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This is a really nice Swedish tea book that was published a few years ago (2006). The book is written by food writer Petter Bjerke and to some extent Vernon Mauris who runs the store “The Tea Centre of Stockholm”. The book should be seen as an introduction to good tea and as such it makes a good job. It is both well written, beautiful and entertaining and takes up most of the teas that you can buy in a good Swedish tea shop. It also takes up part of tea culture in China and Japan and because Petter’s food writer, there is a recurring theme of how the tea and food work together.

A little sadder with the book is that it does not come with any new information. All it does is to summarize the knowledge that already exists in so many other places, in books, on websites and in tea shops. It looks indeed like Petter traveled to a couple of the classic tea areas but it would have been much more interesting if the author had actually worked with tea.

Apart from this, I can recommend the book, especially as it only costs half as much as just a few years ago.

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