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This book, which is divided into two very heavy volumes, gather all the knowledge about tea. At least up to 1935 when it was published by “New York, The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Company”. In this amazing work of 54 chapters and 1143 pages William H Ukers summarizes the history of tea and all the scientific, technological, social and artistic aspects. The book is relatively easy to read and contains a lot of nice illustrations and stunning maps.

Of course, it is hopelessly outdated when it comes to today’s tea industry but if you are interested in tea’s history and culture, there is still no better book. It is still available as reprint from Martino Publishing. However, note that there are two editions of this, one that came out a few years ago that is 17.8 x 25.4 cm and costs 125 dollars and a new one that is 21.6 x 27.9 cm and is a little more expensive, $ 145 plus shipping. The quality of the images in this reprint is obviously not as good as the original edition to be according to the publisher become “quite well”. If you want an original must be prepared to pay between five and ten thousand. Since this book was written, it has come out some other very good books about tea, especially in the late 1960s, but nothing that comes close to the “All About Tea”.

ukers2The content of the first valume is

The subject in brief
Book I – Historical aspects
1- Tea in the beginning 1-9
2 – China and the ch’a ching 10-22
3 – Introduction of tea into europe 23-35
4 – Introduction of tea into england 36-48
5 – Introduction of tea into america 49-65@
6 – The world’s greatest tea monopoly 66-85
7 – Golden age of the clipper ships 86-108
8 – Tea’s conquest of java and sumatra 109-132
9 – The far-flung kingdom of india tea 133-172
10 – Tea’s triumph in ceylon 173-203
11 – Tea propagation in other lands 204-216

Book II – Technical aspects
12 – Commercial teas of the world 218-221
13 – Tea characteristics 222-267
14 – Cultivation and manufacture 268-296
15 – Cultivation and manufacture in china 297-308
16 – Cultivation and manufacture in japan 309-326
17 – Cultivation and manufacture in formosa 327-340
18 – Cultivation and manufacture in java and sumatra 341-373
19 – Cultivation and manufacture in india 374-415
20 – Cultivation and manufacture in ceylon 416-447
21 – Cultivation and manufacture in other countries 448-463
22 – Evolution of tea machinery 464-490

Book III – Scientific aspects
23 – Etymology of tea 492-495
24 – Botany and histology og tea 496-507
25 – The chemistry of tea 508-537
26 – The pharmacology of tea 538-551
27 – The healthfulness of tea 552-559

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