the tea produced in this estate is auctioned in Kolkata and the balance 25% is marketed as packaged tea in the domestic market.

The Tea Board of India awarded the ‘All India Quality Award’ to the Temi Tea Garden for 1994 and 1995.

Source: Wikipedia

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